Stolen Pixels #194: After Curfew, Episode 8

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Finally After Curfew is back.

KOTOR 2 and NWN 2 aside I'm pretty confident about New Vegas. Having a publisher that will let you finish the game means a lot.

As for Kotick... if MW 3 screws up the stockholders will have his liver with a nice chianti.

Still loved Knights of the Old Republic 2. Easily more than the first, for sure. Woulda been nicer if they had time to finish though, I agree on that.

Fallout 2 was better than Fallout. As for Fallout 3, I actually liked Tactics more, even with the invincible robots that show up in the mid game. I will say this, that as buggy and generally unfinished as games made by any company that employs people that used to work for Black Isle, they are usually very ambitious and extremely fun to play. Also, does anyone else think it's funny that Troika made exactly three games and then died?

Isn't making more After Curfews kind of in bad taste after the actor died?

We should then stop making movies and writing stories about dead people. You know, it's kind of in bad taste.

I like Stolen Pixels series but can someone elaborate what bugs and unfinished plot threads there are in NWN2?

I don't know about NWN 2, I've never played it (I heard stories about bugs, however), but KOTOR 2 was a disgrace; still a decent game, but obviously mutilated.

Shamus Young:
Note also that this team is not the one that originally made the amazing Fallout, but the team that made Fallout 2,

Okay, so it's the team that made the better game. GOOD.

KOTOR2 was more Lucasarts' fault than it was Obsidian's.

I have never played Neverwinter Nights.

I remain optimistic about New Vegas.

now quite sure i understand what was going on with metro there XD

Lvl 64 Klutz:

...and - gasp - the ability to actually botch a character build.

Honestly, how is this even remotely a good thing? Is it so bad to let people enjoy RPG's who maybe aren't so good at building up a character? Is it so bad to let people build the character they want to build, and not one of the several characters that will be successful?

It is a good thing because it makes character creation meaningful. When all characters have an equally good chance at anything, regardless of stats, the stats lose their meaning. In fallout 3 the stats were made almost meaningless, skill points were the the only thing that mattered (although they didn't matter all that much either) and those were showered on you like rain. Obsidian will hopefully make a system where stats actually matters.

The KOTOR2 comment ("the first half") made me sad in my eyes.

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