Paused #3

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Paused #3

The ghost stories told by videogames are...terrifying...

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Oh no, not circles!

Haha, that was pure genius, well done Mr Best, bravo.

Haha, I like these comics, keep up the funny work. :)

ROFL, omg, that was genius! XD

Ha ha that was brilliant!


Damn you beat me to it.
O.T. Brilliant comic, can't wait for the next one.

Hahaha, brilliant :')

This one is the best yet :D Genius

Don't worry, if you have an infinite number of circles it isn't so scary. Just place smaller circles in the spaces the larger circles leave out. Rinse and repeat until you have circles that are infinitely small, and you might be able to fill out a line or two.

I love this web comic. Shamus has competition!

Circles... The tetris players worst nightmare...

LOL! Hilarious! Poor, poor Squares!

Or are they?
No, probably not, hackers would've stumbled upon the coding by now.
I think...

Right then, funny Comic and good job.
Keep them up and all, and don't you dare waste that line.

Highly amusing, yet very perplexing. Just imagine; There you are, waiting panic-stricken for a saving square to drop, when suddenly...a circle. How dumbed would I be.

I want more of these, now.

N'yo my god...

The circles... THEY'RE EVERYWHERE!


I was wondering who'd be first to post hell.

Good comic.

Now THAT's funny. Thanks for the laugh.

I laughed hard, so simple but good :)

Ha, that was great.

I like this comic (and the premise of it is genius) ... I look forward to this after Stolen Pixels

Hah! Laughed out loud.

Good one. A short joke that is also funny must be well-thought.

That was great. I've always wondered what they do when I have to pause them for a bit....

Now I know its horror stories in tetris. Those dark disturbing blocks.....


Ones and zeroes everywhere! And I think I saw a two...

Good one.

Hahahahaha... ohh, circles, will the blocks ever give you love?

Excellent job. I'm starting to like this series of comics the most, I think.

I lol'd. Really. Good job :)

Haha, that was pure brilliance. I love these Sunday funnies. Top work from the escapist and the individual comic producers.

Heh. Very good.

lol, That was amazingz.

Hehehe! That was brilliant!

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