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The one-year anniversary of The Escapist's inaugural issue is fast approaching. To celebrate, we here in the office have been doing a lot of drinking. Also having meetings and stuff, but mainly drinking. Lots and lots of drinking ...

Where was I?

Oh yes. Part of producing a weekly magazine such as ours involves the continuing search for new and interesting subjects about which to write. Thankfully our shared hobby is continually providing and revealing juicy nuggets which have yet to be pondered fully. We have also been blessed to be associated with a number of fantastic contributors who manage to pull these various thoughts together into fabulous prose week after week. The approaching anniversary therefore belongs to them as much as to us.

Yet we always want more. The editorial staff at The Escapist is constantly on the prowl for new and exciting writers who may bring something new to the table, or who can share with us a view of something old, seen through fresh eyes.

Original Comment by: Mark
I might give this a try. Even if my proposal isn't accepted, it'll still be a good exercise.

Original Comment by: Tom Rhodes (Escapist Contributor)

I'd like to say that no one should be afraid to submit. I did many months ago, and now I've got three stories published with a fourth on the way -- and I got PAID to write them. Just remember to ask yourself: "Would I want to read this?"

If the answer's "Yes," then submit that proposal. Never know...

Original Comment by: Mitch
This is something I may also try. I have a few ideas I've been meaning to crank out, more in line with the "I left my heart in Rubacava" story than with actual "news" stories per se, so this would be a strong incentive. At the very least it never hurts to write when that's what you want to do for a living. :)


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