Escapist News Network: E3 News Bytes - 6/16/2010

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E3 News Bytes - 6/16/2010

ENN presents: E3 Bytes - covering all the latest in E3 2010 news, in a convenient "watchable" format.

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I'm loving these mini ENN XD
'... cock muncher' made me choke on my drink from laughter XD

Oh and I loved the bit about how you're parents raised you and on the bottom is said 'And yo momma so dumb' lol

"they were lying about that pony though"

i knew it!
also Graham you should see a doctor about your dick hanging by a thread!

These are absolutely brilliant. Nice work, guys!

Unpleasant surprises (like saying something will DEFINATELY be done and then not doing it)? Nope...that *is* just a dick move. Though certainly not illegal, nah - not that far out. Just not very smart.

But pleasant surprises (like lying about the production of a video game, so as to make it a surprise)? That however *is* awesome and the whiners should enjoy the announcement moreso than moan.

I know an ordinary week wouldn't have enough video game news to warrant it, but I would totally watch ENN everyday if that were possible. While the feature stories are always good, these mini ENNs are pretty sweet too.

Not really overjoyed at this years E3. To be honest, I just hope Yahtzee does another hype massacre. The guy could find holes in the theory of gravity, and this years E3 has more holes in it than a broken sieve made of Swiss cheese.

It was wrong of you to assume that I missed yesterdays show... Very wrong.

I'm liken these bytes

Funny like always.

lmao, hilarious Headshot!

That was good. What else do you want me to say? I wonder what you could talk about tomorrow?

Calumon: I'd like you to say that.

Jack: Fine... I wonder what you will talk about tomorrow?

How come these are even better than the normal weekly ENN?!

Great job!

I'm glad my dick is still attach me as well.

Bulletstorm refrence FTW

whoa epic language this episode

As I don't watch much else outside of LLR stuff and ZP, I did miss yesterday updates as it wasn't on my feed. Why wasn't that update on the normal feed?

Why does the term "ROLFCOPTER" seem so fitting?

You're parents are not assholes - although judging how you turned out, maybe they are!


Great episode lol


That was excellent. But needed a bit more rage, G-Stark.

And now I know I'll have something to look forward to tomorrow. Thanks, guys.
And is the dick helicopter going to be a running gag?

"though judging by how you turned out, maybe they are!"
Ahahaha and when the credits roll, its just priceless. "cockmuncher"

Tough day for Graham, manhood already hanging on by a thread, then hit with the 'Cockmuncher' illegal hit.


This is going to be an entertaining week!

And my parents didn't lie to me! The gave me crappy stuff on my birthday and then a month later got me a bike, then I was really surprised!! that or they forgot.......

Oh wow, there was one yesterday!?



Btw, I found your secret episode, and Graham's helicopter video's...


It's true; I shat bricks.
Twisted Metal! Weeee!

haha, I made a thread regarding the 3DS' talking to eachother yesterday. BOoyah!

Less time with jokes-a-plenty. Enjoying these very much - keep up the good, funny work =]

Y'know, that "go find it!" joke would've been much funnier if the video in question wasn't right under this one.

And Oh God I lost myself when they were showing that gameplay for bulletstorm. There is nothing quite like hearing the guy who voiced Spike Spiegel say, "You almost scared my DICK off!"

Good times.

Also good episode, and great idea, with these bite-sized thangs.

It's okay, Graham. Nobody in their right mind considers 3 and 4 actual Twisted Metal games.

My reaction to them actually having one was a more playful "Jaffe, you coy little bitch! You said you weren't working on one and I believed you. Good show." How any anyone be mad, it's a NEW TWISTED METAL! I say kudos to him for managing to keep it a surprise considering how leaky everything is these days.

I'm loving these "headshot" segments more and more though. The comment about maybe your parents are assholes? Great stuff.

*Opening Line*

Scared my dick off!

...did Graham actually channel Werner Klemperer? Now I must- MUST- reply with the classic Sgt. Schultz line.

"I see noh-ting, I know noh-ting!"

I actually thought they were lying about the ENN yesterday (as it wasnt in the regular feed) and the "Go look for it" was just to make us waste time haha.

Excellent as always btw =D

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