E3 2010: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2

Matt Fillbrandt, Producer at Lucasarts, fills us in on Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2.

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Intresting...I just hope they makle true on whats happening. I wasnt impressed with the first one so going to take some pushing for me to get excited about number 2

From what I gather from that, it will be really similar to the previous one. Which is awesome, I loved it.

I enjoyed the first game, the story wasn't that great but the game play was fun and using the force powers was enjoyable experience so if they make this game better It could be one of the better games this year.

He said nothing about whether or not they intended to fix the fucking stupid bullshit stun-lock mechanic that - in the last game - left me furiously mashing my controller for 5 seconds or more before the game grudgingly gave me back control. I also hope TFU 2 will let me use an actual lightsabre this time, as opposed to a glowing baseball bat that I have to smack enemies upto 12 times with before they realise that they should've died 11 hits ago. As a fan of Jedi Academy, I'm not terribly impressed by the fact that, what Starkiller has to dish out all those fancy-pants combos for, Jaden Kor accomplishes by simply Force-pulling enemies straight onto the end of his lightsabre. It reminds me of Indianna Jones where Indy is confronted by a swordsman who promptly starts showing off his awesome moves until Indy gets bored of watching and shoots him dead.

Also, I don't like the thought of seeing that useless punchbag Kota again, unless I actually get to kill him. Pleeeease Lucasarts, give me that option!

And please, no more romance sub-plots, they make me sick, shoehorned or not!

But hey, what can you do, it's only E3?

I should absolutely get round to playing the first game at some point.
I've seen people play it/talk about playing it, and apparently it's quite good, for the most part. Also, I think it's cheap on Steam atm...

this is gonna be awesome! i beat the first game on every difficulty and got all the achievments. that was one of the few games i've played where i was good enough to constantly look for a challenge. TAKE A METAL PIPE TO THE HEAD, VADER!
EDIT: i just watched the trailer and have to add: finally, a worthy oppenent (myself)! our battles will be legendary!

Yay starkiller has now became Shadow the Hedgehog

I'm so skeptical about this... Damn cloning processes, it can just open up so many questions.

Oh well, I'll probably buy it anyway.

Problem with the first game was that the bastards refused to make it for PC initially... then when they did, the game was a God awful port, possibly one of the worst I've ever seen, it's not just that they did a bad job at it, but it was obvious they weren't even trying to make it good.

As this time they're announcing it for PC too, I have slightly higher hopes... though I do agree that the Force powers are way over the top, but hey, it makes for fun gameplay I guess.

Only thing I'm really, really hoping for is that they change the boss fight system. I played the first game, tolerating all the crap from the awful port until I reached the first boss fight with that insect dude. It took me about 5 minutes to delete every shape and form of the game from my computer when I realised boss fights were a set scene (like you attached a security camera to a wall and all it could do is rotate slightly left/right) like I was playing a 2.5D game ad worse yet... it pretty much boiled down to nothing but a series of quick time events.

If that's what they're aiming for again, I'm seriously giving it a wide berth. Bring on something closer to Jedi Knight games again.

That guy sounds so freaking bored. Then again I bet this was the 10th interview he did that day.

Enjoyed the story of the first (although it never felt fleshed out enough, and the pacing went AWOL when you repeated 3 of the levels in the second-half), and I'm not too bothered by this cloning thing; they've said that it's not as straight forward as it sounds (i.e. is he really a clone?).

The problem with the first was mainly the enemies. There were 100 types, 20 of those would been thrown at you in a battle and collectively they'd be able to resist all of your force powers and attacks.

Thankfully it seems they're cutting down on enemy types, which should help combat flow better.

I'd also like to see them add more actual weight to Starkiller - I'm pretty sure Euphoria controls that, which is what they use in GTA IV (where the characters are waaaaaaaay too heavy). A balance between the two would be nice, especially as platforming was so bloody hard with a weightless character.

What'cha gonna do, brother, when Steve Butts comes to your E3 booth?!

I kinda enjoyed the first game, so I'm hesitantly looking forward to this one. But I'm not holding my breath that it's going to be all that amazing.

Yay starkiller has now became Shadow the Hedgehog

Meh, Shadow was a good character until Sonic team decided to ruin him with that damned shadow the hedgehog game...

this man is the most pretentious douchebag i have ever heard. everything about the force unleashed sucked except force throw. the rest was atrocious. the game LOOKED ugly, had abysmal writing, broken combat, and platforming only slightly worse than the jumping in Halo. tfu2 will suck out


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