Stolen Pixels #196: Breen Fortress, Part 2

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Stolen Pixels #196: Breen Fortress, Part 2

The Administrator has something more than a simple interview in mind for Dr. Breen and Metro.

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Well, I can think of only two other rewards. Either you get to keep whatever cool gun she's rustled up this time, or survival. The plot thickens.

Favorite class is Soldier on offense, Engie on defense.

I have horrible wifi connection. I am a Pyro. Look at my profile, and you'll see I can flame it up better than anyone.

Although, Soldier is slowly becoming a better class for me, I still love to play medic. Slight problem on wifi...

I love the posing on Metro.

Five bucks says he shoots first.

Also, PYRO!!!!!1

I'm partial to Spy on offense, Pyro on defense, and Engineer when nobody else wants to be one. Weirdly, many of my records (most damage, most kills, most points) belong to the Sniper because of one peculiarly successful run.

Engie on offense and defense.

Silly people don't know the benefit of a well placed attack sentry.

Team fortress 2 is one of the most fun and addicting multiplayers out there.

For me I ususally use pyro on defence and spy on offence, spy being my favourite class.

Great twist to the series. Stolen Pixels is a great read

I'm really, really enjoying this change of pace. And not just because I love TF2.

For the record, I'm partial to the Sniper.

Pyro. On everything. Ever. 175 health, fast movement speed, and air guitar? SOLD.

I should actually try out this game, it sounds very interesting. I never got into PC gaming. I should have, but ooh well!

As to favorite TF2 class I would have to go with the Spy, the devious little guy. Seems to be the most enjoyable to play, as well as having to be sneaky sneaky sneaky!


I'm very partial to the Medic on everything, especially when I can get two of my buddies to go Medic with me and Chain-Uber against the opposing team. Medic is the best class EVAR!!1!!

Although I've been trying to branch out a bit. I'm getting used to the Scout and the Sniper right now, and trying to get much better with Pyro and Spy, who are fighting over the second-longest playtime in my loadout stats.

Scout at the moment, but I do love me some Pyro.

I wouldnt see BReen having a problem killing Metro, lol.

Poor, poor Metro

Likely the scout for offense. I'm one of those players who aims to annoy the opposing team more than anything else, and running around causing general mayhem with the bat and peppergun do nicely.

Usually I just fill in any gaps on the team.

Almost makes me wish I had played Team Fortress, but then I think of all the douchbags that play online shooters and I get over it.

i just started playing team fortress (I R TOTAL NOOBZ apparently) it's lots of fun. Been trying to find what i'm best at. so far demoman and pyro. and i play scout during capture the flag.

Definitely agree with you regarding the look of TF2. I wish more games would take a stylized approach to graphics.

Oh, and I play Heavy. Mostly because I need the 300hp if I'm to last more then a couple of seconds.

I can usually play any class for any situation. Each class is surprisingly flexible and able to do lots of jobs very well.

Hell I know I've capped the intel more than once as a heavy, and I've defended my fair share of cap points as a scout.

But if I had to choose, it would be soldier on offence, pyro on defence, and engineer for when I'm lagging (build the sentry in the right place and it'll do fine).

Also, *caugh* TF2 PC group *cough*

This Half-Life 2 villain meets Team Fortress 2 vill... err... announcer is getting more and more isteresting.

I've logged the most time as Soldier. Is that what we're looking for?

Although I think I might enjoy playing the engineer the most, even though I suck at it, until I get impatient that no one's running face-first into my poorly-placed turret.

I'm a sniper almost all of the time. If the map is too close combat for sniper I go soldier.

hahaha! very good :D

The heavy. He is the easiest to play.

.......I have no shame in that either XD

Snipin's a good job, mate.

Snipin's a good job, mate.

I'm not a crazed gunman, I'm an assassin

My favorite character would be either the Pyro or the Demo, though I've been known to pick the Engy or Soldier as well, on occasion.

Haven't played TF2 in forever, though. I'm just not that into multiplayer games anymore these days.

"We do B-grade comedy here" hah, brilliant comic can't wait for the next one.

My favorite class has to be demo man at the moment. I can blow stuff up and when that's seems too easy I can always charge in with a massive sword. Who needs guns and bullets when a sword never fails me.


I'm a great defender of the sheer versatiltiy of the Spy. While some people, coughshamuscough, think he's a jerk, I'd be more condemning of the corridor nadespammer, or Mr. "Halfamile away" shot.

The Spy is nothing like all these barbarians, he is a cultured intellectual thay could be any one of us. He could be you, he could be me, he could even be...

For me its the Soldier and the Engineer. There the 2 classes I do best.

And I just got TF2 for the PC a few hours ago, woohoo!

I'm a Sniper (and not a bad one, if I do say so myself) which surprised me a bit. I do like the Demoman as well. The only classes I dislike playing are the Scout and the Spy.

Almost makes me wish I had played Team Fortress, but then I think of all the douchbags that play online shooters and I get over it.

Your avatar is beautiful. Had to be said.

OT: Nice comic. Also, you have good taste in offensive classes. The Medic is my favorite overall, and The Pyro is good class to play when I can't go Medic. Although, I still play other classes, just not as much as those two. Oh, but I do tend to have a thing with playing The Demoman on most of Dustbowl.

nuuu! dont kill Metro!

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