Zero Punctuation: E3 2010

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E3 2010

This week, Zero Punctuation digs into the news from E3 2010.

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awesome! new episode!!!

cyrax023: hey Yahtzee! did you hear about portal 2?
Yahtzee: *cricket chirping sound*
cyrax023: ......... mkay then...........

There he goes... butchering E3. In a good way!

about damn time too.

that was good
i was thinking "yeah 8 mins long" so a bit disappointed in that regard. also ive already seen that song
EDIT: did like the song, just a bit of a let down

I don't even know why people bother with E3 anymore, it's just a parade of shitty sequels, remakes, and Blizzard and Valve promising shit.

I always enjoy the E3 run-downs.

Motion controls really need to leave us. Conventional controllers are just fine. At least, I prefer them, and so do many.

I disagree with the 3DS being a gimmick. I think it'll be quite impressive, not just because of the 3D, but because it seems to be quite powerful for a hand-held device.

I was expecting an actual response, (not on his Twitter, as that was less of a response and more of a comment on one aspect of the song), to Rebecca's song though, rather than just playing it again.

couldn't agree more with the controllers comment; there's nothing wrong with them at the moment, and who wants to have to jump around all the time when they're playing games when you can sit on the sofa? On a random note, does anyone else automatically think of full metal jacket whenever they see a drill sargeant's hat?

I couldn't agree more RE: the motion controllers. But then, I'm pretty sure everyone around these parts has been saying the same thing.

Thanks for shoehorning Rebecca Mayes in there for us. That wasn't necessary.

Damn Rebecca Muse. I thought it was a ZP of epic proportions.

I like the addition of audio's song at the end. It was a nice touch.

Who let that awful song in to the end of the video?

Another bloody Kid Icarus too. Can't forget that, Yahtzee.

I agree that E3 really is all about the useless hype, even more so now that it's "Developer and Journalist Only"....if that makes more sense. The Move controller is a dildo, Kinect is mime-ing.......and the 3DS IS NOT FREAKING 3D!

Strange he managed to tip toe his way out of mentioning Portal 2...

I guess posting Blood Hound behind his review either meant he liked it or the Escapist made him do it.

Should have called it "Another Bloody E3"
So much more to rip on and it cuts out. Arrrrggg!!

Oh well, i like Rebecca's song at the end, at least.

I only get a half of episode so you show that fucking shitty music video.

EDIT: I'm sorry for that I was really hoping to get a full episode full of great Yahtzee jokes about E3 like the other 2.


When are people going to relise doing this gets you a ban.

OT: loved what he said about the Playstation Move XD

But yeah, i never liked motion controls on the Wii and i'm not going to like them on the PS3 or Xbox either.

How did he no mention Portal 2?
I thought we'd finally get a "Woohoo!" out of him...

Quite funny, better than some of the latest reviews.

Dear escapist : Please shoot that rebecca woman into the sun. If I want to hear shitty pop music, I'd go anywhere but the internet.

Dear Yahtzee : I was kinda hoping you'd do a retroactive review of deus ex in lieu of the 10 year anniversary.

Yahtzee pretty much summed up nicely what I think of Microsoft's Kinect. (or however its spelled)

Pretty much what the Wii already did except you have to flail your arms and legs more.


Are people really still sad enough to do this?
Funny review there man, nice. I think that 3D games could be very immersive. Imagine if you are in the middle of a battle and bullets and grenades and all types of projectiles are flying past your ears, and really see the depth of a game. I think 3D gaming could be one of the most immersive ideas ever. Although I do find Rebeccas love song rather creepy.

They added that crap on the end ¬¬

No offense, but that song at the end really sucks.

Meh, video games just aren't fun anymore...I mean I can't even remember the last time I played a really good game.

This is probably 1 of my favorite videos he does annualy.

How did he no mention Portal 2?
I thought we'd finally get a "Woohoo!" out of him...

Because he hates sequels. Mostly because even if the sequel improves things from the first game, it has an inherent lack of originality by virtue of being a sequel.

Yay, smashing the refresh button works. Really liked this one, I really hate the motion control stuff that's going around, as well as 3D. And I was wondering when Rebecca's song about you would come out. Thoroughly enjoyed this week's ZP!

LOL Bumfluff. 10 points to anybody who gets that.

Motion controllers only work with feedback, as it is impossible in doing this without elastic bands or actually having rubber balls fly out of the screen to knock your teeth out they will fail. As Yahtzee once noted its all very well making gimmicks but sooner or later someone will make the next big thing and you'll be left by the wayside. Also suprised he didn't rip into Deus Ex 3 considering it appears to be a fave of his and its now being resurrected by Square Enix and being a cynical bastard I expect it to be ruined.

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