Escape to the Movies: The A-Team

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The A-Team

This week MovieBob reviews the fun action movie romp The A-Team.

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Oh hell yes. I am absolutely psyched for this, almost even more than District 9.

About what I expected. That's a good thing.

AS long as they actually hit the things they shoot at this should be pretty good.

HEY I REMEMBER CATS VS DOGS! >:C but no I have not been holding my breath for a sequel.

I'm really looking forward to this, and thanks to Movie Bob, I know I'm not going to be too disappointed.


There was a sequel to Cats and Dogs? That was a great family film! I wonder if it's any good

I was kinda expecting Bob to review The Karate Kid remake but I guess that the A-Team is good enough. A double review feature would be nice.

Bob, thank you for, once again, making up my mind about a movie. I was so on the fence about this one. I should be seeing it soon.

Oh, and thank you for recommending "Fear and Loathing" to me. It was a great movie. Now to find the plot...

Great review, Bob. I was gonna go see this movie anyway, regardless of what you said (even though I respect your opinion to Hong Kong and back) I can feel this movie is gonna get a lot of crap from the brats that are about my age going "eh, it was stupid and the action was good but the story etc." Here's my opinion, and it kind of ties in with your closing words. Sure, it doesn't really have all that much substance, but it's fun. And if you're looking for substance in an A-Team remake, then you're missing the point!!

Captain America and Thor at the end surprised me. Are those the concepts for the new Cap and Thor? If so... *top of head blows off in excitement*

Wow, Cats and Dogs 2... Why?? I mean, does anybody even remember that movie? Really?

i remeber cats vs dogs but i did wounder why the would make a sequle

The A-Team movie does look like a blast, I'll grant it that.

Oh and one more thing, I would LOVE a Small Soldiers 2

i love the concept for captain America and Thor i love being a marvel geek

I didn't think it would be anywhere near palatable, but I might give this a go. Could never stomach the A-Team, but always tried to give it a fair shake. Shows with badass 80s intro music (Vice, MacGuyver, Night Rider) was always enough to get me to sit down and start watching, but the A-team was the only show boring enough to get me to stand back up and walk out or change the channel.

Wait, you're saying this movie is good?? That's quite a surprise, I would have never expected that, ever.

Evil does not wear a bonnet!

I thought I was the only person who liked Smokin' Aces. I'm genuinely shocked.

Wasn't expecting this film to be good, I'm pleasantly surprised :)

Note: I watched the A-Team when I was 8-ish, and I'm 15 now. Just putting that out there ^^

I want Mystery Men 2...

Especially with the rise of superhero movies.

Yes we need a fun action popcorn movie this Summer! So looking forward to this sense my friend has been talking about it. Never knew much about A-team just knew it as the non-cartoon Mr. T show, but this movie looks like a lot of fun. Thanks MovieBob.

So many movies I want to see MovieBob Review this summer and so many coming out the same day as each other. I want to know his opinion on both Jonah Hex and Toy Story 3. Double Feature would be sooooo helpful!!. Well I'm going to see Toy Story no matter what, Really want Jonah Hex to be a good movie so I can justify seeing it. Oh which one will he reveiw?

Its now becoming Bobs trademark to insult Bay in every vid and.....I love it.

Might give this one a look in when theres no interesting matches on the telly that day.

Mystery Men 2?


Anyway, I almost feel as if my dark, cynical side is being beat back by some of the recent successes in actually understanding films. The A-Team always needed to be slightly campy fun, and, it looks like they've made it. Not a blockbuster, but a good solid film.

Let's hope it sells more than Transformers 3, that would be too sweet.

I'm soooo glad to hear it stays true to the show in how it's just over the top and fun. My parents are especially looking forward to it

Onyx Oblivion:
I want Mystery Men 2...

I second that. I love that movie. Anything with Pee Wee is good in my book.

Yup, that's more or less what I expected. I had one of those, "Um, Bob? Focus, please." moments at the beginning, but hey, he still reviewed the movie eventually.

Oh and one more thing, I would LOVE a Small Soldiers 2

Thank you, I'm not the only one who remembers it. Small Soldiers was awesome, and I would happily have a sequel. Were it not for the fact that there was nowhere for the story to go. Definitely time to re-watch the original!

I seem to have paused the video at the one minute mark just to comment about Small Soldiers. Back to the A-team...

Thank the Maker. I was worried the A-Team would be dumbed-down and over-exploded, but the moment Bob talked about Joe C making good movies, those worries disappeared.

I read Ebert's review, in which he compared it to every other action movie out there. And yes, I suspect there's nothing mind-blowing in terms of plot or special effects. But if the movie can have fun with its premise, and its characters enjoy themselves to the point of laughing at their own ridiculousness in one aspect or another, I'll probably have a good time too.

Thanks, Bob!

You're right, that does sound like a set piece from an early nineties Jackie Chan movie.

OT: I'm hopefully going to be able to see this. Maybe I can get some tickets to a budget screening.

This was directed by the guy who made Smokin' Aces. I might have to go check it out.

And yeah, Cats and Dogs does seem like a strange film to make. I guess someone wanted an animal themed comedy and decided it would be best to go with something that worked in the past than any sort of new... animal comedy idea... whatever that is. Toy Soldiers 2 would be awesome though.

I'm probably one of the few people who loves Cats vs Dogs. Mainly because one of the the main dogs (The leader who trains the beagle) is a Turkish Sheep dog, aka Kangal.(very rare in America) In-fact my Kangal is actually a brother to that one in the movie, so its sort of like seeing a family member being successful. Though after my dog died of old age I'm not sure if I would see the sequel. Seeing it would actually remind me of him and bring me to tears.

Anyway nice to hear the A-Team is quite enjoyable.

I remember Cats & was shit.

OT: Hmmmm i hadn't even heard of this movie until now...looks like it could be quite enjoyable but i'll just probably wait until it's out on DVD and rent it or something.

I gues the movie being a lot of fun was what it was trying to do. And apparently it's going to deliver. I've been psyched about this since the first trailer. I was laughing my ass off during repeated viewings because it looked like a BLAST.
Also, is it weird for me to think that I have a man-crush on Sharlto Copley? Just sayin'.

Small soldiers 2? Yeah, I'd pay to see it.

When was the last time outside of maybe Iron Man have we seen an action movie that was made with the idea of mind, "We don't need grim action settings, social commentary, realism, or anything resebling District 9... Let's have FUN!"

For a film about the A-team, FUN is the right direction. By the looks of it, the actors, the directors, and the audiance all had loads of fun with this.

It won't have much reason to see it more then once, but it will be great to see an Action Movie that is fun for everybody and won't make you head explode trying to think about this.

I am so glad that this is how it turned out. I was really worried about this movie, but I feel like I can relax and just take it easy knowing they didn't slaughter it. Hell, I should probably go actually see the movie for once.

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