Stolen Pixels #208: Nine Bullets

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If you had trouble conserving ammo in this game, you...are just that bad. This was the easiest RE game yet and ammo was more plentiful than the zombies. The only ammo shortage was for like 5 minutes right after you find the magnum.

I have mixed feeling on your statement and I'll have to go back and check my facts. I don't think Chris had any real solid government backing or any confirmed notion that he'd need artillery. This was just an investigation and as far as I know he probably took a standard commercial flight in and met that guy to pick up a pistol just in case.

I thought the B.S.A.A. was a U.N. backed military organization charged with taking down Bio-Terrorism. If that's true then Chris' frustrations are well founded. Nice one, Shamus!

Well she killed me once... I guess there's that.. :|

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