Stolen Pixels #193: Max Blame, Part 4

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Nice job!

Truth in comic form?
I think we have a winner!

Ugh, I forgot how horrible Max Payne 3 looks :(

Onyx Oblivion:
Rockstar will do fine. Say what you like about cousin bowling, but they know how to make a gritty world, and memorable characters.

Anyone else remember the awesomeness of Woozie from San Andreas?

The awesomeness of Woozie is so awesome it should only be spoken of in whispers.

Because it is so awesome.

Like this comic.

"Max! You're in a GTA Clone!"

"Suddenly, it all made sense, the crumbling cityscape's gray desaturated daylight burning my eyes like muzzle flash, the balding, stubbled gorilla-faced man staring at me in the mirror as the open streets begged for new atrocities, flitting on devil's wings around each corner. Some drug runner's dead eyes glared at me with the word 'lynch' on his lips as I felt the sweat soak into my wifebeater. I was in a GTA Clone."

"Funny as hell, it was the most horrible thing I could think of."

You are awesome.

Regarding May Payne 3:

EDIT: I find it funny that one of the game engines is called "RAGE" (Rockstar Advanced Game Engine), because that's exactly what I feel.

AHAHAHA! Excellent, my thoughts entirely regarding Ebert AND what I've heard of Max Payne 3. Brilliant execution.

I love that ending and it's just funny because it's true.

reminds me of the of the comic penny arcade did for max payne

Gamers quickly become annoyed by changes in appearance. They want their favourite characters to stay static.

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