Question of the Day, May 27, 2010

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Question of the Day, May 27, 2010


The StarCraft 2 beta is nearing the end, which means the game will be open to the public soon. Will you be playing as the zerg, protoss or terran?


Wheres the answer for being outside?

I havent played Starcraft 2, i heard it was good. Terran sounds cool, lets go with that.

I'd play Protoss, if I was to play it at all. After all, that was my main race in SC1.

I've recently decided I'm no longer interested in SC2 though, so I won't be playing any of them.

Even though I don't play the game...
If I ever play StarCraft/StarCraft 2, I will play as a Terran.
It is in my blood, a part of who I am.



Eat mah 10-pools of death and destruction!

EDIT: Also, first zerg player? WHERE IS EVERYBODY!!!!

Good lord.
I've been looking forward to this for so long, but never actually looked anything up about it!

I just assumed that it'd be awesome.
And an RTS.

Hmm. I like RTS

I also like Bacon.

Speaking of Bacon, what came first, The Chicken or the Egg?

It was the Egg, if we use the theory of evolution.

I also like Charles Darwin. But he ate tortoises.

I like Tortoises. Especially Old George. I want to find him a female.

Then he'll be happy.

Sorry, I'm off topic.
Probably Teran as they sounds humanoid like, and that is awesome, if it lives up to my (Now pictured) expectations.

Go Terans!


Terran all the way. OO RAH

Protoss sounds like something you can eat.. Seeing as i am quite hungry, i will go with that!

I don't know! I've never played Starcraft, and the closest I've played is Dawn of War. In 1, I always went Spehss Marines, and in 2, I preferred Tyranids. That really doesn't narrow it down much.

I may not even get Starcraft 2, due to the volume of other games that I want.

I will not play Starcraft 2, as the RTS genre is not my thing. But if I did, I'd be Zerg.

Poll's broken, I voted Zerg and it said there was only one vote, and it was for Protoss.

Terrans. I like siege tanks ok, allot. And all the totally awesome mustaches.

Protoss. Time to cook up some 'ling steaks *summons colossi*


Terran. It's what I've been playing in the beta and it's awesome. Plus: Helicopters that transform into mechas :D

Terran. It's what I've been playing in the beta and it's awesome. Plus: Helicopters that transform into mechas :D

Wait, aren't Vikings just VTO/Ls?

I'm trying to play Zerg, but I think I'm doing it wrong.

I might switch to Protoss, but Terran doesn't interest me at all. If it ends up that's the style I play though I may have to learn.

I need to construct additional pylons... badly.

Protoss all the way, despite the fact I try not to play this game... because I'm so terrible at it...

I mained Terran in the beta on my way from copper to platinum 1v1 to my disappointment, since they have been consistently weaker than the other races (if your opponents knew how to play obviously, which means colossi/psi storms on one end and roach/hydra/infestor on the other), until I got tired of losing to 25 APM platinum players who just spam hatcheries and fungal growth. Now the only person I see who can sort of make Terran work is TLO, who can go for some sort of crazy triple-tech infantry+mech+air+the kitchen sink+your mom builds and manages to make them work due to his impeccable micro and harassment skills. I am not TLO. So I might try Zerg next time.

I don't like restricting myself to one group, but I'm a fairly casual player. If I had to choose one I'd choose Protoss I guess because I'm best with them.

Terran. Ma Viking Rush Pwns all Zerg Rushes!

Calumon: And My BattleCruiser Rush owns everything!

I had most success with Terrans in SC1, so I reckon I'll stick with them. I couldn't get the hang of the Zerg, and although I had limited victories with the Protoss they were always very laboured. Just different styles of play, I suppose.




I won't be playing StarCraft II. Probably.

Protoss man myself...Carriers! Oh yeah!

Protoss man myself...Carriers! Oh yeah!


But I prefer to go War of the Worlds on Terran players...

Not being much of a multiplayer gamer, I'll have to stick with the terran for now...
Still, I can't wait for Legacy of the Void
Then, there'll be some serious additional pylons under construction

Zerg if I was able to buy the game. But I have sworn off buying anything that comes with an activision label until they quit being dillweeds. Which really sucks cause I love starcraft and diablo.

You should add in the option "Random".

Terrans all the way, I mean, tanks, huge cyborg like things, nukes... and nukes!!!!
"Nuclear launch detected" how can you say no that.

Zerg rushes provide the best entertainment value for me, so Zerg's plus It's so fun to destroy a Protoss player with a well executed Zerg Rush.



Can't there be an option for "Random"?

That's what I've been playing as in the beta, and will likely continue to do so. It's more fun mastering all 3 of the races, so I don't have a particular favourite. I like them all.

Zerg if I was able to buy the game. But I have sworn off buying anything that comes with an activision label until they quit being dillweeds. Which really sucks cause I love starcraft and diablo.

Blizzard still develops separately from Activision. I don't understand why you have to boycott the good work of Blizzard. Everyone keeps going crazy over Blizzard's decisions but the likely truth is, that was their own choice. Activision probably had little say in it. Most of the time, these are just knee jerk reactions though. (Ex. $60 USD price tag on SC2, people blame Activision, even though Diablo 2 and Warcraft 3 were priced the same when they first came out...and those were released long before the merger).

I haven't played Starcraft, but I'm definitely interested in Starcraft 2. From what I heard, zerg sound quite fun, but they all look good.

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