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The US isn't the only country looking to regulate video games. South Korea is moving to regulate the amount of time someone can spend playing a game after another kid died after a marathon gaming session. While I take a "let parents decide" approach on these issues, it's rather frightening to read about people dying after playing for 50 hours straight. I'm not quite sure if the legislative approach is the road to take--Someone addicted enough to play for 50 hours is going to overcome whatever government can do--but unfortunately, I have no better ideas.

Original Comment by: cibbuano
50 hours straight.... shee... gamers in China and Korea are taking addiction to an all-new level...

that's as bad as crystal meth!

Original Comment by: Logan71

Well... 50 hours... I guess they rather start checking the mental health of BOTH child and parents...

Original Comment by: Tom Rhodes (Escapist Contributor)

Not to be cruel or uncaring, but these are two people. This is hardly a crisis situation, I think. They would be worthy candidates for the Darwin Awards.

Even then, I think it's important to educate people, and say something that I think most reasonable people would know: Don't spend 50 hours playing a videogame without sleeping or eating. Seems, y'know, pretty simple to understand, doesn't it?


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