Shamus Plays: LOTRO, Part 21

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Had me going with the herbalist for a minute. That was great!

Somehow I am not unhappy I never played that game...

You're really going at it. I've got this whole story saved as a 240 page document.


"And that's another thing!" he says raising his voice> "I'm trying to get some work done here, so please stop eating the soap-cakes and drinking all my joint tonic!"

Hilarious stuff. Something tells me Lulzy is going to have a lot of the... runs. Runs to Chetwood, I mean. At least her joints ought to be nice and limber!

The Soap Cakes gag was pure gold! Might help if he bothered to label any of his ingredients, but considering the make up of the town in general, he's probably not that bright.

I wonder if Turbine notices these logic failures. Why would you need to poison dogs if you can stab bears and wolves to death?

Quest design in MMOs is a black art based on some conflicting issues:

1) Players like to quest alone so they can follow the story at their own pace.
2) Multiple characters may be trying to do the same quest at the same time.

So, let's say the quest is instead "stab all the dogs".

Character One shows up and stabs all the dogs.
Character Two shows up, all the dogs are dead. Since it would be unsatisfying to have the game give credit to the second character, generally he or she has to wait for the dogs to respawn.

The rate of respawning is also an issue here; too fast and it may not be possible for a character to kill all the dogs, too slow and you have players waiting in line for their turn.

Thus, the quest is structured so that both players can do it independently at the same time without getting in each other's way. Instancing is also a solution for this, but MMO developers try not to overuse instancing for solo questing as it breaks the "shared world" concept.

Many story elements that seem nonsensical are imposed by the nature of MMO gameplay; the early MMOs often had players waiting in line to kill a specific target (and getting disgruntled in the process), and MMO designers now design to avoid that.

Sorry for imposing the serious discussion here, but I think that there are some quest elements that Turbine writers would like to write in a more logical way but are constrained by the nature of the game. Admittedly, it's easy to be less charitable about some of them ("You're out of honey? Really?"), which is where what Shamus is doing is so funny.

Rumor has it this game is going F2P so I'll be you're friend, we can break every charter in the Geneva Convention, perform acts of genocide on a regular basis, and (eventually) look fabulous in matching (only color wise) outfits.

If by rumor, you mean it's posted on the LOTRO site, sure. :)

Note to Shamus:

You can right-click on any chair in LotRO and have your character sit down in it. They might even pull out a pipe and smoke (something), too.

Funny stuff!

I'm goin' back to Chetwood, Chetwood, Chetwood...
hmm, I don't think so.

the little exchange where she drinks the "tea" and eats the "biscuits" is just too funny xD

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