The Escapist Radio Theater #1

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The Escapist Radio Theater #1

Two turntables and a microphone. Well, one of the turntables is a Dreamcast, but still.

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so is this going to have a story or is it going to have punchlines?

Nice, looking forward to more of this :D. Love the satire at the end, too :)

So far, this is the only one that catches my interest. Looking forward for more.

Edit: I especially liked the last panel. It gave me a good chuckle to start the day with. Which, sadly, won't last long, because I have to work this morning.

awesome drawing skills!

looking forward to next sunday update.

I agree with the guy on the far right of last panel. Good comic so far, bad topic!

It'll be interesting to see how this develops.

so is this going to have a story or is it going to have punchlines?

I think I'll be playing this by ear.

DoW Lowen:
It'll be interesting to see how this develops.

You're telling me...


so is this going to have a story or is it going to have punchlines?

I think I'll be playing this by ear.

DoW Lowen:
It'll be interesting to see how this develops.

You're telling me...

I am telling you...

I'm excited about this.

heh, Games as Art. How topical lol

Good Art + Realistic Dialogue = Great Start!

Love the art. Seems promising.

Link to previous entries:

Excellent issue. Will follow this :)

"Games as art" XD cool reference to your previous issue.
Hope you'll be around for a very long time! Let's say


I mean you know you were selling your soul when you signed that Escapist contract, didn't you?
Lots of dead lines, and unsatisfied bitching fans, the usual stuff that gets you down.
But were are my manner: Welcome to The Escapist!

Only one of the bunch that I actually liked.

I look forward to following this.

I see a lot of potential here, I look forward to future comics.

Probably my favourite out of these - reminds me a bit of older PvP. Great stuff!

P.S. The art is fantastic.

I fail to see the point of this one, some great punchlines though.

I think the art style is great, the subject matter has the potential to grow into something interesting, the characters have already been given somewhat of a role and personality and you are off to a flying start.

I cant wait to see where to take it. Out of all the Comics introduced this weekend, this one I feel has the most potential.

Great start and here is to wishing you all the best of luck!

Loving the art work, makes me think of QC a little (eastern style, coupled with the realistic characters and at least the possibility of musical references).

Oh and records will be scratched, I love vinyl but they scar and jump too easily :(

Although I liked this comic more than the others that are new and more than Stolen Pixels, I am disturbed by the resemblance of the character at the bottom right corner of the last panel to myself, and how his evident caricature actions are completely inaccurate to my emotional state.

Quoth the Imperial City Arena announcer: This should be interesting!

I am looking forward to more. Please proceed, Mr(s). Storyteller.

I was just wondering these days whatever happened to the webcomic contest. I'm glad to see that not only do we get as many as four comics out of it, but also that the Radio Theater is one of them. Thank you! :D

edit: hahaha, loved the "headshotfinger" gesture in the last panel :D "Gimme a break, everyone's talking about this debate these days >.<"

Nice art style.

Awesome art style, clever concept, and witty dialogue. This one looks promising! Can't wait to see where he goes with it.

Your art is great.
The jokes didn't really catch me at first but i'm looking forward for it.

Not particularly funny.. but I don't think it was meant to be. I like where its going.

Great artwork - Im very interested to see where this leads.

So we have to compete with this every damn week? Harsh.

Art is beautiful, characters well designed and it doesn't beat you over the head with the puncline. I'd be impressed if I wasn't plotting your asssasination.

Keep up the good work!

So some people make a podcast about how games are art and how much fun it is to repost stories from Kotaku and VG247 then realise how pointless life is and plan to top themselves. Fortunately they are saved when a pony breaks into the studio and delivers a Dreamcast 2 from the future.

Games are Art lol. get on the bandwagon!

"Games as Art"...HAH! Favorite character is already the guy ready to blow his brains out at the mention of the new topic. Also looking forward to possible shipping in this series. :D Ahhhh, shipping wars in the Escapist...XD

Thanks for the kind comments everyone!

Since it'll be a while until the next comic and there really isn't much of a backlog to go on I think I'll spend some time profiling the characters and posting concept art and such stuff. I won't be going into too many story details, except to reveal that there really is no big story. For the moment, I'm just letting the characters figure themselves out which has been mostly a fluid and entertaining process. Anycase, here are some superficial details about:

Uploaded with

Though he may not look it, designing Evan was the hardest of the five. He'd taken the most iterations during the month long development of the concept. While the nature of his character and position among the cast was more or less cemented as early as the first day, his designs varied greatly throughout the process, even more than what is pictured here.

Uploaded with

Don't mind the fellow on the bottom right there, that's a slightly early Kobe who I'll get to talking about later.

Other designs ranged from the gravest extreme of hipster, to even a younger Doonesbury. Only when I started drawing the comic, did his final form appear. Literally, he was created right on that first page for the contest entry. (Which might also explain why he doesn't look quite right in the second contest page.) Perpetually uncombed, incapable of growing most forms of respectable facial hair, he very closely resembles the sort of anime caricature he spends so much time watching.

You are instantly and permanently one of my favourite comic artist.

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