Zero Punctuation: Splinter Cell: Conviction

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Splinter Cell: Conviction

This week, Zero Punctuation reviews Splinter Cell: Conviction.

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I knew it will be SC. Nice vid.

I love the TMNT joke about master splinter

Lol, its true what he says about Tom clancys involvement and the crazy plot

Please dont ban me i got like 5 RP's going


Wow. Nice crack at Montreal Yahtzee. While I have a completely different opinion of Conviction, it was still a funny review. And that end joke was hilarious.

Ah another enjoyable one.

wowa lothate of america in this one

If you just ban everyone who posts in the first 5 minutes of the thread, why not just lock the thread for 5 minutes?

smart, creating a new account to say that comment
until they block your IP address completely

Episode wasn't that funny, but i agreed with most everything that he said. game wasn't horrible, but it wasn't worth 60 bucks, that's for sure.

That was funny. Liked the American joke bit about keeping the ape.

And yes, I never find any appeal of Splinter Cell games.

Congrats on your novel Yahtzee! Great vid too!

Fair points on the bad stuff (I actually agree with all of them pretty much) but no mention of any of the good things. I know this isn't uncommon, but still.

If you just ban everyone who posts in the first 5 minutes of the thread, why not just lock the thread for 5 minutes?

That's... actually a good point. They do it with official news stuff sometimes, where you can't comment straight away.


Good review, thought it ended a tad abruptly, but it had me laughing throughout.

Spliter Cell isn't a good 'steath game' it's more of just a shooter with steath elements.

In a linear stealth game, the stealthing is more like a puzzle to be solved, and it's less about skill than about figuring out what the game wants you to do. Nonlinear levels allow you to be creative.

At least that's what I think.

I hated the fact that reload was clicking in the Left Stick.

And the cover system is ripped of Ubi's own Rainbow Six Vegas. But that's a good thing.

Good video, but I'll give the novel a wide berth if you don't mind.

Awesome review. I have a friend who just sycophantically worships all things Splinter Cell, so it gets old after a while. I don't really like Hitman, though.

Either way, the whole gag with the little man on Sam Fisher's back had me in stitches. Great review, and congrats on your novel.

Yes, made it to the first page!
If Yahtzee invaded the white house, and made a video of it....

I will agrea the SC series has been very weak on it stealth game play. As you said it only one thing to do in the game not very big on options and Sam does play very sluggies. Great review. Glad I am not the only one wjo has a brain and can see the flaws in the game as clear a day.

I know if I was a part of an organization trying to take over the US my time would be better spent playing Hungry Hungry Hippos as well.

If you just ban everyone who posts in the first 5 minutes of the thread, why not just lock the thread for 5 minutes?

This would only result in people "firsting" after those 5 minutes.

people who post without watching the videos are obviously only doing it for attention, which is frowned upon around here. This information can be found in the forum rules.

Montreal zinger. Hahaha. This is one review of his that was entertaining and I agree with every single point. Its not fun AT ALL! Everything is done for you. If wanna see a guy shooting people and it looks cool but I'm not the one doing it, i could just watch a fucking Jason Statham movie and hold a control in my hand. Why would i pay $60?

Dude....I want a game where I'm a tiny man riding on someones back controlling them. Sounds familiar though.....

Pretty nice review. This game might be worse than I was hoping. How is the gameplay relative to Splinter Cell Chaos Theory?

Funny fucking review! ahahhhahaaha. That's how much I laughed. Comparing america with a monkey, brilliant.

I had to laugh. "Ubisoft Montreal? Well, that explains it." Dunno why, but it struck me as funny.

So... Sam Fisher is Yoshi now? and way to plug your book at the end.

Great review, keep up the good work.

I didn't even realise that there was a new splinter cell, they're like Guitar hero's now...

Well not like I ever cared for them anyway, great review. Lol'd at the last line.

I miss Pandora Tomorrow. Immersive, varied, utterly unforgiving.
The new mechanic seems to remove much of the immediate interaction, which frankly defeats any sense of the very real threat which was always present in the original four installations.
Penumbra was excellent in this respect, as you weren't a trained secret operative rather than a random bloke with severe daddy baggage stranded underneath a glacier with murderous beasties all around.
Sneaking was an essential, not a prerogative.

Im not gonna buy anything from you!


Yeah i know why should i use a machine gun when i get the best weapon in the game after like 30 minutes in game (speaking of the five seven here)

And the game is PISSEASY
even on very hard its just too easy

and for the stealth?
yeah well fuck it
like yahtzee said u have to kill all of them anyway...

nah i dont think it was a very good game
the graphics are good but thats just sad that u have to admire graphics on a game to keep playing it
overall ure speaking teh truuuuth here

Great review as ever.

Though the thought of Yahtzee actually performing a terrorist attack on the White House is an interesting thought.

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