Zero Punctuation: Dead to Rights: Retribution

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Yeah Hope Rebecca song turns out really great, Hope Yahtzee features it at the end of a new video once its finished. Think ill be having a read of Mogworld over the SUmmer :) will probly be a great laugh ^_^

I'm just hoping Yatzee won't review the song.

BY now anything I have to say would be Dead 2 Rights; Redundant

Anyway... I WAS going to make a post about how I hope Yahtzee never gets a girlfriend because you just KNOW she would make him get a 'proper' job. But with Rebecca... you never know.

I do kinda wonder about Dead to Rights as a game. It seems like it might not be as generic as other shooters, but I'm not sure if that's a good thing. Sure you seem to have some variety in the methods of killing, but when does it get to be repetitive? I might give the game a try, if only to try something different. Though not one hundred percent sure if it's something I want to spend around 60 dollars for. Maybe I'll wait till it goes on sale XD.

Funny how the escapist continues to say that the wait for rebecca's album is over! considering that there are still days left for the release.

The review was good+.

Haha, this week's was fantastic, really made me chuckle. When this game was released, I was staggered at just how unremarkable it really is. It was poorly marketed as it was, but I really didn't fancy it at all.

Dead to Rights: Reducing poor gamers to tears worldwide.

loooonnniieeee looooniieee haha brilliantXD

i haven`t taken a stab at this game yet and i don`t see any
reason to do it(Read dead redamption) seems the game is totally linear and repetitive from what ive seen so far-.-

There's somebody that LIKES Yahtzee? I'm not sure if I should be happy for him or laugh my butt off.

Dead to Rights: Regurgitated

Let's face it: It's not gonna taste any better the second time is it...

Almost jumped in my chair seeing my favorite vodka at 1:39. Way to go, mister!

Rebbecca Mayes has the hots for yathzee...good for her.

Also, gore is fun, but like this, there's a bit too much of it.

Stop Dead to Rights repeating your jokes.


Don't make me step on you, Ben; these are new boots and do you know how hard it is to find someone who makes boots in size 'Holy Fuck That's Just Ridiculously Huge'?

That Rebecca Mayes love song thing at the end seems more like a viewer attracting publicity stunt than anything, really.

Best episode in a while. Had me actually laughing (as opposed to the occasional bemused grunt). Nice to see Yahtzee still has it and can whip it out from time to time!

Nice Dead to Rights: REview.

Can't wait to check out this book, it better be good!

And nice video, although I don't give a rat's tonsil about the game, it was funny.

Laughed at several points, but I have to say that my favorite bit was the "...only knows one loud word!" Or maybe Madbodia's primary exports being nuts and batshit... or maybe...

Hey, that was the best one in a while!

Funny stuff! Might buy that book too; first I hear of it since some article about maybe doing it way back.

Keep up the good work!

Dog shaped ballistic missile? Wasn't that in final Fantasy 8?

Also I know you can revive the dog when he gets shot but can the dog revive Jack Slate when he dies.

So am I the only one slightly freaked out by the fact that Rebecca Mayes lives literally in the middle of nowhere?

that was awesome as usual

Ok, here's my idea of how they could have made this game good. Slate is a cop on the edge who plays by his own rules, and his only connection to the real world is his father. When his father is murdered, Slate is thrown into a deep depression and refuses to leave his home. So, its up to his faithful dog Shadow to save the day! Using your canine instinct and canine teeth, you follow a trail of clues and dismembered members to find your master's father's killer. The combat is pretty much the same as the stealth missions, only when you enter each area, the bad guys don't perceive you as a threat. After all, your just a fuzzy widdle puppy- until you go for their jugular-in their pants! And change up the action in the stealth sections, were you play as Shadow's trusty companion, Mr. Mittens! Use your cat reflexes and ability to walk on walls Alien-style to get the drop on baddies and scratch their eyes out! Go team!

The Dead to rights:Re parts were funny.

Keep up yahtzee

I find the constant repetition of the words 'dead to rights' in the review to be unfunny. Other than that was pretty good though. I doubt this game is as brain dead as DTR2 though, but I LOVE DTR1...

Also, cool appearance of Rebecca at the end of Yahtzee's vid!

And I actually like Jack Slate a lot, just a guy who comes in and kicks ass, no matter the situation or how questionable the method is, but isn't pointlessly macho anyway, at least in the 1st game...


Ohhhhh yahzee, this is one of the most clever reviews you've ever done!

Well played ol' chap. Well played indeed.

he missed the dead to rights company's dead to rights: resignation

If my cat could be like jack slate's dog it would probably backstab me right away and eat my ears or something. AnyWay, rebecce mays+Yathzee= is really realy realy realy awesome.

Not bad review there m8. Who is Rebecca at the end? Does she really need ideas on you Yahtzee... come on... here are some ideas dick, bum, ass, more dick jokes... hairy bums, fuck, wank. Kinda sums it up :p

Really good review, amusing to watch as always. :3

Yahtzee Croshaw:
Dead to Rights: Retribution

This week, Zero Punctuation reviews Dead to Rights: Retribution.

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Give your suggestions for the song on Rebecca Mayes Muses Facebook Fan Page and check out Rebecca Mayes Muses here on the Escapist.

Your wait for Rebecca Mayes's first album, The Epic Win, is over! Releasing worldwide on May 28, Rebecca is excited to offer exclusive early access to her beloved fans at The Escapist. Visit this special link now to be the first to purchase the new release!

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Actually Madbodia is called Niger... great semi arid country...

Now that was regurgitating. And i almost thought ZeroPunctuation was getting shitty. And what is up about that novel anyways?.. Is nobody's actually buying it or what?.. And yes, i don't give a shit about Muses while watching ZP. Sure, crossovers can be fun (see the unskippable one fer details), but this is just blatant advertising. Oh well, off to make some ZP farting pillows with Yahtzee's face on 'em.

The shading on the stick figure of Jack Slate in the 'walking away from a explosion' part at 04:15 was really good. I wish the this kind of shading would be used in every frame from now on.

Keep up the great work.

i wouldn't put it past him :D

if he did it would be like when ll those people designed games around Zero Punctuation.

But i don't think he would, people love his show, I reckon next think hell have a rant at is the new prince of persia, looks pretty MEh XD

Can't wait for Rebecca's song!


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