Zero Punctuation: Nier

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This week, Zero Punctuation reviews Nier.

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Anyone else get a nonworking video screen?

NPC in cement shoes, is this first time you say this?

Forget it, it was good review, good, not perfect, you are becaming lazy.

The pun at the end was the best thing ever to grace to universe. Seriously.

up to your usual standards

His voice still sounds like someone raped it with sandpaper =\

The standard fare - enjoyable, funny, yadda yadda yadda.
You know what I'm going to say: Good work.

funny as usual but i had heard about the game before not missing much i guess

"I almost had a Nier-death experience!"


...On the other hand, don't... this one video game podcast I listened to threw out so many "Nier" puns, i neirly gouged my ears out.


wow didn't see this coming

a action JRPG and Yahtzee actually kinda liked it.

I really wanna check this game out it looks fun to me at least.

Good show as always. Thanks for that.

Let's see how far Square can actually pull the fetishism. I for one, will be looking forward to that!

Might have to give the game a go, though, now that it's received a bit of praise-

Oh, and don't make fun of people watering their melons! Sheesh.

Haha, that bit with naming him Twattycake made my day.

Great work as always.

Those puns were inevitable.

Well if I'm forced at gunpoint to buy a Square Enix game, Nier would be the game I'd buy...

Yeah, i only heard of this game just last week, and I wasn't at all impressed with what it was touting. Seriously, I feel like Square should just stop releasing things that have a poor thought out development scheme.

Dev team:
"Derr unlikable characters mixed with, bloom to hide the lack of texture details, combined with a lack of engaging action seems like a win-win!"


Holy crap how did i not see Nier coming?

I hadn't heard of the game either and, judging by the review, I can tell why.

Good review, as always, have fun with Skate 3.

'Boosh'? Dam you Haze!

Strong Intelligent:
The pun at the end was the best thing ever to grace to universe. Seriously.

So true

kinda saw it coming anyway nice review.

I hate the whole power of friendship plot point in any game of any genre. The corny meter of such a plot point makes me puke. I hope for one game they have a group try to use the whole power of friendship to deflect bullets from a 50cal Machine Gun only to be turned into a pile of blood, guts and love hearts.

I'm glad you went with Nier instead of DtR, it seems to me there have been to many shooters as of late.

Still no No More Heroes 2?

I completely forgot today was Wednesday. God was I surprised when I saw the new ZP in the featured content!

Looks like SE is leading the "big publishers who fell under since last gen" club along with Ubisoft.

And LOL at Nier-death experience.

Hmmm... first time I hear about this game pretty wierd I usally know all the new games cos' one of my friends have the power to find all new games and talk about'em like a police dog finds drugs.

Much like Yahtzee I too was intrigued by Nier, because all of a sudden its in the shops, so I pick up the box and Square is the name I read and I acted like my dad had caught me masturbating


Anyone else get a nonworking video screen?

Is the Help button coming up?, that normally sorts it out for me if I'm watching this from someone else's PC because they don't use Opera, the most magnificent of browsers, failing that I just download Opera and set it as the default browser to piss them off because they haven't realised that OPERA IS KING.

A friend of mine actually told me about this quite a few months ago and showed me a trailer for it. Even at the time I couldn't imagine it being a world-shatteringly unique experience, but I suppose it could be worse. My friend was a bit excited for it, though. I wonder how disappointed he'll be?

Anyway, classy ending. I always thought we needed more pun around here.

Nice and accurate review! I just beat it last night. After beating the game you get to play through it again starting at the halfway point seeing things through the hermaphrodites view and showing more of the convoluted story. The story is actually pretty darn cool though I must say. Some cool revelations at the end. :)

you know i'm still actually confused at exactly what Nier is...

I lol'd at the pun.

Wow! didn't think he would review Neir. I didn't think he knew it existed or willing review another Jrpg/Action/adventure game. Had a friend get a free copy and says not to let it near your system so it doesn't infect it. O_o Wonder what he thought of the....girl cussing you out half the time.

...Yeah, I really don't think Majora's Mask would be the best example of a Zelda-in-a-different-dress game.

you know i'm still actually confused at exactly what Nier is...

For a completely useless piece of trivia: "Nier" is actually Dutch for "Kidney". (the only reason I need not to want to play it).

Also that last line of the review "Hier is a pier who likes his bier" looks remarkably dutch. Great job!



How the hell do you pronounce that? Niy-Er? Neeeyer (a la ZP)? Nih-Eh?

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