Dungeon World: The Living Gods

Dungeon World: The Living Gods

Remember: In Dungeon World, if somebody asks you if you're a god, you say "Yes"!

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Any particular reason that this was given a .pdf download?

A mighty interesting article. Provides great ideas to create similar gods in one's own setting.

From an old video game that ran off DnD 2.0-ish (I think) rules:

"IMMORTAL IS JUST A WORD, EVEN GODS CAN DIE." (The guy saying it was really really loud)

Fits in with the article, Gods aren't born into it they're made by people believing they are gods. Interesting read for what ever purpose it holds.

Your explanation of ascendance to godhood from the unconscious application of latent magical energy in the environment is the best, most cogent system I've seen yet for handling the rise to immortality. It makes so much more sense than the D&D "Quest for Immortality" system.

I am totally stealing it for my next campaign!!

Very well written. Quite similar to an idea I used once, long ago, for a character who believed so strongly in the existence of a goddess that she became real.

As suggested by others, logical, reasonable, and works wonderfully well. And making ideas flow in my head. Good job and thanks!

I can quite easily see this working, thanks 'Chris'


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