Apocalypse Lane: Episode 46: Information Defacation

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Michelle is clearly gonna go back in time to cause a robot apocalypse instead of a nuclear disaster apocalypse by Killing Obama back then and declaring America a Dictatorship for robots. If she does go back in time that is. Anyways, awesome as always Jon. Gonna be a sad day when it ends in a couple of weeks.

This is getting interesting, I have officially gotten into this show.

With Apocalypse Lane wrapping up in the near future, the creators would like to offer their ears to your questions over the next week. Just post your questions on the Apocalypse Lane Facebook Fan Page in the comments section. If you are lucky, they will answer your question in an upcoming special "behind the scenes" video. May the questioning begin!

I declare Apocalypse Lane Season 3: They're in the past and figure out some major back story - and we get 25 more episodes :)

So my Cuddles bangs Gladys theory got blown out of the water but you can't blame me for thinking outside the box, can you?


Haha, good times! Seriously, now I'm wondering if this series will end with time travel reverting the apocalypse...

...if that happens I'll be quoting this comment.

I love this episode
and Gulliver is my new favorite character

can't wait for the end.i hope it's hilarious

Ok so for the question...

Who got the idea of apocalypse lane in the first place? And how long did it take for the idea to start turning into reality (I mean how much time has passed before you actually started DOING stuff)?

I want to know what tv show if any inspired you?

I want to know what gave you the idea of this show and more precisely the characters?

I want to know what will be your next series?

I want to know if you made any money at all out of that project or if it was just for fun?

I want to know what game do you play right now, what game you loved most, what game you are anxiously awaiting and if you guys are on steam?

I want to know if you could make the greatest game you can imagine, what would it be?

I want to know what you guys think of the others show on this website without being policaly correct! :P

I want to know, if you could go back in time, what would you have done differently in this show?

I want to know if being a flash animator get you girls in the bar?

I want to know what is it like to get a [email protected] on your chest, and if you dont know, would you like to know? j/k

Great webepisodes tough, was hella fun to watch these, got some nice quotes that will live through the intraweb fooooooorever and ever and ever. GJ guys, lets hope to see more stuff coming from you people soon enough! :D

Question for the behind the scenes: Do you plan on making another Apocalypse Lane-esque show for the Escapist in the near future? I remember you saying something about the Escapist giving you a choice between space and post apoctalyptic, so maybe the space one, with just as many plot twists.

If their were to be a spin off, which character would star and what would it be about?

Personally I think Pete and Stinky should get their own show ^_^

Distorted Stu:
"I dated a black chick once and she had a nice tight-"
"-im going to stop you right there."

More cliffhangers! :O

I also sense the closing of a fine show approaching us =[

They actaully said that in the description. I'd say less sense, more get pissed off by :(
And by the way Jon, Big Worm is still sitting in the infirmary ;)

I would love to hang out with Gulliver...if he wasn't such a psycho.

Godamn I love that vulture.

Jon Etheridge:

Onyx Oblivion:

Jon Etheridge:

On a side note...Did I see you on Games Radar, specifically on the Nier review comments?

That you did. I like going there for the ridiculous articles they do about nothing. The Escapist is the best though. :)

GamesRadar is number 2, though?! RIGHT?! RIGHT?!

so the series is ending? http://nooooooooooooooo.com// i hope you guys start a new series or something. btw i love Gulliver

Gulliver totally took this episode by the balls. I bet they're gonna go back and save Hickey at least if not the world. I kinda expected it to be a time machine though so not a big surprise there. It's gonna be a sad day when this show ends. I love it.

One question: How did you come up with an idea for Gulliver? His character is pure genius. They all are, but Gulliver is even beyond that!

I like every episode but this was non-stop awesome! I was in stitches through the whole shitting on gladys scene :)

Here's my question: How many seasons will you guys have and will there be any more MAJOR plot twists?

Good episode.

Gulliver is win.

HOLD ON A SECOND "wrapping up"!!!!!!!!???? Hell to the no!!?? Why is my favourite series going away?!??! :(

I love how the vulture is like a member of your audience, but inside the show.

Why are you ending the series!?

This show is great, but it's a good thing it's ending. While all the central characters (Steve, Cuddles, Hickey, Willie, Stinky, Marty, Gladice) are great and funny as ever, I feel like some of the secondary characters like Frank, Twitchy, and Pumper are losing their charm. In season 1 they only appeared occasionally, but they were really funny when they did appear. However, the fact that they appear in just about every episode now leads to them not being important enough to actually say anything (Twitchy and Pumper) or reveals just how one-dimensional they truly are (Frank). Pete and Gulliver are still awesome though. :)

Very good episode. Finally we found out what was in the vault. It's good to know that this show actually reveals its secrets over time. Not that I'm referring to any other show in particular.

COUGHDOOMSDAYARCADECOUGH. Excuse me, it's allergy season...


And by the way Jon, Big Worm is still sitting in the infirmary ;)

I was about to assume that, after seeing the freaky orgy between Pumper, Gladys, Frank, and Hickey, that Big Worm just committed suicide. There's also the intercom guy in the spaceship, but who cares about him. Is Big Worm gonna show up before the end so we know he's okay?

My question for the behind the scenes episode is: How did you guys write the story? Were there any episode ideas that you never developed or any scenes that were made that you never got to show?

Should have taken a dump on her face instead...

Um.....what? No season 3 to look forward to??!!! DAMNIT!!!

No Obamaaaaa! He just wanted to save the world from the apocalypse and you killed him! YOU DAMN DIRTY ANDROID!

Anyway, I bet Zed replaced Obama's wife and replaced her with an android to get close to the time machine. He might be trying to create a new world in the past where everyone is a robot he can control. Just a guess.

Damn, I knew they had to take Obama down, just didn't see the twist ending. Very good indeed.

Seriously, it must be hard as hell to do Frank's lines with a straight face. Hahaaha, he's the best. holy shitcakes 'n dental-floss. one of zed's love-bots!

They will go back in time and cause the Apocalypse.

Also the Time Machine is shaped like a blue box.

I thought it woul be twitchy who shot Obama, since he always has a gun, but has only ever shot Pumper...

Question for you guys, How the hell did you come up with this story line? Its insane!

I love that vulture. Hes just so awesome

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