Zero Punctuation: Alpha Protocol

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Alpha Protocol

This week, Zero Punctuation reviews Alpha Protocol.

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Quality alliteration in that

wow he didn't rip on it as much as every other reviewer. I felt he thot it was an ok game, even tho he said it was poor

"Holy shit I thought, I literally fucked her brains out"

That was the best ZP line that I've heard in a long time.

I was kinda hoping for...

Great review anyway. I think that the reason that the games industry makes PMC secretly evil is because in real life they actually ARE!

Great review man! Can't wait to see what you're going to do next! What did you think of E3 so far?

Really enjoyed this one.

Why the hell was Kevin Conroy, the voice of Batman in the DCAU in the spectrum of 'dicks and assholes'?

Other than that, was a great video. Keep up the good work Yahtzee, and good luck with your book! ^_^

Dog in a hat! Woo!

Yeah, this one didn't look interesting to me because of the story, and looks like I was right.

I agree, more diversity of asshole responses please!

I was wondering if this was any good and in spite the poor write up (as expected) might add it to the rental list.

for the story and all.

Well, not like I intended to play this anyway.

The usual excellence. It also sounded as though this game might be sort of interesting!

Needed more use of the word ponce or derivatives or the word ponce.

He seemed rather generous to a game that other reviewers have eaten and crapped out.

Calumon: Sure he could turn invisible, but I can fly!

A tidbit confusing. At first I thought he would like it with all that praising in the beginning. But anyways, great review as always, sad to hear SMG2 won't come until July.

Brilliant. I liked it.

It kind of sounds to me like Yahtzee enjoyed most of it. Either that or he's in a good mood. He rarely spends that long praising a game.

I really loved Deus Ex. I think I may have to find a copy now that he reminded me how awesome it was.

nice review

I like the dog in the hat BTW

Well, he had more jokes and less bile this time, just like the last couple ZP's. I like this turn of events.

...I never even heard of this game, but the fact that it lets you be that diverse and dickish seems appealing to me.

Hmm.. An actual semi good review of Alpha Protocol...

Good review, although I was hoping for Forgotten Sands. Sorry to hear about SMG 2, by the way. Not sure why it'sonly that Wii that does this.

This game's mediocreness makes me rather worried about Fallout New Vegas, which is being made by the same studio.

Wow, that wasn't as viceral as I thought. But everyone already ripped on the broken controls and AI.

OMG the dog in a hat is the funniest thing I have ever seen on ZP... You've outdone yourself =P. I really didn't expect that joke, or lack of a joke, to pop up.


whats a ponce?

I like the concept of the 'dickhead spectrum'. Definitely would have made the Overlord games more fun, that's for sure.

best lines and thinky thinky in human always

Hmm... isn't the dioluge system pretty similar to the one you suggested in this Extra Punctuation ( Yahtzee?

I must say - I am surprised!

Why am I on probation!? Read my message at the top, whats wrong with that?
Is there some sort of automatic probation dispenser for whoever is the first to comment on a new zero punctuation video?

I was kinda hoping for...

Give him a week or two

OT:At first i thought he liked since nearly every other reviewer started with "Its Shit!" for this game.

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