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Speaking Without Words

A special report on the voice actors of N64 games.

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Oh My God, The Link and Fary couple were so awesome!

Z-targeting their way indeed!

Haha, it can never go wrong with ENN!

"Z-targeting their way to a better place" got a smile... as did the post-credits banter, as usual.

Nice work.

ENN, the reason i get up on a wednesday :p

Oh what a laaaaaaaaaame pun. :D

Kinda thought the bliblib bit was a bit too long but hey.. you made me laugh and what else is important.

Herbert is my hero. Such good memories...

Thank you for another fun episode! :D

I'm always amazed at what strange places your reporter delivers his, urm, reports.

Great episode, as always

Herba deeba berb a derb. Deeba deeba derp derp deeba.

Great one guys. I certainly feel for those actors. Rest in peace, Link and Navi voices.
Oh, and I loved the Weezer reference. I predict only about like ten people got that joke though. Thanks for entertaining to us ten. :D

...But I liked the Red Album...
Really, you should've used Raditude... now THAT'S a stinker!

Great episode, KK slider ftw, keep up the good work, yadda yadda

Groan worthy pun indeed.

Oh and nice Bob Lob Law reference.


>awesome episode guys, a BRILLIANT feature story, and a message to EA to stop firing people...<

lol, loeved the girl scout version of the boy scout badge!

Great ep as always guys!

Oh My God, The Link and Fary couple were so awesome!

Z-targeting their way indeed!

I concur, I actually took a sip of my coffee at the wrong moment.

I now need to clean my keyboard and not for the usual internet browsing reason.

Racketeer...shame on you!


The Link & Navi thing was hilarious!

Superb work with Link and Navi...

And I like the Green album, but it's no Blue album. If Activision get as good as the Blue album, no one will be left at the company.

Also liked the repeated 'Ebert Unimpressed' caption... That man will never be impressed with a game

Okay dumb question but I have to ask, was the "bedurba-derp" stuff actually voiced over from the video games or did the actor actually make those noises? (Other than the obvious voice over ones like the Ganondorf laugh.) Either way props to the actor.

Jer, always in some random place every week. :)

First ENN episode where I've failed to contain a genuine burst of loud laughter.

(It was the Yoshi sound effect)

Glad to see Herbert Erbaderp finally find his way into ENN!

It is cuter when Kathleen punches Graham for any reason whatsoever. My favorite scene is with the original voice actors of Link and Navi and their tombstone.

Wait a second, an enforcer from the mob, feeding false information about pipebombs, not showing video footage fo the dliverer and a dislike for quickbender, shown when he doesn't let quickbender talk, after bringing him out? I think you've found your inside terrorist there Graham!

All voice actors like Herbert need to go away. And by that, I mean the whole thing of "annoying sound effects that play while text comes onscreen" needs go to away. That crap is obnoxious. Some games are at least nice enough to include an option to turn it off, but for the ones who don't... KNOCK IT OFF!

I think I lost it with link and Navi begging. How can you people be so funny?

Hmmm, I just scanned my CECHA01 (60GB) PS3 box from top to bottom. The phrase OtherOS doesn't appear anywhere on it. Nor does any build of Linux. It's simply not an advertised feature.

I completely lost all of my shits with Link and Navi panhandling. That was amazing.

That was an absolute riot to watch! I bet that was fun to film, too. Just endlessly mumbling at the camera! :D

"Heeba derb a derba derp, derba erberder", to you too man. Keep up the good work!

You had me at "Hey! Listen!"

I leeked must ooff it fery mooch, elthuoogh zee feetoore-a ves a leettle-a ooffff. I meun sumeune-a vhu joost telks fery seelly? Vhu vuoold theenk thet ves foonny? Bork Bork Bork!

very good episode! ... surprisingly bare trees for LA though

Since I am anal retentive, I must ruin your joke and tell you adult Link's voice actor is doing fine in Japan, voice acting for giant robot anime.

(Viral in Gurren Lagann, that one guy from Gundam: 8th MS Team, Gai Shishioh in GaoGaiGar... I can go on.)

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