Anime Review: Dragon Ball Z Kai

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Sometimes the padding was the good about it. I'm watching the original DBZ on DVD box set and as long as i know that the next episode is 25 minutes away, I can accept that an episode is complete filler. Plus, the DBZ Kai that they are showing on Nicktoons is so watered down that you can't even enjoy it if you know what was supposed to happen. If you're new to series, I would recommend it because of the speed but veterans better stick to what you love.

Thank u Dragonball people. Thank you for screwing up one of the best series ever. I watched Kai and it is horrible. The graphics according to you guys were supposed to be better but they just suck and look like the graphics from some kind of baby show. Also the character voices are much different and most of the guys sound like little girls. Their was no reason for you to create a remastered version. When i heard that they would bring back the dragonball series to T.V., I was hoping that they would bring back the old series that we all used to watch and love. Instead their showing this piece of shit.

Frankly DBZ was one of those series I'd grown out of. I loved it when I was a teenager, but the filler episodes killed it for me eventually. Suddenly you're telling me they're releasing a DBZ minus all the useless filler? I may need to pick this up.

So they trimmed all that admittedly unnecessary fat that bogged down the original (mind you I saw the whole series a few times over), and gave it a shiny new paint-job I may give it a go.

Wow, I saw some on's really bad.

Worse than the original. By far.

I agree that the original is the best anime ever (and yes, I've seen a ton of anime). DBK on the other hand has a different feel to it (I watch the original japanese version, fwiw). It's better in some ways but overall is a bit worse mostly because of the music and some of the edits.

What they need to do is redraw the entire series using movie quality animation, include the best parts of the original anime and manga, and release it on bluray with the original ocean group and japanese audio along with the original japanese music in surround sound.

One can dream.

Jack and Calumon:
Best ever? I don't know... Digimon Tamers is pretty damn sweet, and so's Death Note. But then again...

Calumon: Cha-la Head Cha-la!

quite calumon, black lagoon is better IMO

This series is practically the third Anime I've saw (first one is Saint Seiya)and have to saw i did enjoy the crazy fights scenes and frequent world landscaping but the show was full of unnecessary narrative in some cases. The best parts had to be fighting scenes with very good detail animation and and some fun moments as well having made some decent movies.

Now this may pissed people off but i rather see this series in spanish due to the fact that almost about 67% of Anime that is shown in my country is always uncensored, I'm sorry but i just don't like seeing the censored version after I've watched the uncensored one here.

Btw, does anyone else thinks that the Japanese voice of Goku sounds a bit off, i mean his Seiyu does amazing work with other voices but he sounds more teenager than an adult like he is shown to look.

Also if anyone has seen any info or trailer for the new movie you will notice Frieza's Japanese voice sounds just like Mayuri Kurotsuchi from Bleach.

So... Cutting out the filler episodes, even though those contained most of the trademark humor, and character development the series excels at, re-tooling the art style to look like they swapped color pallets with Rainbow Fucking Bright, changing the voice acting to resemble the worst of the original Resident Evil game, and dumbing the entire story down to appeal to those who can't be bothered to stare at the TV long enough to catch an entire line of dialogue before becoming enamored by the squirrel taking a shit on a tree 20 yards away makes it better?

Many of those totally cut out episodes are great, funny, clever, and flesh out the story and characters more than most of the ones they left in. The story is great and isn't that overly-complex if you can be bothered to watch the whole thing. And making something shorter rarely makes it better. Something tells my if Skyrim had 15 hours of action-packed content, it wouldn't be nearly as heralded as it is with years of entertaining "filler" content. Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z are great BECAUSE of their ability to flesh out every character that's in more than 1 episode, have an infinite and multiple-branching storyline, and delivering intense action that lets up every now and then to make you laugh, warm your heart, or at the very least develop motive for said intense action. Not in spite of all of that.

To spread the word around, Mayumi Tanaka (the voice for Kuririn) months ago leaked via her blog that Kai will be continuing into the Boo arc, however it will be not broadcast in Japan (most likely just a home release) and will be made with the intentions of an international market.


Personally, I'm not really into Kai. The original series is fine for me (though I totally understand why people need the cut in filler/padding). One thing that I do like is the waaaaay improved dub on Funimation's part. Even though I don't watch Dragon Ball dubbed (original cast for me), I'm proud to say it's finally like watching an English version of the show I love.

So, yeah. Thought I'd give a heads up to any DBKai fans out on here! ^.^"

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