Review: Red Dead Redemption

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Review: Red Dead Redemption

The Western genre has been won.

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I just received my copy this morning and I am enjoying it immensely. The first Rockstar game that hasn't felt fantastically awkward and clumsy.

Thoroughly enjoying this game, and thought the review hit the nail on the head too.

Fantastic single-player. I've just arrived at Mexico...and don't have a SINGLE CRIME on my in-game crime stats menu. I'm as honorable as they come.

I hate the online, though.

Everyone just kills each other in free roam...and there's no "Friendly fire off" option. Even playing with friends, we accidentally pistol whip each other to death in close quarters fights against bandits.

And the actual multiplayer modes are...terrible.

Although, I do like how your character auto-runs in MP. I'm sick of holding A for pretty much the entire game to run...GTA IV did that, too. Pissed me off.

i got this last week and still haven't been able toi play it because the first time i put the disc in my damn 360 died. I can't even send it in to get fixed until Friday.

This review has not helped my situation.

I ordered a ps3 just so i could play this game:D can't wait!

Red Dead Redemption is an amazing game. The only problem was choosing between it and Alan Wake... RD:R won the day in that battle. There's so much to do it's not even funny. It's just an overly fun game that one could play for hours on end.

Also, when the review said 'Mount A Horse,' my mind went to a bad place. XD

Oh, a Rockstar game again. What, no cousin? Pre-ordered this yesterday. GTAs never managed to win me over. Westerns? Ooooooh yeah, I get to be a Marshall! God, I love that badge. Do you get to wear one?

Also, when the review said 'Mount A Horse,' my mind went to a bad place. XD

You dirty dirty person (Glad I'm not the only one)

Both the bad taste left by GTA4 and the fact I've never been a big fan of westerns means I'll save this for the Summer Lull when I will hopefullybe able to pick it up a bit cheaper.

I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for this to come out on PC.

I want it I want it I want it!

So the Editor-in-Chief got to review the coolest game to come out in a while... I guess its good to be king! The review was right on target. This is a great game.

My only real issue is that I get very annoyed with the main character.

It's not fun to play as a guy who gets ordered around 99% of the time. I had the same problem with GTA 4.

And practically all GTA games I've played.

Still, great fun.

I'm glad I went straight into free roam. I thought the controls were well worked out, although (A) could have been swapped with LB, so it was far easier to sprint and deliberately harder to draw your weapon as you would have to move your thumb off the stick and back again thereby making some dextrous players "quicker on the draw".

After spending a 'night' through to the break of dawn clearing a bandit hideout, I realised what this game reminded me of...


...only with guns and a far larger, multiplayer, environment.


Anyone who disputes this comparison on the basis that Red Dead Redemption doesn't have any magic in it hasn't seen the sunset.

Best game I've ever played and is now my #1 of all time......until the sequel that is. :D

Awesome, I feel like I've been waiting ages for this review. It's a definite buy for me now, though I'm still gonna try and complete my Big Boss Extreme playthrough of MGS4 first, will probably end up leaving FFXIII for a while, in favor of Red Dead. Looking forward to it!

The tutorial is only half-an-hour? Wow, big improvement over GTA4 already. Looking forward to playing this thing when it gets to PC.

I have completed main story, and it was epic throughout. Its just amazing! UI love everything from looks to the design, to the characters.

Real Golden Game!

The tutorial is only half-an-hour? Wow, big improvement over GTA4 already. Looking forward to playing this thing when it gets to PC.

I'm afraid it's more of an 'if' than a 'when' at the moment. I hope Rockstar will announce the game for PC, because quite frankly the controls would be far better on a keyboard, in addition to amping up the graphics even more...

But anyway, the review is spot on, but there is one very fun feature that was notably absent: Treasure Hunting! Come on, name one game where you get treasure maps that don't outright tell you where to look?
But yeah, definitely recommend this game. It pretty much takes all the good bits of GTA, removes the bad bits, adds a great story (and STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL terrain), and hogties your fucking cousin and leaves him on the train tracks (which you incidentally can do. quite fun...).

Better than GTA because you can actually kill the baddies without a fucking entire squadron of cops coming down on your ass. As long as you keep to killing bad guys at your own discretion, no one really gives a damn and that's what makes the game so much better than GTA. The game is amazing even if the story seems a little disjointed at times due to the way the quests are set up.

I have completed main story, and it was epic throughout. Its just amazing! UI love everything from looks to the design, to the characters.

Real Golden Game!

Were you disappointed with the ending? It seemed to be less grand than the rest of the game :/
Still a great game nonetheless, it has its flaws but still achieves greatness.

Grand theft horse? I like that, sounds catchy.

I lol'd at the GTAIV joke at the end of the video.

I personally have never liked GTA games (not a huge organized crime genera fan), I am however a hug western fan and when I heard Rockstar was doing a western "GTA" I had a feeling it was going to be awesome. I have had my copy for 4 days and have not been disappointed.

I played multiplayer mode for the first two days and honestly if that was all there was to the game it would have been enough for me, it is more like an MMO then a console game and that really tickles my fancy. My only complaint with the online mode is the d-bags that think it is wild wild west killzone. Spawn camping my avatar so I can't get away to clear out the gang hideout I was working on doesn't make you cool. *note to all you get more XP by doing missions then you do running around randomly killing NPCs and players. :(

Single player is quite excellent as well. In fact it is so well done that I (a gamer with a short attention span) may even play the game all the way through. The rancher missions are kind of annoying but that is a personal taste thing, I guess.

ALMOST head on review - you missed the "snow-tree" environment. You know - where all the grizzly bears are...

Though Rockstar can usually be trusted to deliever something playable, I'm surprised just how excellent this game is. They seem to have pretty much nailed gameplay mechanics I for one would've thought difficult to incorporate, like duels and the lasso (which is why I didn't preorder it and was on the fence with it even as the glorious reviews started coming out), and there's really no better setting for an open-world game than the endless prarie.

It's like the best parts of GTA4 (many aspects of the gameplay, quality story, engaging and diverse characters) and Oblivion (the incredible sense of freedom and adventure, the beautiful and varied environments) came together in an entirely different (and less commonly seen) setting, and I for one am pretty impressed. For a game that wasn't on my radar at all until a few days before it came out, it sure has proven a very nice surprise. GOTY material for sure.

I'll admit, I'm a fan of westerns, thoroughly enjoyed Gun and this seems like the same sort of game only it's a truly open world instead of a linear affair.

I just might have to check this one out.

Finnaly the escapist reviews red dead! :D
I got my copy the last friday and I love it, but why didn't you mention multiplayer?

I agree with statements about the opening. I really wanted to be able to stand up and shoot that old lady and the priest. The review is spot on. I've been wandering around completing challenges and random encounters, with only having done a handful of story missions. Anyone who hasn't played yet, I do recommend playing through the story until the "Wild Horses, Tamed Passion" mission, as that's when you get the lasso. And, no there is no other way to get it. Looking beyond it being a great Western game, I feel it's one of the best sandbox games. While Just Cause 2 is a ton of fun, there's so much more to do in Redemption. I feel that this is one sandbox I'll continue to play in even after I've accomplished everything.

bah will be at least two weeks before get chance to rent this. Been trying to get back in to Red Dead Revolver while waiting, but that game has not aged well.

It's a shame that when you point your gun at the back of someone's head, they will always notice you.

Also, the lawmen are just as psychic as they were in GTA IV - they will always find your hiding spot and will always zone in on your position.

The cover system has improved a little but there are still some areas of cover where part of your head remains exposed, which was a major issue in GTA IV.

To be honest, I'm a little underwhelmed with this game. I've been playing it for a few days now and the only real fun I've had with it was in Free Roam, shooting up gang hide-outs and what not
The single-player starts off promising enough, but it never seems to develop beyond the initial introduction. John Marsden never seems to change as a character, he's constantly going on about "finding and killing a guy in order to return to his family" like he's a broken record. And none of the other characters are any interesting either except for the McFarlane's and the Marshall and they don't seem to stick with you throughout the later part of the game.

Totally agree with your review. This game is top notch. I find myself playin poker and blackjack for at least an hour at a time. Then I remember theres still more game to play. Multiplayer is pretty fun too. Mostly stick organized matches instead of the free roam.

The "previous century" line in the article threw me off. I tend to think of the "Old West" more as 1870-1899.

I can see why they went with 1911 though, it's the first year of the .45 semi-automatic pistol. This is more of a "End of the west era" if you want to get technical.

I liked GTA: San Andreas so I might pick this up.

okay yeah I'm definitely wanting to try this game out

I bought this game on launch-day and am very happy I did. It was worth every penny.

I haven't had any problems with ganking yet in MP (for the most part people just clear out bandit hideouts), and have actually had several people - strangers - just come help out. I am on the PS3 though. So, I'm not sure if there is a demographic difference between Xbox and PS3.

Anyway, I've spent most of my time in single player so far and love it. I think one of the most fun times I had was killing a gang that tried to use a woman to ambush me. Then hog-tying the woman, and laying her on the train tracks and waiting for the train...

I picked this puppy up about a few days after it came out. My girlfriend is currently very pissed at me for spending more time in front of the t.v. then with her and I have had a bad habit of going to bed at sunrise. If that isn't a recommendation I don't know what is.

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