Paused #3

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That was utterly brilliant! The fact a full moon is also circular made me laugh!

God how I'm laughing now!

Brilliant indeed!

Well, at least this comic actually made me smile - not laugh, but I smiled, so I suppose that's something. A lot more than I can say for the other three.

I find myself wondering again why Paused didn't win the competition to begin with. The concept is original, the humor fresh.

Am I the only one who remembers Tetris Blast? You know, the one where some of the blocks had a component that was a hollow block with a circle inside, and if you grouped four into a square, they'd form a larger circle in a block that, if cleared along with a line, would explode. Anyone?

In before the xkcd- oh, never mind.

Combined with the xkcd strip, it seems any kind of supernatural phenomena for tetris pieces is in some way related to circles.

lol that was awsome

Meh. Just... meh.

Not good, not bad, but a nice little ten second distraction on the journey from cradle to grave.

This hurt me, made me laugh when i have a terrible cough.

Worth it though :).

I lurrrrve this comic :D I wish it was a featured on The Escapist (I mean in the sense of Stolen Pixels or the disappointing Critical Miss)

Props, you can't guess how hard that made me laugh. Keep up the great work!

brilliant, keep it coming!

Pure awesomeness. :D

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