Zero Punctuation: Dead to Rights: Retribution

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Dead to Rights: Retribution

This week, Zero Punctuation reviews Dead to Rights: Retribution.

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Made my day as always!

Brilliant one this week, found a new insult too in the realm of "Manorexia". great stuff

How Dead to Rights: Regrettable. I was actually hoping the game would be good.

Hehe, great review as always! Pretty much sounded like I expected.

Awesome, I didn't know that dogs can see through walls... I wish I where a dog...

I laughed at all the Dead to Rights bits that were done and now Ms. Mayes i making a song..i hope it does well.

The game, by all accounts, is Dead To Rights: Repulsive, but this was Dead To Rights: Remarkable.

Seriously, it's a real stand-out. I enjoyed this week's thoroughly.

Really looking forward to Ms. Mayes' song.

ocelot god? hilarious!

Really really really really really really............ dumb.

Hehe, "Bang punch bang punch bang punch woof".

Great review YZ, as always.

I got home before this came online, which almost broke my day :<

Better now.

Awww, puppy :P

Think I'll give this one a pass, as I was thick enough to play the original

Woot, I made it in time to see it just posted.. best review i've seen in a while. I laughed so much.. People's Republic of Madbodia. So awesome, and love that last joke.Keep up the great work.

This one was Dead to Rights: Right funny!

Yeah, sorry, had to do one - a small one that sucked >_>. Played the game at a friend's of mine and I really have to quote what was said in the Escapist review of the game. The only remarkable feature is really just how unremarkable the whole game is.

Could he have thought of any more words beginning with 're-'? Love it, great review!

Dead Raen:
How Dead to Rights: Regrettable. I was actually hoping the game would be good.

First off, I LOVE YOUR AVATAR!!!

OT: But yeah, Yahtzee got some much needed anger out on this on...thanks for the laugh!

Heh Heh Heh...

That is all.

Calumon: No really. That is it. Maybe the next comment will be interest... oh dear.

Made me laugh.XD

damn...he is buffalo bill's dog,also you're the first person to notice that Jake has the body shape of a T-bone steak...bout time!

No Max Payne cracks, Yahtzee? For shame! Dead to Rights was developed to ape Max's style, kinda like how Leifeld tried to ape Miller's grim and gritty style and failed.

And can't the dog fetch ammo? Dogmeat could do that and pick up meds. Shadow's a dumb dog.

Great as always

personally i never liked the Dead to Rights for the ps2 and i thought the new one would probably also be crap. So i won't be picking this up.

Good episode. Not much else to say.

Rebecca and Yahtzee, sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g ^_^

Great Dead To Rights: Review!

Holy shit. It said Two comments when I started this page, now there's all this. There went my hopes of a comment actually being seen. Yahtzee, you are too popular for my own good.
Not that I had anything meaningful to say about this. I've never played the game, so I can't comment on its quality.
Although, this review does remind me of how much I do wish another shooter would come out the with maturity and complexity of Deus Ex.

Edit: Oh, what do you know, I made it onto the first page after all. Damn, now it makes me wish even more that I had something interesting to say.

Yahtzee, you sly bastard you. How's a cynical, cold-hearted prick like you win the affection of someone like Ms. Mayes? No, really... I'd like to know how you did that. Teach me, Croshaw!!!

I love this review because it actually kinda funny.

I love shadow the dog

"ocelot god" bit made me LOL

"Someone dog!"

Brilliant. Sounds like you're enjoying this particular review.

>Dead to Rights is on the Playstation 2

>It will be very cheap

>Will buy

I keep getting this game confused with Red Dead Redemption, was looking forward to your views on a game getting it's arsehole licked by every critic who is taking the game behind the bushes for a hard piece of cottaging. please review it next and make this british man sigh as nothing can please an englishman unless it's an american being dumb

Dead to Right: Rebecca's writing a song? I hope it's any good...if a little creepy.

Keep up the good work yahtzee.

Wait WHOA!?! A love song? Well.... I guess everyone is allowed to have an opinion.

This review was Dead to Rights Refreshing and Relaxing.

Another example that games nowadays are becoming Dead to Rights: Redundant. I weep for the video game industry.

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