The Escapist Presents: SXSW: Random AKA: Mega Ran Nerdcore Interview

SXSW: Random AKA: Mega Ran Nerdcore Interview

The Escapist interviews 8bit hip-hop/nerd core artist Random AKA:Mega Ran.

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It was certainly intresting. I have always had an admiration for those that still work in the past, and can make it shine

Mega Ran is awesome. Nice interview.

I hope you guys interviewed MC Frontalot and More or Les..

Curse you, Escapist staff! Now I have to spend more time listening to his music when I have work to do.

I hope you guys interviewed MC Frontalot and More or Les..

stay tuned :)

George Palmer:

I hope you guys interviewed MC Frontalot and More or Les..

stay tuned :)

Yeah, just you wait! :-)

I was never a fan of the music really but I loved that interview. Really stand up guy. Down to earth and good advice.

Wow, talk about finding one of the nerdiest things imaginable.

It's awesome.

Agreed very nerdy but extremely awesome, can't wait to see more interviews :D

Oh, he's so awesome. Great interview guys, keep 'em coming!

To be honest I'd never heard of him, but he has a fucking pokemon t-shirt (or is it? Now I'm not so sure), awesome.

I didn't particularly like his music, but he seems like a nice fellow. The kind of guy I wouldn't mind having a gaming session with.

Jeez, talk about best of all worlds. This guy has got it going on!
What an awesome interview, I can't wait for more.

I got to meet Random in person at a con recently. Awesome guy. We were talking about how Lil' Flip got sued for using a tune from Pac-Man in one of his songs (though the guys that used the tunnel theme from Super Mario bros. caught no amount of flak to my knowledge). It was great. :D

Now if The Escapist could just interview my favorite Mega Man music artists, The Protomen. One can only wish as much. I love Random too though, so I am still happy.

What makes me said is that we live in the same City, and yet I'm always busy when he's out on a concert. :( Really though, His main persona (Random) is awesome in the same way that Del and Common are awesome. (Real and respectful, and yet fun to listen to.)

MegaRan has all that I love about Hip-Hop and all my favorite parts of gamer culture.

THE ADVENTURES OF DUANE AND BRANDO Are my favourite group that could be described as "Nerd-core".

He makes a good point - the amount of people that can rap a little, or play an instrument, and think they can start a band and become instantly famous is hilarious. I constantly see people get a couple of friends with instruments and try to launch a band, unrehearsed and unknown, into the local music scene, and then fall into obscurity.

Actually, mostly LESS than obscurity, because they were never known to begin with.


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