Zero Punctuation: Dead to Rights: Retribution

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Wow this game sounds just plain bad, though playing as a dog ripping some guy's junk off sounds like fun.

Great review.

LMFAO! The "Re" word bit never got old. Fantastic review as always

Here's my Dead to Rights Reply to this thread. I just had a Dead to Rights Realization. I can never ever be first on a Zero Punctuation video because I always Dead to Rights Rewatch random jokes, so this 5-minute video ends up taking me about 8 mintues. Looks like this game is a Dead to Rights Rent.

Classic! The dog part sounded fun, for a minute. Then it started eating everyone's dicks. Not so much fun.

I couldn't afford this game anyway due to the Dead to Rights: Recession.

Wow. Silly me for thinking the remaining video at the end will be decent extra content. No, just shameless self promotion because a certain book isn't selling as well as once thought and some chick saying "I wanna write a song for Yahtzee - can you guys write it for me?". Outstanding.

Well... somehow this episode left me empty and I could just spell "Nah" after watching it. In my (humble) opinion, Yahtzee just doesnt trash games as he used to be... running out of steam, or (most likely) its just me? There were few funny lines, but that's just it.

Particularly entertaining review, this week. A good reminder as to why I keep watching this show.

As a sidenote, is anyone else baffled as to why Rebecca Mayes has a crush on Yahtzee?
He's foul-mouthed and cynical.
And she strike me as being... annoyingly innocent.

"Bang, Punch, Bang, Punch, Bang, Punch, Woof!"

yes to life, yes indeed.

Yahtzee is lucky! Mayes is after him. Darn is devilish looks =[
As for the review, i lol'd more than lastweeks by far. Also, there seem to be a large usuage of cats and dogs lately...

I have to say the final sting made me lol.

"A pocket dimension where pain is God and Jack Slate is Pope."

Favourite bit of the review. Another brilliant review, yet again!

This was the best one for a while, but I've got to wonder whether, after the first one, anybody thought another DTR game would be a hit.

In this topic, everyone Dead to Rights: Realizes that they know a lot more words that start with re than they thought.

Is it wrong that when Rebecca's little promo thing came up I completely got distracted by the horrid need to grab her and make her clean her house/apartment/whatever she was recording in?

Holy shit, awesome punchlines and you made me laugh out loud instead of gaining a few chuckles.

I think I never seen the cavemen figure before, I really loved it. Keep it up Yahtzee, you made my week!

you missed "people's dead to rights: republic of madbodia" and "the dead to rights: real world" ^^

"he let's his gun do the talking, and his gun only knows one loud word" -hilarious

I don't know... I like games where you can control a dog. They can be awful, like Fable 2, or cool, like Fallout3, but, in general. Is cool to have a dog.

Even a dog that only appears randomly, like Shadow's dog: Interceptor, in FF6.

Just saying, dogs are cool. I Dead to Rights: Really like having one, in games. And in RL too.

The rest of the game looks like shit, tough.

Funny review ... Consequently inline with other reviews so Ill have to pass on this one


Yes, Oh mighty Ocelot-God!

Fantastic Dead to Rights: Review.

Another great review,laughed more than expected.

Oh FUCK the ending had me in tears! XD

And every DoR pun was just solid gold.

Mmmm, maybe I arrived late to the party and a shit load of posts have been deleted or we're finally getting a big drop of idiots posting "First", either way that's a wittle bit of faith in humanity restored.

As for the game... funny review Yahtzee... not got around to playing the game, I imagine this game will probably be one of those games you see on the side being sold for £4.99 in a couple months so I'll wait until then. What I do question is the remaking of computer games. This might make sense when the game was first for the Atari or Fami-com and they wanted to remake it with 3D graphics and add a story. However this game hasn't really been out all that long, not long enough to justify a re-make any way. I get the point when it's games like God of war when the re-make was really done just because the backwards compatibility on the PS3 told us to go fuck our selves, or even with Res evil where it was just a graphic up with a few plot points changed here and there and maybe better voice acting placed. However here it makes no sense.

Great Dead to Rights: Review, and Ms. Mayes looked Dead to Rights: Resplendent in the love song promo.


Absolutely loved it. Definitely one of the better reviews recently.

I actually ignored the review and just indulged that it made me a laugh! "Pain is God and Jack Slate is the pope!" :D

I just hope Yahtzee Dead to Rights: Remembers to have a look at Monster Hunter Tri

Fantastic closing gag. And the recurring "re" jokes were ace.

Yay, Sobieski Vodka at 01.38

I wonder if Yahtzee actually likes it, because I sure do.

Nice review.

I'm slightly confused by this one to some extent.

I have no interest in this game, and will likely never buy it, and It's not that I didn't expect Yahtzee to not rip it a new one... I mean that's what he does. But I'm wondering why all of this insane, gleeful, over the top destruction and death inflicted by a goverment agent is treated so differantly here than with "Just Cause 2".

I have managed to get a cheap copy of JC-2, which kind of surprised me. I've been playing it on and off and having more fun than I expected. The idea of it appeals to me more for whatever reason than a generic "hard boiled cop" story. However from what Yahtzee is saying about over the top and absurd violence... well... he praised pretty much everything he said was wrong with Dead To Rights, in his Just Cause 2 review, or that is how it looks to me.

Having never played this game, I'm wondering if it's some kind of horrible mechanics, making all of this violence boring? Or the fact that I'm guessing it's linear (as opposed to a sandbox game), or what? I mean you can't even say that Rico (from JC-2) is a more realistic character or anything as the entire game is over the top, and the dude can absorb crazy amounts of punishment as well, not to mention defy the laws of physics almost as well as Neo rewriting The Matrix. Rico is pretty much as over-the top macho as a character can get without being Duke Nukem.

It might just be me, I don't expect Yahtzee to be consistant (inconsistancy is arguably part of his charm) but here it just gets me for some reason.

I am currently filing paperwork to be part of the people's republic of MadBodia... huh? it just asked me how many swords or guns I own.. I own 9 but the checklist starts at 17.

A love song....about Yahtzee?.....Ummmmm...well that being said great video this week and I can wait for Mogworld to come out!

you missed "people's dead to rights: republic of madbodia" and "the dead to rights: real world" ^^

"he let's his gun do the talking, and his gun only knows one loud word" -hilarious

I was wondering when somebody was going to mention those. I was actually surprised by the lack of Dead to Rights: Remarks with those.

Bah, sounds like Dead to Rights: Retribution is another casual-gamer-targeting brick to reinforce the wall that is keeping the awesome out of the gaming industry.

Re: Rebecca Mayes... genuine inter-office romance or classic celebrity power move? Hard to say.

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