Rebecca Mayes Muses: The Machine

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The Machine

Rebecca builds a marvelous machine to explore retro games.
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Did you just decide to through old computer junk together to make that? cos that machine got quite the workout haha

Love it, as always.

You so totally stole the retro idea from your awesome press team

I really love the concept of you invading the good ol' retro arcades.

However, this song didn't really gave me goosebumps or that soothing experience your other songs did. However, I remain a devout fan of you. KEEP IT UP!!

Awwww! Thats epic!

Can I borrow your machine? :D

Nice music...ahhhhhh.... And Daisy Dog makes an appearance! I gotta get some videos going with me and Halfro Kat. :)

The Epic Win. Catchy title for an album.

Aww, doggy :D
Great song. Just gave me a nostalgia attack >.<

Even though the album is being delayed, I am still super stoked!

Oh, wow. I want to hear your album, with a catchy title like that.
And as a fan of both RMM and ZP, I really do hope that you find your song ^-^

I feel like this one was written because of me... I few weeks ago I had asked if Rebecca was going to write songs about older games and not recent ones. Maybe just coincidence, but still...

Also, Daisy Dog is so cute!

I'll have to see if I can come up with some lyrics for a Yahtzee song that might fit your style...

Dawwwwww, Daisy Dog.

I'll definitely buy your album as soon as I can scrape up some money.

Another song which acts as a critique... Love it!

Well done and look forward to the album!


Some may say you're a sociopath
With the help of your imps on your staff
Making game developers feel your wrath
and using your wit to make us all laugh

Any good? Just a thought is all. Good luck.

As always, a soothing charm, weaved by a....wait.... did you say a Yahtzee song? Yahtzee!?! How'd that going to work? Apart from having a lot of swearing....And pure hate poured over everything. Apart from Branston pickle, he like's that pickle. And who doesn't?

Album soon! Yay!

Lovely song and video. Major nostalgia seeing all those old games. Was that Jumpman at one point?

Write Yahtzee a love song about Branston Pickle.

Oh, and continue to be awesome! We love you!
The Epic Win... that's a great name for an album.

Album soon! Yay!

Lovely song and video. Major nostalgia seeing all those old games. Was that Jumpman at one point?

Yeah that was absolutely Jump Man and Q-Bert! Loved the oldies.

I LOVED the chorus, gave me goosebumps. I liked the more abstract and poetic lyrics. The themes of the odd feelings you get whilst playing some retro games with all their charm and strange simple magic compared to the more garish feel of many modern titles.

On another note i thought the intro was a bit weak, i couldn't really hear that much it was too muted and a little off (that said I'm still astounded you manage to record, film and edit one of these EVERY WEEK. It's pretty ambitious and i have to idea how you pull it off). It's a same because i think this may be one of my favorites to far the way it layered up was excellent.

Looking forward to the album though. Keep up the great work!

" Wait i want to touch you. Wait i want to see you-It's not too late for me to dismantle the machine..."

The song was awesome, really something for me to keep in mind for a soundtrack if I'm ever out filming.
But unfortunately in comparison, I felt that the video was very weak.
The footage of the building up and breaking down of the machine was good, also as is some of the pieces when you were out in the trees.
I understand that these are all solo films, on a very limited budget and also you are most likely more a musician than a filmmaker.
But some of the cutaways do seem rather pointless, the dog is cute but holds almost no relavence to the rest of the video. As well as that I felt that the retro game sequences were also quite weak, it seemed more off putting than anything else to have a keyframed in picture of the machine following the game.
But all in all, that's my opinion. I still however love the music and will definately be buying your album once it's released.

Daisy Dog had me at lying down on your pillow in the most painfully cute way possible.

As for writing for ZP, well my first inclination would be to write an ironic bit, telling him to "slow down and take a breath", focusing on bits where you felt he strayed (games you enjoyed which he bashed or something). But, I doubt this could easily be made into an "I adore you" sort of song.

Wait wait wait... your album is called The Epic Win?

Oh my. That is... I am... umm...


That is awesome. Suffice to say, I am sorely tempted.

Another really awesome and catchy song, looking forward to your next. :]

Another great song and video, also, I love Daisy Dog! Sad that the album's now nearly a whole month away, but I look forward to it!

what a coin-cidence.
i just had an accident on last sunday with my machine.
and by machine i mean motorcicle.
right now i do feel.
especcially my left leg.but i am alone.
alone at home waiting for......the pain to leave.
drinking mojitos in order to kill,
in order to kill... the pain in my leg.

^^ ^^ ^^ make a song out of this ;-)

Wait wait wait... your album is called The Epic Win?

Oh my. That is... I am... umm...


That is awesome. Suffice to say, I am sorely tempted.

somehow everything is "EPIC"
watch some youtube videos, and you might understand.
especcially the fails are eppic theese days

Great song, very soothing and relaxing. Really enjoyed it. - perfect after the shit day of work I had. Thank you.
Daisy is sooooo cute

Lovely song. Kinda felt like Mega64 for a moment there. I liked the part with Double Dragon especially for the quote.

not your best work but pretty soothing :)

Yellow sky, and ivory skin
He tears through the digital world
With so many tears behind him
as his mind and mouth unfurls

No place is safe for his great wrath
no taboo not able to photograph
Each word a dagger against the mind
one must wonder to who he is kind

Yet we know that underneath
behind his grinned and baring teeth
lives the soul of a familiar man
just another one of the clan

For he is the voice of gamer few
From every leet to every noob
His imps and hats lead our tribe
so none of us must cower and hide!

made it up on the spot, hope you can use some of it XD

Good one this week. Glad you decided to wait on the album until you feel it's ready. Daisy is great.

Thank you for your ability to get your album to The Escapist sooner then the realease Rebecca Mayes. I can't wait to hear it, and it will certainly be a treat to hear the song for Yahtzee.

Daisy is quite the dog, very pretty.

Another good song. Just found this section of the Escapist and it's been very enjoyable catching up with it. I'm very impressed that you keep producing songs that good, with video, every fortnight.

And we love the album title.

Yay Daisy dog (again? I think I saw that dog before?) and I'm looking forward to your "epic" album so much :)

For the yahtzee song... you could mention the obvious things like his hat, branston pickle, the imps he uses for everything and maybe his most-used insults (god of war clone, androgenous teenagers etc)

For the actual lyrics, I'm not very good at writing them about set things, and anything written by you would be way better than mine. If I'm inspired I'll post them on your facebook page or something, though I doubt they'll be helpful...

the song was not the strongest but i still enjoyed it

and good call bringing back Daisy
even though the album will be delayed it does not matter it is better than duke nukem forever
with the song for Yahtzee hope it goes well for ya and keep it honest (but not too honest!)

I like this one.
I mean, I like all of them, but this one is especially good. I thought that about The Mirror, actually, so maybe I just like it more when it's about more than one game.

Hm... you could rhyme "punctuation" with "inspiration". Or maybe mention the chip on his shoulder? You could maybe also rhyme "Ben Yahtzee" with "RPG". That's all I've got. Good luck!

Cut your grass, you damned hippie.

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