Zero Punctuation: No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle

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No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle

This week, Zero Punctuation reviews No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle.

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i dont miss the sandbox really. it was unnecessary the first time around.

I...I'm sorry about your containment tube...

Suda 51, as much as I enjoyed both NMH games to some extent, will never top Killer 7.

Slow gaming week. :(

Want to get this game! I loved the first one! Great Review!

Great review, not that it would be hard to know what you would say about it:D

well it's about time how long did it take them to release it in Australia ?

There are titties in my containment tube, no wait, those are my man boobs.

Now that's just disappointing. This is the first I've really heard about NMH2, and while this is Yahzee's paid-to-insult commentary, it really does sound like the game's gone downhill. Oh, well. I don't have my friend's wii to borrow any more, so I guess by the time I get to play it, it will be cheap enough to be worth my money.
Also, does Travis really have one of those body pillows in the game? They freak me out terribly. When I was in Japan this spring, they had those pillow cases in claw machines. And the arcades were absolute sausage fests; the only Japanese female I saw in two arcade buildings was in full anime regalia for a promotional event.

Haruhi Manga = WIN
I am little bit sad about the reference to Tarantino... But oh well. :P

Shame Really. Currently loving plowing through NMHeroes 1 and was looking forward to what the second could offer. oh well. Still cant beat a good pair-o-titties (Sorry Miss Mayes please don't shiv me!).

will probably rent this for a while for the new boss fun and robot battles!

The Rebecca Mayes joke was just perfect.

Great review :)

Probably going to buy this game. Good review though.

I like this review because of all the funny jokes. I don't really care about this game in general though

Since this review was No More Heroes 2 after all, I'm to assume that the next one will be Split/Second?

Oh goody, another grindalicious game. When will developers realise that that's not a good way of extending a game? :sigh: Oh well...

Star Wars the Clone Whores. It'll be the next big thing!

If Rebecca didn't have a problem with your immaturity beforehand Yahtzee, It's best not to compromise your integrity

Great review, loved the shot at Rebecca Mayes there haha

Ooo.. think someone might have watched Rebecca's vid/song

I chuckled a lot more about this one than many of the recent ZPs. Less out-and-out guffawing. Can we get the chuckle-to-guffaw ratio worked out properly, Yahtzee?

The RMM comment was the only thing that made me actually laugh.

Hrm. Overall, a quality submission. Have to watch it a few more times I think. And I suppose that *is* really your nefarious purpose...

It was a funny review, and I laughed a fair bit, but I disagree with a lot of the complaints. I found all of the NES style minigames to be very fun, and the exclusion of the sandbox was only a good thing, really.

No joke about the developer's "desperate struggle" to make this game work or something? I did like the reference back to Rebeca Mayes' song.

hahaha the end credits were hilarious!
good episode though
giant robots and jiggle physics...count me in :-D

Great review as always, I dont own a wii, but if No more heroes were for the 360 I might think getting it.

D' should have told me not to bring my titties. Can I still get in a containment tube anyways?

....I need a holiday. ._.

There were a couple places where it was obvious that he spliced two voice clips together. Moreso than I remember ever seeing before. I realize he has to do that sometimes, but I'd have thought he'd just do another take if he couldn't get it to mesh the first time.

Fantastic review as always.

Ooo.. think someone might have watched Rebecca's vid/song

Yeah, he watched it when it came out. They even had a little twitter back and forth, but now I think they're both content to snipe at each other from their respective perches, professionally of course. (Not that I claim to understand the British mind)

Anyhoo, I was a bit underwhelmed with the ranking fights in this one. My favorite was the astronaut, and even he was a little simplistic in the end.

Then of course there was the second part of the last boss fight which is SO NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE that whoever came up with the idea of the tornado punch should be sectioned. The final part was so much easier.

Grr grr.

As usual, release dates get screwed over =/

Hilarious vid as usual XD I agree with the point about the 50 ranks thing though, I was so disappointed with that.

Taking away from a game does not make it better. Check.

Oh well, I hate my Wii.

When I logged on, there were no comments. In the time it took me to watch the video, there are now twenty. Yahtzee certainly is popular these days.
For some reason, I just didn't find this one that funny, except for that joke about Rebbecca Mayes.

I love how he wears the beret on top of his trilby.

And there aren't many titties in my containment tube either.

lol well no review of rebbeca muse but the joke was pretty well placed!

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