Escapist News Network: Snobcon 2010

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Snobcon 2010

A special report on a convention you've never heard of, square.

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1st post? Yes? Splendid!
"This is Super Mario Bros."
"No. It's an expression of my interaction with Super Mario Bros."

The sad/scary thing is that given the time and advertising, you could have actually filmed one of these events for real. Still an awesome show ^_^

Graham I can never forgive you for that.

I agree kathleen!
Listening to Nickleback is just poison for the ears! POISON!

ROFLMAO x 100000

That was the singular most funny ENN you guys have EVER done. The guy doing the british accent's comedic timing was spot on! Jeremy's facial expressions too were lol funny!

Great stuff guys!

"I am going cry kitten tears in the field of my heart." lol

I wish the games I make could be as awesome as .

Hilarious, and the ending was brilliant! Kathleen response at the end, epic~

Oh my God, I don't hate Nickelback.
Does this make me...
Ah, probably not.

Anyway, great episode, I love when someone takes a poke at people who consider themselves above everything mainstream.

As usual, Graham steals the whole show at the end. Nice episode.

That was fantastic. Possibly the funniest ever.

I think Graham saved the show there. :P

Nice to see those tattoo sleeves getting another showing after the Crapshots video. This video pretty much sums up why I hate the indie genre, they tend to be whiny pretentious idiots stuck up their own arses.

"Listening To Nickleback is not a lifestyle choice I can get behind" Agreed but it looks liek Graham may be able to get BEHIND it! BowChickaWowWow [/immature comment]

that was funny loved the controller with nothing to control game. Liek playing an origial xbox 360!

This may be the best yet. Escalating humor to a laugh-out-loud ending.

Pleaaase tell me ' ' is coming out for the PS3

I absolutely love this. Laughed my ass off!

This ENN was funny! You must have worked hard on it!

... Or did you?

Calumon: ........I don't like Nickelback.

"Listening to Nickelback is just a lifestyle choice I just can't get behind."
I love the one-liners in this show.

I felt like I lost four brain cells watching that "Special Report".

:D damn this was funny

"I call it, having sex in a shed, in my garden"

this was gooood!

*snaps fingers*

Wait? No, I thought I was.....

"That's how you listen to nickleback, making out with other dudes"


Also '...' Looks pretty sweet. Then again i have heard of it so that automatcially makes it a casual corporate whore.

All that STILL falls about 12x short of the pretenciousness of the 'art' world, it's beyond parody.

Dude, Graham has some sweet tats.

Nice to see those tattoo sleeves getting another showing after the Crapshots video.

I have been ninjaed. (ninja'ed? ninjed? Damnit...) Those sleeves are amazing. Great artwork.

I really liked this one, and it's good to see a jibe at some of the indie snobs out there. I agree that the whole thing is getting pretentious. :)

I will remain respecfully silent on Grahm's lifestyle choices, other than to say that perhaps China has a special camp next to the one for Internet Addiction to deal with this kind of ... problem.

Love the Monty Python reference sneaked in there.

And was that actually Graham at the Super Mario Bros, or someone who just looks like him?

I posit that we will forgive the Nickleback in exchange for more apparances of the Tat-Sleves. Always entertaining.

Sidebar, that's a lifestyle choice I too refuse to support.

It's funny because it's true...

love it!

Bwahahaha! The ending sealed the deal.
I love you guys. Never stop being fabulous.

I always hated the way its so acceptable to talk about mutilating someone as long as its a woman saying 'cut off your dick'. What about cutting off a womens breasts? Seems a lot sicker doesn't it? Even though it would be far less damaging to their lives assuming they didn't die, and it holds as much leverage against womens chauvinism. Seeing as it removes their motherliness and their main sorta sexual prompter.

Am I rambling or does someone agree?

I have no negative feedback, so I will sum up by saying that was really, really good.

The psycho girl was strangely erotic...

I just downloaded and played Passage because of this video mentioning it.

That means I'm cool.. no wait, mainstream, did I just make the game more mainstream by playing it?

I have to say I rather enjoyed Graham's tattoo sleeves. But really Nickleback?
How can you guys stand to be so entertaining? :)

LOL at Graham playing the Nickleback rockband...................and he likes going to Gay bars and making out with other men

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