Zero Punctuation: Red Dead Redemption

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Red Dead Redemption

This week, Zero Punctuation reviews Red Dead Redemption.

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What the hell? Every time I click play it plays as if there is two of them?! Only one image, but two overriding sounds?

Edit: Okay, I got it fixed.

I haven't experienced many glitches at all, and I'm excited that I'll get to sail later on (if I ever get there, I'm stuck on an unbeatable shoot out on what appears to be the last mission in Mexico against the general). Not an overly funny one, made me chuckle/smile a couple o' times though.

Yay!!!!! he's gonna hate it.

Well then great job on just rushing to post just to be first.

Great review haha @ the ripping of all gta's. Managing to actually pick out bad points of an overall solid game.

Mountain Lion ftw!

What the hell? Every time I click play it plays as if there is two of them?! Only one image, but two overriding sounds?

Perhaps one of the ads are going freaky on you?

What the hell? Every time I click play it plays as if there is two of them?! Only one image, but two overriding sounds?

Please use the "Help" button on the bottom right corner of the video player.

Excellent video as always.
Loved the wall jibe at the end.

Dem mountain lions ,man...

Damn those cute mountain lions

I always feel bad when i kill a animal in this game and then skin it

Rocket skates! WOOO!!

I just about pissed my pants with that mountain-humping comment. :D

i had the same problem with mountain lions as well, i think they have cloaking devices or something.

RDR was pretty badly written IMO, like those riding conversations

John: That's despicable.
everyfuckingone: That's funny coming from a KILLER/BANDIT/RAPIST/FARMER

Every god damn conversation in the first section.

Kind of figured it was overhyped.

good stuff as always

yea i have played this game too they really need to get rid of all the glitches and bugs its terrible

Hm, he spent the overwhelming majority of the review hating on the game, and then at the end we hear the words "beautifully written and beautifully atmospheric" - have to say, didn't see that coming. Regardless, it really seems like this game is worth checking out.

that was great im intrested in getting RDR now.

wow 19th I've only just finished the video. Teach me to wait and watch the whole thing first. All that stuff about glitches is right on. HOW I HATE THOSE PUMAS! It's a good thing they do put in auto lock though because it's really easy to lose the target indicator in all that dust. The horse IS as dumb as paste: he knocked me over while I was sniping, fell off a cliff trying to turn around, fell off a cliff trying to get to me when I whistled, blocked my shoot and got me killed, wondering off. But at least mine never got stuck in a wall. surprised he didn't mention the lack of a health meter considering there is a meter for everything else .

There we go, less bile more jokes, the kind of ZP I like.

He shouldn't bitch about travel time in a game that offers free instant travel.

"Loves the great taste of horse" HA!
Forgot thats its been a while since the last cowboy game.

god i love this place

He had a point regarding the mountain lions (or Cougars) there is nothing more annoying than getting blind-sided by one then killing it, only for 5 more to show up.

I am really looking forward to getting my hands on this game. I'm only renting for consoles right now and currently am wandering through Heavy rain. may have to shift this one up the list for a quick Shufty (anyone non-english do not ask what a shufty is you wont understand)

He shouldn't bitch about travel time in a game that offers free instant travel.

true but insta travel breaks immersion which is the best part of a good sandbox game

That was a really good review surprised no referance to donkey woman.

However i liked the mega shark vs giant octpus.

I might have got Green Spleen Submarine if they hadn't just brought it out for the consoles. Maybe bringing it out for the PC would actually solve the problem Yahtzee mentioned of VERY bad controls, and the one about sprinting.

Rockstar REALLY dropped the ball there. I guess it was because they didn't seem to involve the AWESOME people at Rockstar North.

Take this review, combine it with one of those others that just mindlessly shower the game with praise and you've got a pretty fair idea of the game. What really gets me is that this game, as great as most of it is, is just a reskinned version of every other GTA. The game mechanics are decidedly last generation and it's just wrapped in pretty graphics. I think everyone just shit themselves because there's finally a wester worth playing.

By the way, I'm glad Yahtzee got a truly funny review out again. The last three have been a bit ho-hum after the bar he's set previously.


lol i loved this game but this was so funny

Hey I also liked the sailing in Zelda wind waker!

Good laugh. I'll probably still pick it up, but maybe I'll wait for it a bit, you know? I sure hope you don't move as slowly as you do in GTAIV, that'd be a piss off.

Great review. Probably won't get the game.

I still have no idea if I actually want it, but good video

Ah, I remember that... you'd be busy picking red sage in order to become the Wild West's most grizzled botanist and suddenly you'd find yourself used as a mountain lion's chew toy. Just goes to show what I always say: Cats are annoying as fuck, no matter the size.

Good to see he's being fair to the game, although I'm not quite sure I agree on the physics issues; the rest is spot on.

Funny review as always but complaining about the snapshot aim is pointless because you can turn that off...and yes...those fucking Mountain Lions are so annoying...not as annoying as the hunting mission where you have to kill a Grizzly Bear with just the melee knife though...god that took me ages.

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