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Atari's Gambit

Atari takes us back, to the future of gaming.

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like the new opening, makes it seem more "professional", and russ pitt was great as the deranged leader of a failing company.

Much enjoyed Russ Pitts' cameo and the whole Atari segment.
Also new titles woo!

The opening is good, but where's Matt on it? He's a reporter, sort of.

Calumon: Jack thinks he's the cutest! ^^

Jack: (Oh Crap. Do the Sony approach) I do not comment on rumours or speculation.

Share and enjoy
share and enjoy
Journey through life
With a plastic boy
Or Girl by your side
Let your pal be your guide
And when it breaks down
Or starts to annoy
Or grinds when it moves
And gives you no joy
Cos it's eaten your hat
Or had sex with your cat
Bled oil on your floor
Or ripped off your door
You get to the point
You can't stand any more
Bring it to us, we won't give a fig
We'll tell you, 'Go stick your head in a pig'


1:I can make orange portals.

2:Shut your face.

I loled

New opening,1337.

Great job.Favorite episode.

Great episode. Loved the new opening and the graphics. Also
Jer: There's more?
Cut to Witcher 2 commercial with Jer singing

Atari's Gambit

Atari takes us back, to the future of gaming.

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I like the new intro, well done :)

And I was getting a little nervous near the end but there it was: Kathleen's graceful hairflip. Thank you Kathleen, thank you.

Those new Call of Duty: ____ Warfare games sound like a blast to play. When do they come out?

Oh, and nice new into.


..My jaw dropped at the crazy new intro, so much that I simply had to start the video over again to bask in its glory and awesomeness!

And now.. To the news~! Aha! I also like the further "panel" discussion with off-the-cuff comments from both Graham and Kathleen. I think a 4-person panel could work quite well too. To discuss teh news comically, etc.

Graham's rapid-firing segment is brilliant too! Much liking of it, yo. It reminds me of an Australian comedian who had a segment on a talk show here called "Hughesy Loses It". Nice touch!

But have YOU played Atari today!?

This explains... Everything..

Those poor souls who only played ET... I played it, got bored, went to other games.

Like the new opening...and you made the same LP2 joke I made with a friend lol

Crytek really are getting so big headed though...heh

And Russ Pitts! Epic!

I absolutely loved Graham's delivery of "the orange portal" thing! He seemed genuinely angrier with every "visual argument" against Mac users being able to produce these. Good acting there!

I burst out laughing (at work, not the best idea) over the Headshot segment! LOVED IT - Graham, that was hilarious and brilliantly acted! OMG thank-you!!

Love the new opening title with the reporter images but what happened to the blue jumpback background - it's been MIA for a few weeks?

Is it me or is there a new opening credits sequence? Pretty neat!! =D
Regarding "the headshot" segment, I'm not certain your argument was very convincing, Graham.... ;) *chuckles*
Loved the Atari commercial, that was hilarious. I thought the "help us!" sign was very cute, and couldn't help noticing a stray WiiMote in there, as well. As for the second "M-rated" commercial: "it will give you venereal diseases"?... Humm, let me think, sounds like fun!!
And Kathleen is right, it does explain everything!!
Great episode, guys! Looking forward to next week already!

I know I'm going to enjoy another 30 years of Atari brand-whoreing.

Loved the very end though. "This explains... EVERYTHING".

We have to help those poor children:O!

Wow, that new intro was pretty cool. :o

And everything else was just as awesome. :P

Good episode guys, better than last week IMHO.

dont like the new intro, but good episode

Do you have any idea how absolutely CREEPY it is to put Alex, with a grin, behind 3 children, after he played the role of a zoophile in "The Future of sex"?

I honestly hadn't thought of the two mouse buttons needed for the portals. So how does that work on single button mouses for the macs? Do they need to buy a new one or buy one of those ones where you assign the right side as the right click?

I've never used a mac, forgive my ignorance.

Point is, 1. I can make orange portals, and 2. Shut your face.

Well argued, Graham. Color me impressed.

New intro, great bits and an awesome Russ cameo. Fantastic work all around - one of my favorite ENNs.

oo shiny new opening, me like :) also loved the atari segment

wait a minute? Doesn't machima also have a segment called "head shot" on their web show as well?

It's funny, because I recently got an Atari Flashback. It's quite a lot of fun to play.

Great stuff - one of my favourite ENN's. Loved the cameos by Russ and Alex, and the new titles!

Oh this was a great episode, sweet new opener with your fancy names all over the place.

I would play the crap out of devil warfare as long as it had Gouto.

Nice new intro. Funny as usual. Thought Graham's segment was hilarious


Nice kameo Kane Russ :P

And sure, maybe you can make 2 portals, but when it comes time for the ubercharge that can win us the game, will you be ready?

The new intro was, dare I say it, compelling.

Not entirely sure about the way the news stories were being presented this week, but you guys have known what you were doing before so I will wait a couple of weeks before yelling to change it back.

lol. i dont get why macs are considered the artists pc. i use ubuntu a lot. lots of fun. neede windows for gaming unfortunately

Welcome to ENN, Russ.

Other than that, I honestly thought terrorists would've been into death metal...

"Have you played Atari today!"

Best Jingle ever...I want to go and buy one now!

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