Escapist News Network: Atari's Gambit

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Awsome vid guys.

Also, I wonder what Russ hasn't been on. He always does a pretty good job at whatever, weather be Kane I think from C&C, in Hot Water at PAX, or in this vid. Graham's rant was lulzy. I bet you somewhere, some dude actualy thinks that he's all badass because he can finaly play Portal on his Mac. I like some aspects of Mac, but I'm a PC boy, and honestly the only "issue" is like with consoules, the fanboys' egos.

Im'a buy Crysis 2................and stick it on my shelf LOL.

Oh Kathleen, still as beautiful and sharp as ever. Your hair looked great in this vid hon!

i LOVED the Atari spokesman guy Walter, he was everything i thought of when imaging a big games company CEO... The guy who plays him is great too...

Yay, Hooch Russ Pitts is crazy

1: I can make orange portals.

2: Shut your face.

Awesome Atari segment. I also laughed at the Mac's right click function

That bit with Graham and the Apple mouse nearly broke me cause i was laughing so hard!

i dont really understand the whole mac mice argument. mac mice SUCK ASS. most pc users dont still have the mice that came with their computers, so its the same with macs.

Funny skit, one correction though - Nolan was gone before the Atari 2600 became a success, not before it was released. The 2600 was of course released in '77 and he left in December '78.

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