E3 2010: Steve's Five Favorite Games

E3 2010: Steve's Five Favorite Games

Three days, dozens of demos, five awesome games.

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Interesting seeing Civ5 as the top game on two lists out of two so far. Consider my hype upgraded to ultra-hype.

Civ5 is certainly gotta be epic if its topping in lists! Getting me so much more exicted!

Civ...I remember stumbling upon the first one which had been installed by my cousin. I spent a whole day playing it and fell in love with the series. Didn't buy III or IV for some reason I can't remember, but I'll be certain to buy V. I fell off my chair the last time I heard something about Civ5.

It seem would out of those shown so far Steve that you are a man after my own heart in your choices. All of my favorites this year were side scrollers (kirby and DK), Stratagy games (Civ 5 and portal 2), and traditional JRPGs (Golden Sun and DQ). And while you didn't have the RPGs you had the other 2 down pretty well.

Who's Steve?

ShamWow, since when did Steve Butts work at the Escapist? Is it the very same Steve from IGN?


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