Escape to the Movies: Robin Hood

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Robin Hood

This week MovieBob takes aim at the new Robin Hood.

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Aha, now I understand why the radio commercials say "Robin Hood, a story that has never been told before"

seriously though, kind of sad if you think about how good it -could- have been...

Yeah, I think everybody is pretty much saying the same thing. It's a shame, because I really like the whole Robin Hood thing. Also, I read earlier that Russel Crowe raged at a radio host because he (the host) thought that Crowe's 'English' accent sounded slightly Irish. Angry colonials are always fun.
Also, MovieBob's English accent made my face melt. Thanks for that...

For what it's worth, I'm glad you reviewed this and I had been waiting for it to come out: Large portions of it were filmed near where I lived so I heard a lot about it and was interested in seeing the final result. But now I know to save my money and maybe buy the DVD when that's released!

Thanks Movie Bob!

seriously though, kind of sad if you think about how good it -could- have been...

How many films has that been said about though?!


i was asked by someone to go today and see it
but i say screw you also it's my birthday today and i shall do what i want

maybe a fluffernutter

Huhuhuh... fluffernutter. That's just fun to say.

Yeah, I kinda figured this movie would suck. Glad I don't have to spend money on movies!

Hm. About what I expected/feared -- sort of a generic "Gladiator... but only 12 or so centuries later"; I figured the studio execs weren't going to be able to resist the allure of telling Scott and Crowe 'hey, that Gladiator thing really worked; why don't you do that again?'

Nice to know that I can skip it, even if I really really like Cate Blanchett.

Oh, and in re: HtTYD, I thought it was an amusing, lighthearted movie. Don't go into it expecting the Incredibles or whatnot, and you'll enjoy it. Sometimes, you just like brainless fun... wait, I guess that means I should get off my butt and finally see Iron Man 2... I've been waiting for the crowds to die down.

Before anyone else says it. ALL HAIL BRITANNIA!!!!

I've always been good at forgetting about what I'm "supposed to think" so I may still just give this a shot. Also, I've been wanting to see Kingdom of Heaven for a while but never gotten around to it. Better late than never. ---> Amazon.

OMG a fluffernutter sounds glorious.

Aww man i was eveng going to see this today. I was all hyped up but this ain't Robin Hood:(

I've never heard of a fluffer nutter before, but a marshmallow and peanut butter sandwich sounds disgusting.

As for Robin Hood, I really wasn't expecting great things, but I'll probably stick it on my Lovefilm list when the DVD is out.

I will go and see it this sunday. I want to have my personly opionen of it.

I kind of knew it was going to be a prequel because there was a giant article about it in my newspaper yesterday morning which I read. Got me pretty excited for the movie. They're planning on making it sort of a trilogy.

Apparently they were working on it and wound up with enough movie to be 7 hours long. They could either compress it or make a few movies out of it. They decided to make a few. This is supposed to be how Robin Hood became Robin Hood.

But yeah, it is misleading. When I first saw the trailers for this I was thinking, what the hell... What happened to:

But now that I know it's supposed to be a prequel, I think it looks alright. I still want to see it. Maybe I'll do as you say and wait for the director's cut and go watch Prince of Persia instead.

Good review, by the way. Made me laugh a few times as well. And I love the fluffernutter part. I saw Marshmallow Creme when I worked at a grocery store a few years ago and it intrigued me so much that I googled it and found the mystical fluffernutter... I have yet to try one.

Fluffernutter, what is that? A marshmallow and peanut butter sandwich? All the picture told me is that it's a gooey white substance on a yellowy brown slightly less gooey substance between two pieces of bread. And having just said that, I must now go throw up at what my horrible imagination has concocted. Apologies to all who read this.


But yeah, it is misleading. When I first saw the trailers for this I was thinking, what the hell... What happened to:

He seperated into two distinct entities, one went to Hyrule to fight Ganondorf, the other went into space and fought a giant monkey head.

Haha. I was just about to make a comment asking what a fluffer nutter is...

That is one VILE looking sandwich.

I've seen the Director's Cut of Kingdom of Heaven, and you're absolutely right. I can't believe my friends were patient enough with the movie to actually buy the theatrical cut dvd and its superior director's cut.

Perhaps Scott should stop letting studios ruin his movies like that.

That said, there are women going to see Robin Hood tonight, and I intend on visiting the royal vaults, so I'm going! :P lol

I'll pretend I'm going to a movie called Longstride instead, maybe that might help my enjoyment of it.

Daystar Clarion:

Also, MovieBob's English accent made my face melt. Thanks for that...

Hahaha come on it wasn't that bad. I've heard much, much worse -Cough- Dick Van Dick -Cough-.

I was sort of looking forward to this movie though I understand how the studio often does a good job at fucking over Scott. I'll wait for DVD, I still need to get a copy of Kingdom of Heaven... I just never have the money.


Awesome points go to Sturmdolch

My friends want to go see it so I will probably go see it. Although now I am not as interested in seeing it as I was before watching this...


hahaha! Nice.

Hehe...nice add at the end. I was thinking that very thing and contemplating a joke.
(not sure if people realise what a fluffer is...but...just as well)

Wow, the original idea they had for "Nottingham" sounds awesome.

Sounds like executive meddling at its worst. What a disappointment.

Nice work this week, Bob. Did you get a new microphone? Your voice sounds a lot more crisp and clear.

Had a feeling this was going to be a dull Robin Hood movie. Rather watch Prince of Thieves again... or Men in Tights. Thanks for confirming for me MovieBob.
And Yay finally mentioned HTTYD! Of course it great for a Dreamworks movie, Ex-Disney Lilo and Stitch creators and directors did it. Oh wait you said it was okay for Dreamworks....Meh I'll take it.
BTW you guys in Northeast US have weird sandwiches O_o.... want to try one now.

Called it, i knew this wasn't going to be any were near as good as Kevin Costner's Robin Hood, which is an absolute classic from my childhood.

ok when movieBob said fluffer nutter I thought he was talking about something completely different...

I know what a fluffernutter is, but it still sounds dirty.

Anyways, I figured that Robin Hood would be crap simply due to the "Untold Story" tagline they keep throwing out. Of course it's untold you idiots, you just made it up! Nah, Crow is too old, the story looked too uninteresting, and this reviews seals the deal. Not worth even a rental.

Kingdom of Heaven was cool though.

I was intriqued by the idea of a movie with the Sherif of Nottingham as the good guy but I was put off when this idea was dropped, I've never really had much interest in this movie because now that the only interesting aspect of it is gone I don't see what I'll get from this that I haven't already gotten from the various versions of the Robin Hood story already made.

Dok Zombie:
I've never heard of a fluffer nutter before, but a marshmallow and peanut butter sandwich sounds disgusting.

I thought the same thing when I first heard of it. It's actually quite tasty.

MY personal favorite version of Robin Hood was that one:

ROBIN HOOD: PRINCE OF THIEVES with Kevin Costner Alan Rickman and Morgan Freeman!

watch it full here:

Now I have to go buy me some marshmallow paste and try one of those.

Also I find it sad when movie makers throw out interesting ideas because it's to "different" from what is main stream, and thus a risk financially. I'm not sure if that's what happened here, but it sounds like it.

I've seen Kingdom of Heavens Directors cut five times and it's still one of my favorite movies next to Gladiator and Troy.

*runs off to find the Director's Cut of "Kingdom of Heaven"*

Seriously though, I wasn't exactly feeling the hype for this movie. I mean, I grew up in the Kevin Costner and "Men in Tights" era, so I was mostly groaning and thinking "can't they think of anything *new*?" The Robin Hood story's been done to death, and I was actually surprised to find out in this video that they actually did try to do something new. Too bad it doesn't seem to be worthwhile...

Oh, and what's a fluffer nutter? =D

the british accent is sexy, id know, i am one!
but i knew this would happen, theyve have about 12 robin hoods, all of which have battles, as opposed to guirella warfare. in fact, why do the fight the government? they rob the ich and give to the poor, the governmentchases them, why do they want to overthrow the government
why not a modern day version, where sherwood forest is a run down estate after militant rule becomes enforced? the "merry" men run here after ambushing guys that have riot shields and batons, and disappear amid the ruined buildings?
the lead politician involved? John King. the chief of police? Rick Nottingham
this actually sounds quite good, im going to write this down...

The ONLY good Robin Hood movie, excluding the parts of Prince of Thieves with Alan Rickman in, is Men in Tights.

The ONLY good Robin Hood movie, excluding the parts of Prince of Thieves with Alan Rickman in, is Men in Tights.

it was hilarious indeed...

there's an old french serie called THIERRY LA FRONDE which is somekind of RobinHood fighting against British occupants of northern regions of France:

here's a trailer

and there's the full music theme that went in all episodes...

made in the 60's with all the groovy instruments...

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