Stolen Pixels #199: Breen Fortress, Part 5

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At least the Gun Gun doesn't shoot out anime guns. A lot of those double as swords and are pointy.

Shamus Young:
Will there be a truce?

Pfft, who cares about a truce? Will there be a collector's edition to the Gun Gun?

This rocks so hard.

Now I have the urge to one up The Gun Gun. How about a tank, made out of bombs, that shoots guns, made out of ballistae, that shoot twinkies with grenades in them that send off depleted uranium when they explode?

i am OFF!!!

to make a gun gun

I've made a gun gun in Garrys mod before.

Get a large can of sorts, put a prop spawner in the middle, put some explosives at the back, and presto you've got a gun gun. Just hold down the explode button and the prop spawner.

Your dp is hilarious might I just say

Also, I want a gun gun gun

NO! Don't shoot heavy, throw him a sandvich that will make him happy.

What if i got a bunch of those ut them in a bunch of cannons and put those in an even larger cannon and put a lot of those in some orbital precision cannons and then put them all in a death star?

When fanfiction is done well, we can deal with it.

A gun that shoots CS:S weapons. Fantastic!

I hope one of them grabs the P90. Yes, I watched Stargate a lot.
...or one of them grabs a CS:S UMP and find it's totally useless.

Shamus Young:
Stolen Pixels #199: Breen Fortress, Part 5

Will there be a truce?

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Can I just say I love you? =P

No, well how about thank you for an excellent and funny series, I really want a Gun Gun now, you got a copyright on it?

Formica Archonis:


phffff, you gun gun is no match for my gun gun gun

But can it best my Gun Gun Cannon?

Or my Gun Cannon Gun BFG Gun Rocket-Launcher Gun Gun BIG-GUN Gun Gun Spam Eggs Gun?


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