Unskippable: Deadly Premonition: Part 1

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Most disturbing cut-scene ever. Seriously!

this game believe it or not is only two months old.

What really? I would expect better grpahics and amination from 2004. I assume its a Wii title, peoples faces are incapable of even moving.

Edit: On reading other responses, its for next gen consoles? WTF, I have seen better looking mods

"You might trip and fall onto one of the three textures"
God how I laughed.
Good video, guys.

That was surprisingly effective for a shitty cut scene. Quite disturbing, so thumbs up to the makers of the game. (It's not a good cut scene, don't get me wrong.)

"Oh, Anna."

Good stuff, I have high hopes for pt. 2 after seeing this.

nice job guys
I bet this game really sucks

Well you would lose that bet. This game is amazing. Yes. Great. Bullseye. Nice shot.

I wish the ladybugs here in Canada were as cool! I can't stop thinking about that ladybug, it really grabbed my attention. They should make a standalone game starring the ladybug from Deadly Premonition.

And Sax guy, go play where people AREN'T morning the murder of a woman by a snake.

This looks like Silent Hill...except for the part where it makes no sense and everyone is Botox'd

This doesn't seem like a strange game at all. The music is just fantastic.

nice job guys
I bet this game really sucks

Honestly I have never seen a game that is so polarizing, you either hate it or you think it's great-there isn't any inbetween on it. Part of the reason I love it is that it seems like a parody of all the survival horror/sandbox game tropes we know (even though I think that was on accident). It's almost like someone watched an all night marathon of Twin Peaks, The Room and Pink Flamingos and then said "We have to make this into a game". Not counting me, I've had six people buy it and try it and it's evenly split with half loving it and half hating it, but even those that hated it felt it was worth the $20 to experience it.

You know, if you found me the home of the world's most crucified naked chick on a map, I would plan a trip. It could be fun :)

What the hell was I looking at? That was rather strange. Seems like the makers of this game were trying to appeal to the Twin Peaks crown or something like that.

I actually felt the need to Wikipedia this game after watching this, as it was so bizarre, and apparently, it is strongly influenced by Twin Peaks - so much so, they changed the original name ("Rainy Woods") during development, because it was so frequently compared to the TV series. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deadly_Premonition)

Graham and Paul: I haven't laughed so hard since I saw your review of "Eternal Sonata" clearly the worse the cutscene, the better the comedy. Brilliant.

Wait, you guys are tackling the greatest bad game ever made? AND there's another episode? You got my interest.

Also, guys, I just got this game last night. You HAVE to play this. It's insane, right Zach?

I forgot to mention - did anyone else notice that the leaves weren't just falling from nowhere, they were actually moving horizontally, towards the creepy soulless blond twins?!

Based on this cutscene.. what kind of game is that? Oo

Jack and Calumon:

this game believe it or not is only two months old.

Let me Guess... A Wii game?

Calumon: What would give him that idea? >.<

I believe it is a 360 exclusive.

Wow, between the Giant Bomb and this, Deadly Premonition is freaking inescapable among humorous video game websites.


And yes, graphics don't make the game...but this game is crap regardless...

[and now picture of donut on green background as we load the next scene]

Never seen that game before and now I'm sorta tempted to play it!

OT: Good review.Good enough to provoke me commenting anyway.

Kids these days, you show them a naked lady crucified to a tree and all they want to do is play with their ladybug.

Who would've thought that this game was for the 360 and PS3 and it has the graphics of a PS2/Xbox game?

Btw, love the Dante's Inferno joke with Beatrice's breast.

Aha, I thought this game looked... familiar somehow, even though I'd never seen this cutscene before (or played the game): Lowtax wrote a hilarious article on it a while ago over at Something Awful. I honestly thought he was making half of the things he said were in the game up, even though he insisted he wasn't making any of it up, until I started watching the videos he provided at the end - oh man were those trippy! The game is insanely bad of course, but it's also insane:

Lowtax from Something Awful wrote:
The game starts off simple enough: you step into the shoes of FBI Special Agent Francis York, an astute and intelligent man who chooses to only investigate homicides involving red plant seeds. Oh yeah, and he can also tell the future by looking into a cup of coffee. And he talks to invisible, possibly imaginary characters nobody else can see. And he eats raw potatoes, sleeps on a mattress in the middle of a cemetery, and stores giant fish inside his suit. Let me take this opportunity to point out I am not making any of this up.

Those are some of the least weird things this game has going on.

That had to be one of the worst cutscenes for a game I've ever seen.

Bad music, voice acting and graphics. Good thing you guys ripped it appart.



EDIT: Just looked, it actually isn't a Wii game. It's a 360 and PS3 game. That makes it even MORE pathetic.

Most of the PS2 library looks better than that. In fact, I think there's a few N64 games that look better.

I've seen Gameboy Advanced titles with more then that! Seriously, there's no excuse for that game looking like that. I thought this game was like several years old, I could've somewhat excused it then. What game engine were they making in on, anyway? The Sweary engine?

But yeah, that was hilarious guys :D I especially loved the "Ugh...see you next week" at the end. I liked the "oh yeah, the kids. I totally should've removed them from this grisly scene of horror."

I watched this video then googled it, how is this game only 2 months old, and looks like it was made in 2006?

LOL so funny you guys make my monday.

good job guys like always,and those twins look like little freaks

As lame as the graphics are I just really, really love Deadly Premonition. It's a game that doesn't seem to take itself seriously, and I respect that.

Obviously, G&P are going to have a field day one they meet the man, the myth, the misanthrope that is....Agent York.

I shudder to think what part 2 is gonna be like.

ot: Any chance of u guys doing a heavy rain unskippable? maybe make it a month long event like MGS 4.

Wow, I've heard how this game is a Twin Peaks knock off, they weren't kidding...0o

Kinda funny how no one else got that reference in the comments, every one here must be 12...=P

"there goes the most interesting character of the cutscene"

that was awesome :D

Okay, does anyone remember the game D that came out for the original Playstation and a few other platforms? The visual style here reminds me heavily of that. Only, D came out in 1995 and therefore HAS A FRIGGIN' EXCUSE.

What the hell did I just watch?

Excellent Unskippable, terrible cutscene.

GRAHAM: Maybe it's a keyboard layout we're not familiar with.
PAUL: Oh yeah, SWERY, it's where the F, U, C, and K keys are all right beside each other so you can hit them with one hand.

Reminds me of this typewriter we have at the archives. It is called 'den ekivoka skrivmaskinen' in english 'the risque typewriter' it can only type the letters 'K' and 'U'.

ha LOL! this was really good HIlarious great
video i cracked up when graham said 'yeah, do it, they'll never find the bodies'

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