Game People Calling: Alan Wake, the People Have Spoken

Game People Calling: Alan Wake, the People Have Spoken

With so many interesting opinions, scoring a game seems ever more preposterous.

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I very much want to play this game, and soon. I'm hearing nothing but positive reviews from everyone I know who has tried or beaten it and reviewers from all over the net have agreed.

I want to play the game when I get time and can find a copy to rent...
Something I like with The Escapist in general is that the reviews tend to actually review a game, giving you a good idea of what's in them and what they're like to play, rather than just some score values or critiques of whether the gameplay is "good" or "bad". I think more mainstream reviews/major publishers should focus on describing a game and pointing out what there is to like and dislike about a game, telling people who might like it and who should avoid it, rather than assigning score values.

FOr me, I think this is a good thing. It means its a game that allows itself to tend to different people. Too many games these days try to please everyone, and end up leasing no one.

So, to have a mix, for me brings me back to the old days where, they just tried to please those who would like it, and, not those who never would

I've just been playing it a second time. Gotta agree with these... it could have been more, but it's still a great game, fun to play, particularly the first time. It's interesting to re-play to get more of a sense of the foreshadowing in the story.

I think it's the best game of 2010 so far.
Waiting for the dlc.

I adore this game.

But this is a game you need to play on Hard the first time. Normal is far too easy. I started working on my Nightmare playthorugh, but have to put it on the backburner to finish other games.

2010 has been an amazing year for games so far. Possibly the best year yet, actually.

I'd love to play this game, but unfortunately I don't have the console.

Here's to hoping that they make a decent port at a point in time.

I played through it twice. once on the normal setting, and once on nightmare. you have to play through it twice to get all the achievements. I enjoyed the gameplay, and it rarely felt like a grind, even on nightmare difficulty. the story however, left me wanting. It is possible the two downloadable episodes will help a little on that front.
the $60 price tag seems steep for what you get, at least initially. it is possible the first DLC episode, entitled "The Signal" will add tremendous value when it drops on July 27th, and a code redeemable for it is included with the game. However, if it is similar to the six episodes that make up the game released on disc, it seems unlikely it will get it up the to $60 mark.
I will admit that both the score and the soundtrack are enjoyable, and I am sure it cost a fair amount to license the game's soundtrack. some included songs:
In Dreams - Roy Orbison
Haunted - Poe
Up Jumped the Devil - Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
Space Oddity - David Bowie
Coconut - Harry Nilsson

As I said, you could knock out all the achievements in just two playthroughs, spending less than 20 hours total to do it. if you are really good and skip as much as possible, I wouldn't be surprised to hear somebody did it in less than 12. You will spend more time on it if you take the time to fully enjoy the radio and TV bits scattered throughout the game, and explore all the nooks and crannies for the collectibles.

Comparing it to my favorite Xbox 360 games, it does not have $60 of value. there just isn't much reason to replay it after two playthroughs, and those two playthroughs are fairly short. They are entertaining, and yes, at times it does provide some genuine tension. I enjoyed the few times where I got help from the NPCs. I hope there is more of Sheriff Breaker in the DLC.
Personally I grew tired of the forced camera views when the attacks came, but they do serve a purpose, and I'm not sure how they could have handled it better. the gameplay seemed balanced to me, you have basically one choice to make regarding weapon inventory (shotgun vs hunting rifle); everything else is a no-brainer. There are also environmental assists for dealing with enemies. I completely ignored them on my first playthrough; on nightmare, I found them very helpful. As far as I could tell, the game makes sure you get almost all the dialog through normal play. I'm sure there are some differences, but there is only ever one way for the story to play out, and all the characters will basically behave the same way no matter what you do.

So as much as it pains me to say it, this is probably a rental. the DLC is listed as costing $10 each. if you buy the game, you get a code for the first one. right now the game is selling for $50 (for the standard edition). $40 feels more fair to me based on what you get. that would make the final "complete" game (with both DLC edpisodes) cost $50.

I bought this game thinking it would be a throw-back to the first Silent Hill games (before America got their hands on it). It was not, but that's not a bad thing. Like everyone else, I enjoyed this game. Currently replaying it on Nightmare and enjoying it just as much. The story has its share of holes and rough parts, my favorite being the fact that no one seems to notice people are disappearing by the dozens and entire sections of the town are being torn apart. The ending also leaves much to be desired, but the later Episodes should fix that (or make it worse). The only really painful flaw for me was the facial animations, especially when people speak. As my friend put it after he borrowed this game, "My God! What QA tester thought THAT was okay?" It is rather annoying to watch because of that.

I have yet to hear anything negative about this game so I will check it out someday.

Definitely enjoyed the game, and I'd agree that it's one that should be played through on Hard difficulty the first time. Normal is far too easy and takes away from the tension. But it's just a solid title that's well done - I've never been as happy to see light in a game as I have been in Alan Wake. Plus, it has one of my favorite moments in gaming - the scene on the Anderson farm. It was ridiculous and out of place, but damn was I entertained.

There are definitely things that they could improve on for the sequel and/or DLC, but overall I'd definitely recommend it to anyone interested. And as others have said, enjoy your first playthrough and take your time (while playing on Hard). You'll be glad you did.

Sniper Team 4:
The only really painful flaw for me was the facial animations, especially when people speak. As my friend put it after he borrowed this game, "My God! What QA tester thought THAT was okay?" It is rather annoying to watch because of that.

Agreed! It's such a shame, because the graphics are really great and all the characters look amazing... until they open their mouths! There really is no excuse for poor lip syncing, I too wonder how it got through QA.

Overall I love this game, I have played it 3 times on all difficulties and collected everything and got every achivement. I have NEVER bothered to do that with any game before, EVER. Which goes to show either how much I love the game, or just how easy it was :P

Either way, great game, has some flaws but nothing that can't be overlooked if you're willing to just be swept away by the experience.

Incidentally I'd agree with every one of the Gamepeople reviews.

I think its worth a rent, but not much else.

I really wanted to like it and be scared by it, but it didn't work out that way. Once I got into a routine, the combat was boring and the story not all that interesting.

I haven't played the game yet, but I do find it quite a bit more interesting than Heavy Rain. Maybe I'll look into this later.

It's a good game, but not worth full price in my eyes. Once it drops to 30 Euros I'll definitely get it.

It's the kinda game that divides people. There are people who don't like it, but the people who like it abolutely love it. Like it or hate it, there's no denying that when you play it you can see how much love has gone into all the details. It's truly a work of art. But of course, like all art it has its detractors :D

I really want to play this. It strikes me as something I could lose myself in. Having said that I need to beat Batman and Army of two yet and still haven't picked up ME2 either.

If I had a 360 I'd get this, but I don't, so I can't. That makes me a sad panda.

I like Alan Wake, but the story kind of got confusing, it wasn't scary at all, and a certain book page found only in the nightmare setting pissed me off.

While I agree with the sentiment that review scores are dumb, I'm not really sure how this particular example shows the pointlessness of them better than any other. Clearly the people who had good things to say in the opening paragraph are probably going to score it higher, while people with somewhat negative things to say will score it lower, perhaps average but not bad. It's not the divisiveness of the opinions that shows how pointless review scores are, it's the distillation of a complex (depending on the reviewer) opinion down to a single number.

Okay, reviewer A gave the game 4/5. Well that's a good score, 80% right? Okay, so where did it lose the 20%? What made the reviewer dock 20% off the final score? Was the gameplay good, but the story not good? Is it even the kind of game that requires the story to be good? I mean, the "story" in Super Mario Galaxy 2 is about as basic as you can get, if you can even call it a story, but nobody complains about that. People regularly award the game perfect 10s, and I can see why. It's not the type of game where the story is important; it's all about the gameplay. Was it one particular aspect of the gameplay that was annoying that you have to put up with? Is it one particular section that bogs the experience down? You'll never know, unless you actually read the damn thing. People just look at the score and flip out. Maybe if you actually read the review, you'd understand why the reviewer didn't agree with you. /rant

Oh yeah, Alan Wake. Um...I didn't play it. :P


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