Liveblog: Sony 2010 Press Conference @ E3

Liveblog: Sony 2010 Press Conference @ E3

Full details direct from Sony's conference in Los Angeles.

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Where can i find a live feed?

edit: just found one, google, my savior

Where can i find a live feed?;img;1 That's the one I'm using.

Killzone 3, another FPS...

But, IN 3D!!!!

Where's my LBP 2?

anyone think that for fairy magic that was pretty damn badass

thats what i alway imagined that the harry potter games on the wii should look like!

Wow, golfing, i didn't like that on the wii either ...

FINALLY!! it's him!

I was really hoping for a reveal of Resistance 3. However, the news that Medal of Honor will come with a remastered version of Frontline exclusively on the PS3 and the announcement of a new Twisted Metal is pretty damn exciting. Lest we forget Killzone 3, inFamous 2, GT5, and other games that were given in depth looks. Overall, I think Sony did very well here today. I just hope that Resistance 3 is a reality and that it will be revealed and released sometime in the near future.

out of the 3, Sony has the best stuff coming out over the next 2 years.

"1:24 Stand by for an important announcement from Aperture Science! Gabe Newell from Valve comes out on stage and makes a quick joke about his past comments on controllers. Portal 2 is coming to the PS3 and Steam will be part of the experience. It's coming September 2011"
Blrughr?! I'm surprised that they're releasing it on PS3, and amazed that they're not doing Xbox 360.

Not that any of that matters to me, PC all the way.


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