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Split Decision

Employment agencies can find a job for anyone.

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Wish i could have seen the design meeting for that one :)

I didn't quite get the last one?

wow....I think my favourite was....either the pool or the clinic
Jeremy did a great job as the overly helpful and enthusiastic job counselor

Wish i could have seen the design meeting for that one :)

Also, that. I couldn't agree more!

"And now he's drowning!"

God I hate Employment agencies.

Thanks for making my day.

I fucking love LRR. I've gone and watched the entire archive. Stuff is funny.

Enjoyed the the phone service bit(and the ending after the credits)

great work guys! made my monday :)

Young. Hot. Stuuuuds!

I caught that cheating with the Pokewalker there, you bad, bad people.

I competely lost it at "Nuuuuuuut-fuuuuuuudge-cluuustteeeeeeeeerrrssssss!!!"

Brilliant! :')

P.S - I hate job centres.. they never work.

i just lost it when Kathleen was on the ohone and James is just awkwardly in the background

this is hilarious
and having Graham serve me ice cream with a booming announcer voice would be so awesome!

Announcer outfit can appearantly be used for any kind of job, good video guys.

Shame on Kathleen though, calling Young hot stuuuuuds! like that during work time ;)

A round of applause.
Three cheers ring out.
Chair legs point skyward as the audience falls over laughing.

Definitely an accurate portrayal of job centre uselessness.

Poor Kathleen XD most awkward episode for her.

Hilarious! Loved the scene in the Ice cream shop...one point sounding like a Dalek!

I loved it how Paul was chatting away happily in the background of the sex line phone in room.

I want that man to follow mw around and announce things I do in day to day life.

That was awesome! I love the subtle smile on Graham's face just before the credits. He looks so satisfied with himself.And very well acted Jer, one of your best performances IMO

Man. Jeremy is way too good at the over-enthusiastic job placement guy.

The stinger was perfect :). Keep it up guys!
Also I would TOTALLY buy an ice cream from that guy

I want that man to follow mw around and announce things I do in day to day life.

I think I would prefer Morgan Freeman to narrate my life. Although ...

You know... after all I think that Gordon Freeman would be a better narrator... At least he knows when to shut up...

PS. I think you found a new role for Jer ;). IMO that was his best performance ever!

Loved you guys at W00tstock. That is all.

Feels like a spiritual successor to "Has This Ever Happened to You?", just with a happier ending. Whole thing had me laughing.


nice one lol


I think I would prefer Morgan Freeman to narrate my life. Although ...


Okay, that comment of mine sounded wrong, but...yeah.

This week's LRR was *EPIC*. How do you guys think up stuff like that?

Loved Kathleen's bashful, embarrassed wave at the end!! "Hooooot... Younnnng!... Stuuuuuds!" Absolutely hilarious!

hahaha this is one of your best!

Haha, Kathleen had some bad luck :P

"Wearing nothing but a tight speedo that can barely contain his bulging manliness"

I find it hilarious that someone would be turned on by that.


Nothing like a happy ending.

my one complaint is I wish you showed him sitting back down after the first job or so, at first it was confusing whether he had actually gone to the job or if it was just the imagined outcome. It was answered pretty quickly but still it didn't really feel like their was a long passage of time.

Jesus. That may have been the funniest thing I've ever seen. I'm in pain now. Congratulations.

Brilliant :D I'm currently unemployed at the moment, and job centres are a lot like that i.e. useless :p

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