Editor's Note: Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary

Russ Pitts shows us that the interactivity of the internet is a return to community-based entertainment.

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I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask, but what exactly is the date of the anniversary?

Once again I forgot to get you and mom a card, though.

I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask, but what exactly is the date of the anniversary?

It's hard to pin down. Since we publish the magazine on Tuesdays, we celebrate the anniversary on the Tuesday that's closest each year to the original founding date. This year that's today!


That is all...

Happy Birthday Escapist! I'm been a proud member for roughly half of your life, I regret not joining earlier but I very much look forward to celebrating your tenth birthday. (Reaching double figures is always a BIG deal.)

Happy Birthday Escapist! The collage ended up pretty good, would have been better if more members had contributed their photos though.

Happpppyyyy Birthday to you!!!!

I love you with all my heart :) keep it cool

Happy birthday to the Escapist!

Way to go. Congratulations for the great work you are doing. Happy birthday

Happy Birthday, Escapist!

That was a really good Editor's Note. I'm only a little bit sad that it wasn't a full length article.

Happy Birthday Escapist! :-)

It took me five years to register (I need a procrastination badge I think...), but I've read every single issue ever since Kotaku linked to you way back in the internet stone age of 2005. Thanks for all your good work and keep doing what you're doing :)

Happy birthday, ya rascals! We need some cake to celebrate this momentous occasion. Anyone bring cake? Cake is good, especially at birthdays.

Hooray, meta edition!

Happy Tuesday, Escapist.

Happy Birthday! This site in so little time has honestly become a second home for me. It's the second thing I open everyday after checking my Facebook and I hope to keep doing that for a long time. Thanks Russ and everybody for making each one of my afternoons just little more interesting!

Btw, nothing better than the PDF articles. Seriously.

Happy anniversary to the staff and contributors of Escapist Magazine.
Thanks for the years of articles, videos, news and discussions.
Keep at it.


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