The Escapist Presents: 30 Apocalyptic Scenes in 30 Seconds

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30 Apocalyptic Scenes in 30 Seconds

Can you identify these 30 Apocalyptic Scenes? Take the 30 Apocalyptic Scenes in 30 Seconds challenge.

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I love the concept of these quizzes; did like it during Halloween as well but it is poorly executed.
It is overly complicated that you have to load the video every five questions (with an ad for the publisher's club mind) and then have another five questions, you must jump to the right point in the video etc.

I beg you to rethink the format in which the quiz is published because it is such an awesome idea. Why not have all questions on one page? Could be the easiest way to implement I think.
Nonetheless I really like this quiz format but it is a real hassle at the moment and incredibly unintuitive to use.

Well, I know the first one is

but I can only get a few of the others, and they're probably wrong.

Wait wait wait wait... people actually WATCHED Battlefield Earth? If that's actually a correct answer, then this quiz is immediately unfair.

Oh, no... this is hard... as in really hard... I don't watch many post apocalyptic movies...

I know 11 and unfortunately 21... 23, 26, and 27 (I love that movie)... yeah that's not very good scorewise...

Oh, hey! I'm number 5 in the world! And it only took me 16 minutes!

BTW is there a badge for this?

These are the ones I think I got, the number coresponds to the number they were listed under.

Ahhh sorry didn't understand that it was an actual quiz, thought we were just supposed to tell the answers. I didn't actually take the quizz just listed my answers. Not to worry, actually doing the quiz now.

53.33 percent.
Not bad but certainly not great either. I don't really watch enough apocalypse movies.

Aww man 85%, I need to get out more.

I'll take it! much higher then what I usually get on these stinkin' quizzes!

Oh my dear, I got 22/30 and I have seen exactly three of these movies.
My logic powers prevail again, I guess.
Note the "again", I'm actually lying. This is the first time they prevailed.

These are the ones I think I got, the number coresponds to the number they were listed under.
Safety snip

I'm not sure if it's within the rules to post answers to a quiz. You might wanna edit that.


These are the ones I think I got, the number coresponds to the number they were listed under.
Safety snip

I'm not sure if it's within the rules to post answers to a quiz. You might wanna edit that.

Yes, indeed good call.

Sorry, didn't realise it was one of 'those' quizzes. I thought I was just meant to list the ones I thought I got right.

I can get about 5 watching that.

22/30. Not bad I think! ...I think I enjoy the end of the world too much ><

Although surprised, really surprised, Threads wasnt in there

I'm really curious about some of these now.

Whoops. Should have known those quizzes are timed. Loading the coffee machine takes it time, I guess. :)
Well, first time so whatever.

The quiz is really well done with some tough nuts to crack. I think it gets easier on the later pages, since I guess no movie is featured twice so you can exclude some choices later on. Quite a number are also fairly easy to deduce since you can compare the filtering and lighting of the pictures (or the haircuts!)with some of the titles (the weird ones are mostly pre 60's, the REALLY, really weird ones probably 80s ;) ). To be honest, I had more trouble with the more recent, since they're stylistically not that different.

Only really annoying thing was to repeatedly watch the Publisher's Club ad and skip to the right image. Still, the quiz was fun. :)

28/30.I knew most of those.And yet I haven't even seen half of them.

21/30, not bad giving that end of the world films arent my thing

Congratulations, you scored 86.67%, with 26 of 30 correct! You're currently ranked 6th out of 37 total entries.

Meh. Not bad. I've not seen the majority of them, though.

70. I'm happy with that, since i didn't think i'd get more than 5.

I approve of this quiz. If I don't 100% it I will hate myself forever, oh wait, I already do. Nevermind then.

Hell yeah, 96.7% (29/30) in a single try!

The inclusion of #14 made this quiz awesome. :D

Bah, 70%... Not even going to try a second time.

14 right. Better than I thought I'd do, it was mostly guesswork, only knew about 8.

90%?!? I usually get my ass kicked in those quiz! :D
(although it's true I do watch a great many apocalypse-style movies)

What is that music from? It sounds great!

the bad part being, of course, that I *have* seen all these movies. no, actually, the bad part I think would me more along the lines of I wondered why they didn't include A Boy and His Dog.. scene recognition is hard D:

I can conclude that directors don't like the Statue of Liberty.

woo! *enjoys his 100% in 7:41 on his first try while it lasts*

AHH! 29! I want to know which one I got wrong so I can destroy its copies!


100%, 1st try, 5:38!

I am a Movie-Watching Demon!

/being an all-around douche



Just over 5 minutes to get 25/30... and I guessed some of those... I'm pretty happy! Not going to try for 100%.

First time I got 96.67%. NOOOO!!!

Second time 100 though.

what the hell is 25, it looks pretty epic

First time finished with only one wrong and it was #2. So second time I finished with 100% I'm very impressed with myself and my Apocalypse Movie knowledge.

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