Escapist News Network: E3 2010 Recap

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i watched this before ZP this week

Anyone remember when these were funny?

Yeah... me neither.

Slightly off topic, but Richard Dawkins, the dude who invented the word "meme," stated that Graham's pronunciation is correct. Well, not Graham specifically, but you know what I mean.
Source: (halfway down the page)

Yay Rosco ever made an appearance, i haven't seen him since last desert bus.

Quickbenders prediction will come true eventually.

Is there a reason why Mr Frag held a hat over his genitals at the mention of Club Penguin?

Just for Graham: I watched ENN before ZP.

OP: Where's the Yarn?

"Guys, guys! This is E3. Happy paradise fun times."

I love Paul. He's so awesome at epic.

I love the gametrailers parodies. You should try some screw attack oriented ones, they freaken had it coming.

Now -this- is an awesome birthday present to wake up to! Thanks guys~! Silly me sleeping early last night D: But who cares! New stuff! And I'm 22. So shut up :O



What's with all the duckling videos during Jeremy Petter's youtube video? Was that a reference I did not get? Or was it just because ducklings are awesome? (Adult ducks, however, are not awesome. They are sick perverts. I am against adult ducks and everyone should be.)

That duck is Roscoe.P.Jangles the Third...I think that was his name, was during desertbus 2 years ago he got his name.

OT: Always trust the quickbender, it will happen, just wait.

That is the most awesome name. It is a good name for a duck. Only thing that could improve it, would be putting Esq. behind it's name.
EDIT: or ',Phd'; Roscoe.P.Jangles the Third, Phd

Hmm, seems like I was a bit of, he is Rosco P.Jangles IV, en e to much and a number to few, curses.

and here is from his loadingreadyrun wiki:

That totally does sound like valve.

So thats how you pronounce "Meme", huh, cool.

do you say me me?

The Cheezy One:
it is annoying that every tie someone mentions cake, there is a lie reference somewhere
its like 42 from HGttG

whats 6 x 7=42 alright then that is the answer to everything your worried about right?

god damn tripple post!

So on jeremy's youtube video on sony, is that a duck creeping over his shoulder? wtf?

I saw no yarn! you speak lies!

Evidently it's really tightly woven.

Is there a reason why Mr Frag held a hat over his genitals at the mention of Club Penguin?

Location is irrelevant, it's just removing the hat out of respect.

That totally does sound like valve.

Indeed it does.


So thats how you pronounce "Meme", huh, cool.

do you say me me?

I'll be completely honest, I'm not sure what I said, for all I know I just said "MoMo"

Haha great episode :D

"Hey cashbags!"
"Is that your brain that lives in your fingertips and vomits lies onto the internet?"

Ryan Quickbender sir, I salute your utter awesomeness!!!

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh... Yeah that sounds like Valve."

Next time get Rosco to do the panel. His predictions would be the best!

Dr. Zoidberg ?

Can we just--

I would have never guessed that "meme" was pronounced like that, if anyone cares the spanish version of the word would be "mim" or at least phonetically.

Also, Sir frags a lot is not funny...
Not even a tini bit.

"I'm not a liar, I'm a blogger."
As a journalism student I really appreciated that joke =)

I loved the ad for the LRR dvds!


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