Game People Calling: Nintendo's Best Kept Secret

Game People Calling: Nintendo's Best Kept Secret

While you wait for the 3DS to land in stores, take a moment to discover just how good DSiware has become.

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Sadly, DSiWare was hobbled by the fact that you could only buy them if you had a specific version of the DS. Personally, I am fine with the original DS, but I was willing to upgrade if given several retail exclusives on the new console (which seems to be what the 3DS is providing).
Also worthy of note is Mighty Flip Chimps, a rather good puzzle platformer. (Before you ask, my sister bought the DSi and I played it there). Hopefully most DSiWare will automatically be available on whatever download service the 3DS has (hopefully with some of the blatant shovelware, like Flashlight and Discolight, removed).

It is a well oiled machine, I will give you that, and, its got alot of work polished into it.

We will have to wait and see though how this has transfered into the 3D realm. I cant see it been effected too much, but, I have a feeling it will play a more integral part than it already does

I'd like to seem more of the old NES/SNES ports they've been doing for the WiiWare store included in the DSiWare store. They'd need zero control tweaks, and the DSi has the guts to run 'em smoothly. Seems like a no-brainer. I'd rather play all those old games on my DS than on my HDTV.

Hmmm, well digital downloads don't impress me. My thoughts on DSIware are similar to the PSPgo: I don't like it, I'm not supporting it.

Simply put I will continue to buy games that come on chips/carts, and if they stop producing them I'll go back to carrying paperbacks with me for entertainment on the go.

The only way I might fully support 100% digitally obtained gaming is if every single platform went that way, giving me no choice... and even then I might very well wind up quitting.

To put things into perspective, I probably spend a couple thousand dollars each year on gaming. I'm disabled on social security and only get away with this because I live at home currently, I doubt it will be something I can do indefinatly. It's how I pass the time.

Let's say for example that things continue this way though, I spend a substantial amount of money, but the gaming industry wants to give me increasingly diminishing returns. Both in terms of less control over my own property, but trying to get me to pay subscription fees, and register for more and more services, with greater dependance on needing to spend money in online stores to get all the content.

The thing is that not only do I not own any physical media with things like DSIware, but I also feel that when things like this are succeeding it prompts the companies, even the "good" ones to to get progressively greedier. I'm waiting for Nintendo to advertise that they want people to pay for a premium service for the right to buy things from them. I mean heck, we've already got Bobby Kotick (in an article just put up here) looking for ways to attach subscriptions to "Call Of Duty".

I mean, as "cool" as these bite sized games are, I can't call them a "best kept secret" or anything of the sort, since really I think they are a degenerative interest. Heck, at the very best your going to see price creeps like you did with X-Box live with people demanding more and more money for less and less. I remember back when "Braid" came out and it was selling for $15 instead of $10, but it was declared a "rare exception".. well guess what, getting away with that means that pretty much all the games are going for $15 or even $20.

Well, enough rambling. I guess my overall point is that I don't think that any kind of downloadable or digitally obtainable game should be being lionized by anyone.

i dont remember seeing that the 3DS wont still read cartridges.
I personally got myself 1 DSi XL and 1 DSi(not sure which version but not XL) just to play pokemon, but ive been slackin lately ^_^
And i have to agree ive been checkin out the stacks of games at shops and im tempted to try out other games. THe pokethalon mini games in pomemon were are so much fun it just makes you wonder what kind of stuff are out there :P

I still own a gray 'fat' DS and, despite some great titles, the DSiWare store has not been enough to convince me to buy a new handheld. Luckily there are also a lot of cool and original exclusives on WiiWare, like the Bit Trip series and Swords and Soldiers.

Game People:
If you have played either of the Williams' Adams Family or Star Trek Next Generation tables you have a rough idea of what's on offer here. Pulse features the loops from Star Trek and the ever popular auto-flip from Adam's Family. It has obviously been put together by a team who understands what makes for a good pinball experience.

Those look like really rad real-life tables, if the hand-held version is that good it must be a hell of a game.

I upgraded to a DS Lite when it came out and the DSi just never appealed to me enough. The extra features it added seemed unnecessary for what I wanted and I guess I never expected much from the DSi Ware shop. Good to hear that those who invested are getting something out of it though. I'll probably be getting the 3DS because its improved power and new features seem worthwhile. The DSi's features seemed superfluous to my actual gaming habits, which usually involve buying a full game here and there. If the 3DS has access to the same shop and content, then I might take a liking to the download distribution model, but even then most of my interest would still be on the more robust, traditional offerings.

Alpha Bounce is a very good DSiWare game, doesn't look like much but the combination of break out and RPG elements makes it insanely addicting.

dark void is great, albeit too short...
bomberman blitz, although not exactly original, always feels like the perfect way to play bomberman.
AiRace could be a retail title, its awesome
and AiRace tunnel is a great burst of fun when your in the mood for a challenge

When i got the Dsi i did check out the DSiWare, but wan't that impressed by it. The best thing i found was the Art style Pictobits game. It was definately alot of fun, but it wasn't able tio keep me enthralled with the DSi. But, after reading this article, i actually went back intot he store and found soem wiorth while games. If they keep releasing games like these onto their Dsi store, then i definately think Nintendo's porable systems can actually rise from the grave after all the failure of gimmicks lately.


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