Unskippable: Nier

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In a snow-ridden city, a blonde guy unleashes a book monster.

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I like the contrast between the overly aggressive beginning following a rather lax cutscene. Also, it's cool to see ZP do a review then Unskippable shows us how the game starts. Good video, guys!

His hair doesn't look Blonde his hair look more like Silver/white kinda like Sephiroth or kadaj's gang from Advent children

Atleast provide some content as to WHY that voice is so pissed. That book seemed pretty strait forward to me. You touch it and start kicking ass . Great episode; glad they didn't go for the easy title pun (on purpose). Wish the people who made these cut-scenes held themselves to such high standards :P

I didn't think this could top last weeks episode, but I'm glad to be proven wrong.

"Dead but Delicious"


Holy cow did you hear that opening? What was up with those strings of yells and swears?

Odd cinematic is odd.

Holy cow did you hear that opening? What was up with those strings of yells and swears?

Gender Confusion

I was hoping for Red Dead or Alan Wake, but this was really funny. My favorite line "5 workers were pronounced dead, but they were delicious."

That first part really had me laughing.

*String of cussing at the beginning*


Ahaha, that made me laugh the most.

So is 2049 the new 1999 for purposes of setting things slightly in the future?

"I will love him and feed him and call him george"


If there was less cursing in it maybe schools would look into it...

I want the edition of Hamlet that will book-punch my enemies!

That was the most hilariously random intro I've ever heard, especially because it had no tangible bearing on anything that followed.

Also: "Dead but delicious" and "Read Hamlet! It will book-punch your enemies!" are now up there with "And yet...The armadillo" with the best Unskippable quotes of all time.

Haha, it can never go wrong whit Graham and Paul!

No wonder Little Miss Profanity was so het-up about the book. Obviously she was illiterate and had somebody she wanted to book-punch.

So is 2049 the new 1999 for purposes of setting things slightly in the future?

Well, we can't use 200X anymore.

Now I'm really, really craving frosting. ...wait, I've got some in the fridge! Yay!

I loved it, especially the icing sugar factory explosion. "Dead... but delicious".

Funny trhey do Nier! I started playing it earlier in the week, looking at it could see how easilly they could do an unskippable...and lo and behold!


Anybody else thinks that we walked in onto the production credits after a bad night?

My pipe, my pipe, MY PIPE!

I loved it.

The opening intro was pretty funny. I really liked this episode. Both guys seemed to be on their A-game.

I think the developers were drunk when they made this game. Great review guys.

There should be more games about books punching things.

"Shakespeare Presents: You Got Knocked the Fuck Out by My Book"

All I could hear was Hesh from Sealab:2021 saying "Dude, where'd you get that friggin SWEET pipe?"

What was up with that lady? Why was she so pissed?
Anyway, "...'cause knowledge is power!" was awesome.
I also loved the reference to the Abominable Snowman from that Bugs Bunny cartoon.

Don't mess with Nier's daughter or you'll have to answer to his pipe.

One of the best ones yet. The beginning half had me in stitches.

Is it just me? Or does Nier sound a lot like Chad from the english dub of "Bleach"?

"I will love him and feed him and call him George"

I laughed for ages! amazing video guys =P

lol now I actually kinda wanna play the game...

"The apocalypse was caused by too much reading."
"Oh yeah, I read that. [beat] Wait."

I found this line funnier before the beat, had me laughing. Then the "Wait" went and ruined it. Not that it is not a funny line any more, but it just struck me the right way without the explanation.

I don't know, that was kind of... weak. I guess it's hard to make a good video in a cutscene where interesting stuff happens,
SPOILER ALERT the appocalypse was caused by too much reading in this game.

Nierly as great as always :)

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