Escape to the Movies: Prince of Persia

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Not loving the flowplayer watermark. Do I have to be a premium user or something to get rid of it? It's really annoting, it blocks out a quater of the screen. If it's like that for ZP I'll be pissed as it will make it almost unwatchable with the white drawings on the yellow background and all.

Oh yeah, the review. The trailers made it look a lot like a Disney Chronicles of Narnia movie where everything is too clean.

Also, I don't care what anyone says, I liked Mortal Kombat and the first Resident Evil movie. But none of the others :p

I agree with you on Resident Evil, I still think it's really good.

Another one that's not fantastic but really funny is Postal. Definitely not the finest piece of movie, but still pretty solid and hilarious as hell.

I can explain the whole "British" accent type of thing. When Arabs/Persians who're accustomed to speaking their native language speak English, it sounds remotely like a British accent. But Hollywood seems to only know how to replicate that accent best by speaking in British-ish accent outright, which is understandable. They could've just put Iranian/Middle Eastern actors though... but yeah.

That and how people in the middle east, asia, and africa are taught english by english people. Which means if they ever reach "fluent" levels, they'll have a unquestionably British/English accent.

ok well if its a rainy day i guess i will pick up tickets then
also the british accent thing is kinda true tbh although its never a real british accent its an american british accent which is worse.

Good. After seeing Ebert's review, I was afraid this would be universally bad, like most of the other non-animated video game flicks out there.

Might still wait to rent it, though. I like the game, I like Jake, but I don't know if it's worth the better part of $20 American.

So it doesn't suck? Well that's nice to know, I might go see when I have a free minute.

And agreed, it would've been nice to see some middle-eastern actors in the main roles, but I doubt it'll be too distracting. It's not exactly a character-orientated flim.

I'am so glad I stopped watching lost after the first season.

For the last few weeks most of your reviews made me go WTF, Bob. It's baffling, I can't seem to stop disagreeing with you on the movies I actually went to see... I disliked Iron Man 2 for a number of reasons, I enjoyed Robin Hood (although I admit that it was a BIG surprise for me) and I thought Prince of Persia was pretty bad (even though the badness made me laugh quite often with the sheer hilarity of it, so I guess I kinda enjoyed myself here, too).

And since you won't stop shoving the "first good game movie" thing in our faces... it all comes down to personal taste, of course, but I think the Silent Hill movie would like a word and a subsequent punch-up with you.

at least they finally did something right.

What aboot the Megaman movie? You didn't enjoy that? (Even with the awful CG at the end, it's a fanfilm so cut it slack for that)
Also; I think you missed the point of the Lost finale. We got to see Jack die. Something everyone wanted for 6 seasons.

Still not going to see it, but good to hear that it's at least half way decent.

By the way, this is not the first good videogame movie. That goes to Silent Hill.

And, I never have even seen Lost before, but to hear that it ends with a big group hug and a moral about friendship sounds like a complete cop out or Téa from Yu Gi Oh abridged rewrote the script :P

Heh, HEEEEEERRRRRRREEEEEEE it comes. Someone should just start a thread (or maybe there is one already) about the ending of Lost. Not that you're asking for it, but here is my two cents.

1. If you didn't watch the show, please browse the following link: . I mean, do you want a cookie? That's like saying, oh shit, I didn't watch Gilmore Girls, but I heard the ending sucked, so I'm going to believe whatever I hear and argue for that point. Ok, so Lost wasn't for you - maybe you didn't get it. Fine, but no one cares to hear you argue some point that you heard from other people.

2. . Everyone knows it is impossible to please everyone. You either liked the ending and took it for what it was worth, or you hated the ending and wanted it to be what you thought it should be. Sure, maybe it wasn't as strong of an ending as one might have hoped, but it wasn't your story to end. The writers had a vision, a storyline in mind, and they went with it. Their message might not have been the one you wanted to hear, but you have to applaud them on their creativity and storytelling to the end.

Well, I'm enough of a fan to go see the midnight premiere and I do have to say I did look to my friend saying now we need a vendor that is really short with a big turban. "It will not break!" smacks it against the table, "it broke." but the ending wasn't that much of a disappointment. No its not going to be a pirates movie, never expected it to be. (Well sort of, same director. The ending didn't give a sense of a sequel, (call it a hunch >> ), but fans know that the game ended roughly the same way. I was expecting his speech at the beginning and end and Farah's- err Tamina's safe word. Course she's useless in the movie but yea it was good. It was a very nice adaptation.

So, what about Jordan Mechner?

Lost ended?
Yeah right....
Soon you'll probably see some lame commercial where every one is back on the island again (again).
I never watched Lost but I do hate series or movies that have a cop-out ending.

That's exactly what I thought when I first heard "SERIES FINALE!!! ZOMG". Gee, didn't I hear that like... 3 years ago?

Glad the movie looks good. I'll check it out. I only played parts 1 and 3 of the SoT trilogy, but I loved those games.

The first movie based on a video game I really liked was Doom. Now I have a chance to see another good movie based on Prince of Persia Sands of Time and Mega64 Version 3 is available to purchase today. I'm gonna have a great weekend.

i c what u did there...but thanks least i know its good...

Fuck, this review is about prince of persia, why is lost crammed into it? I have to wait until sunday to watch the final chapters of lost cause of my crappy third world cable channels, and now i can't watch this either. I was waiting the whole morning for this...

Well, it's 'good' I guess.

Am I the only one who think this summer's movie line up look terrible? :(

Now that Iron Man 2 came out... it's all 'meh' stuff.

Oh the lineup for the rest of the summer looks awful. The only movies I'm looking forward to are Predators (cause its gonna be hilariously bad) and The Last Airbender (cause it could be good, maybe).



Why are so many Hollywood movies criticizing the war in Iraq now? It might have done some good six or seven years ago.

I think people are digging to hard too find war allegories in stuff... Avatar was pretty blatant about it but I think this is a reach. If you really try you can make anything into an allegory for anything.

Watch: In How to Train Your Dragon, the dragon represents slavery since he is black in color and bound to the white male main character and can no longer accomplish anything without the superior abilities of his white keeper. He is also chained up and forced to do labor for the rest of the whites when he leads them to the dragon nest. I just came up with that on the spot.

Stop reading so much in to everything, it isn't really there.

I don't remember who did it, but I remember someone saying that the only movies that have a chance of being really decent videogame movies were movies based on videogames that, at the same time, were inspired by movie genres... That way, the movie could be decent on that genre, and just slightly refer the videogame.

Think about the examples some people are giving. Mortal Kombat is a mashup chinese martial arts movie, resident evil is a mashup zombies movie, Tomb Raider is a mashup Indiana Jones-like adventure movies. Mario Bros and BloodRayne, on the other hand...

If I remember correctly, it was a year ago when Bob reviewed Up, marking the official debut of ETTM here on The Escapist. So to that, I say Happy Anniversary! Here's to another great year, Bob.

Alright then, I might just give this movie a shot then since it doesn't seem too bad now.

I would believe you more moviebob that it is good if you actually spent some time saying what it is good about it. Was the action good? Was the acting good? The cinematography? The chemestry? You really don't say WHY it is good, spending most of this review talking about how Anticlimatic or ranting on about the "Whiteboarding," or how bad;y then ended Lost. I know you have only five minutes, but do you actually have to cut down on the review for the off topic rants?

from what i've seen no cares or knows it was based on a video game though i want to know what yahste thinks
ot: yeah i dont know how to spell yahste

While I can understand the complaints about "whitewashing", I just want to direct people to listen and watch any cutscene from Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. You'll notice that Jake G. sounds and looks almost exactly like the Prince in the game, British accent included. So while he's not exactly Middle Eastern, he is almost a perfect stand in for the video game character, ans since this is a video game based movie, that should be the important thing...right?

Now i want to see it even more, and as for the "whitewashing" comments i got to say i think they picked the actors quite well, i mean Jake acctually does kinda look like the prince with the long hair and wearing the costume.

Oooh, nice to see a good review for this. I don't mind the "whitewashing", neither in this or in The Last Airbender. They're both fantasy fiction, not documentaries. And I don't want to watch an American summer blockbuster with authentic Persian actors speaking in Old Persian. If it was made all gritty like Apocalypto, then by all means, an interesting experiment. However, PoP traces its influences to pulp-adventure literature and "the Arabian-Nights-type of film", with the odd piece of Middle-Eastern mythology. And it has time travel, so all notions that it must be "consistent" now make no sense.

Yay!!! A good Game Movie, or just an all around good movie that's fun to watch. Can you really ask for much more? Either I'm happy and will be seeing it tonight or tomorrow morning.

Also the whole the "whitewashing" thing, how come the people who complain about it the most (loudest) seem to sound more racist the what their complaining about? I don't mean MovieBob, I mean the European descent guy I have to listen to at work so he can appear open minded or culturally enlighten? Is it me? Am I just not seeing/getting it?

Hey, where is your avatar from? I got a childhood flashback when I saw it, but I can't pinpoint why.

Well I recall noticing the flag mix-up but as an English guy, I tend to see that a lot so I really wasn't offended at all~ Hell Bob's made that mistake before with Africa, and I was just as surprised as he was.

I guess in some ways since Prince of Persia's narrative in the games FEELS like a throwback to the old middle-eastern fantasy epics, one could expect a movie adaption to be just that. It would be the same as the Resident Evil movies, sure they feel like cheesey Romero-esque zombie flicks, but that's because the original games they were based on were made to mimic that feel.

Oh and, as an added note, I totally called that Lost would abandon all interesting questions and cop out. I'm not proud of it, but nothing that lasts so long ever ends well.

I still don't see how Silent Hill was a 'bad' movie. Besides it being a little lengthy and the plot being a little iffy, they made it actually look and feel like the game it was based on. I thought it was a great movie with a great cast. Though my love may just stem from me loving the games, but still, I think I only finished the first Silent Hill once and only ever tried Silent Hill 2 after that. (for anyone saying the plot was hard to follow in the movie, try playing the game and trying to understand)

If anything, there's your first movie that was well adapted, considering the game already had it's faults, why not just adapt those faults into the movie too :)

By the way, this is not the first good videogame movie. That goes to Silent Hill.

Yep, and I'm not going to go see PoP either, never liked the games

it must be a good movie if the only thing they can pick on is the actors' skin color :D

So wait, they made a good movie out of a game which drew it's narrative from the same source as older movies?

I wasn't impressed by the concept, only because POP:SOT was already a really cinematic, story and character driven game. Honestly, take out the repetitive battles, exploration, and having to redo particularly difficult rooms, you've already got like, 4 hours worth of game at most, so really it's not asking too much of Hollywood to try and make that leap.

I look at Prince of Persia as a sort of necessary step into "what sort of games to make film out of". I mean, why would you make a film out of a book when there is so much more room for plot and character development in the novel? At best it can be looked at as a really expensive two-hour commercial for the games.

Unfortunately most of the games chosen have all been the wrong choices. With the exception of Silent Hill, which I've only seen about the ending half-hour or forty-five minutes of (I was loving it until BARBED WIRE AAAUUUGGGHHH DISGUSTING!), this is one of the first games that actually had a plot to begin with. Resident Evil technically did as well, but the real story was in all of the extra documents discovered in the facilities rather than the events of Jill and Chris. Converting that into a cinematic form would be a much more difficult task (and, as can be expected, was too much for little ol' Paul Anderson, whose only real worth as a director is some decent combat cinematography sort of).

Prince of Persia was a franchise that you could take all the necessary story elements in them and easily translate them for a movie-going audience. I think one of the big issues a lot of gamers have is wanting the adaptation to be for them, but just look at how skeptical people in this thread are being.

To me, Jordan Mechner working with Jerry Bruckheimer was perfect. Bruckheimer can make fun films out of the dumbest concepts (National Treasure) and Jordan Mechner would include all the elements essential to the Prince of Persia experience. Y'know, what with being the creator and all.

No, it's not going to be high-art, but in order to accomplish that you'd need something that can be recognizable as art to begin with. There aren't many games out there that can be translated on the level of, say, Fight Club. So until gamers finally grow up and accept deeper experiences mixed in with their gameplay then I say Prince of Persia is the perfect film to say "Hey, Hollywood, this is how to do a game-based film right".

As such, they get my dollar (plus, it's Bruckheimer. It's going to be fun no matter how stupid or generic it gets).

I wonder if M. Night Shyamalan is going to demand you apologize for possibly butchering his name. Seriously, I don't get why he had to apologize about the whole British/English flag thing.

The "whitewashing" of this movie is also stupid and really only goes one way (I don't believe there is a term for black or asian "washing". You'll see what I mean below.). Should they have gotten a stereotypical Persian for the sake of him being a stereotypical Persian? Would the complaints that he is a (possibly) terrible actor then have flooded the forums? Would comments like, "It was a good movie, but the lead actor should have been someone that can carry a movie better", start appearing everywhere?

Also, if I remember right, The Karate Kid didn't take place in China, didn't have Chinese kids picking on the protagonist, and the protagonist wasn't black. No complaints there? Probably because, I have to admit, it looks like the move will be good regardless, even if they swapped some stuff around and didn't stick 100% to the source material. Which is all that matters.

So you didn't like the ending to Lost, eh?

Fuck, this review is about prince of persia, why is lost crammed into it? I have to wait until sunday to watch the final chapters of lost cause of my crappy third world cable channels, and now i can't watch this either. I was waiting the whole morning for this...

I really am sorry about that. For what it's worth, if you stop the player at about 4:30 you can get basically everything about the movie without having to hear the "Lost" jokes ;)

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