Zero Punctuation: Alan Wake

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Alan Wake

This week, Zero Punctuation reviews Alan Wake.

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Good finally, after some mild reviews. Nice point with his wife and the forest part.

Well this was a fun review.

And I doubt it will get as much hate as the last one.

very funny yatzee! loved it

Captain Scarlet!

Cor,I remember that.

Well,ok,vaguely but still,it remains a fond memory.

Nuts. I saw a play through online and it didn't look so bad. But if the plot and pacing is half as bad as he says it is then I won't bother.

I wanted to play this game for a while, now suddenly I don't.
Good review as always.

Pretty funny review. I personally liked the game, but what the hell, it's comedy. And many of the points he made I could relate to.

Loved the stephen king part, keep up the good work

Ehh, I loved Alan Wake. Oh well.

Entertaining as always, Yahtzee.

meh decent review, some funny good parts.

It was not as fun as I hoped it was. He spent most of his time talking about how he gets stuck in the forest all the time.

How does it come Yahtzee never reviews grand strategy games like Hearts of Iron 3? That would be pretty awesome.

Great video and hilarious as usual, don't think I'd ever want that clown at the end to start running around my house.

Fun review Yahtzee, still not decided if i'm going to get this game or not.

I'm glad I wasn't the only one to notice how creepy the wife's face is in that game. >.>

Aside from that I thought it was a good action/thriller game. It wasn't really scary to me but I liked the light being as a weapon against the enemies. I think you hit the basics about this game Yahtzee, so good critique. :)

I knew I didn't need this game when I read some critic on the internet complaining that games with groundbreaking story telling like Alan Wake were probably not going to sell. Gee mister, I didn't know shooting people followed by pre rendered cut scenes had never been done before. What a work of uncommon genius.

Here's yet another game that causes me to reconsider buying RE4 again for the Wii. That was a good game, wasn't it? Pretty much nailed this formula the first time.

Hahaha, the dog shitting was really good.

When can we finally have a thriller where you can't really kill your oponents, or atleast maybe only temporarily hurt them? The flash/2 shot combo probably removes most tension, I don't see that working too well.

Captain Scarlet!

Cor,I remember that.

Well,ok,vaguely but still,it remains a fond memory.

"This is the voice of the Mysterons ... we approve of this reference!"

The Stephen King parts had me in stitches.

Wow, the combat mechanics sound like horeshit, i'll have to buy this game to see how piss poor they were.

Not a good review this week, IMHO. I didn't even chuckle.

Come on Yahtzee! Find a game that you can really take the piss out of for our viewing pleasure!

Very funny review. I personally liked Alan Wake, but I agree with a lot of the problems that Yahtzee pointed out. For me, the FBI guy yelling various author's names was one of most annoying things. But I do wonder what difficulty he was playing on. Oh well, entertaining at least.

I laughed sooooooooooooooooooo hard.

I really liked this game and It was nice to see a second opinion, but you didn't bitch about the worst part: the fucking vehicle sections and jumping controls!

I could take the samey and dragging combat, the annoying narration, and the awful lip synching (sp, because I can't sp for, but those AWFUL driving controls made me dent the wall with my controller in the last chapter, and the jumping was just retarded looking and lurched akwardly.

I really did like the story and the combat, even when it got repetitive and cluster-fucky, and the lighting engine was well done. So... I respectfully disagree. Still a bitchin' review.

I love the part with the bear "gentle ben"

Loved the part about Stepen King.

Some of the product placement in the game though I found annoying.

I was wondering how Yahtzee was going to view this game. Sounds like the difficulty is dialed down for the mass-audience. Maybe I'll wait for it to drop to the 30 dollar range before buying it.

I am surprised Yahtzee didn't mention Silent Hill once during this review. Same kind of foggy atmosphere, same kind of, "stuck in town by self" plot, same bad combat, isn't Alan Wake even made by some of the same people as Silent Hill?

Well I'll be sure to get my friend to watch this before he opens his special edition version.

Slightly OT: Has anyone noticed that the site lags phenomenally when a new ZP goes up? Are there really that many people who stalk the site to watch the video precisely when it's posted? I'd like to see the numbers on the video's traffic for the first hour someday.

Wow, this makes me interested to see the game in that weird "ooohh-gory-car-crash-but-I-can't-help-but-look" sorta way. I mean, atmosphere goes a long way for me, and maybe the fact that Yahtzee came as close to 'glowing praise' about that facet of the game than I've seen him do with any game in quite a while will mean that it'll save the game for me.

One of the funniest in ages - I agree on quite a few points too (although not as strongly), and I did like the game a lot.

The forest was used far too much though. It's virtually the only place you visit solidly for the first 3 chapters.

I played a demo of the game, and from that I didn't want to buy it. Good to see that I didn't waste my money

OMG OMG OMG! YOU DIDN'T AGREE WITH MY OPINION SO YOU MUST BE WRONG SO I'M GOING TO SPAM YOUR INBOX UNTIL YOU ADMIT THE GAME IS AMAZING AND PERFECT AND GREAT AND *slapped very hard in the face* sorry about that. I liked the game but I undersatnd Yahtzee's complaints.

The part with the bear had me cracking up hard. "Gentle Ben", hahahaha...

Not really that good IMO.

Possibly because I really really want to play this game but M$ says no to us PC pricks.

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