I Hit It With My Axe: Episode 17: A Dire Situation

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Episode 17: A Dire Situation

The unconscious party members get up close and personal with the death rules.

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"You don't have the heart though, 'cause the goblins ate it."

After all this kicking around for two weeks, I could see Satine playing her character pretty heartless anyway.

When the zombies come, I can only hope that I have someone as efficient as Sergeant Morbid there to make sure we don't make any decisions too detrimental/emotional for the well being of the group. 'Course, we'd have to sharpen another crowbar...but this decision's all about doing what's necessary to save the party/civilization, so I guess it's worth it.

"Let me just look it up in my notes.. "

Brilliant stuff.

Zak, you're my hero. Seriously. "And John is the only beetle left....ironic."

Possibly my favorite line of the whole episode.

This was a fun watch, and worth the wait. Dude, just make Satine, like, ZombieSatine cause zombies don't need hearts anyway. Right? Right?

A bag of flies haha why do goblins have such weird things?

would a bag of flies like float, cause that would be awesome.

Flies lay eggs that hatch into maggots which can be used in eating away dead tissue (healing) and the maggots can also be used for spells, I think.

I know one woodsman I played had flies and used them for assisting in non magical healing. Made the DM throw out his illness rules from injuries because of it.

*And they're like; "whoo shit, darkness."*

Great episode again guys, I've been waiting for this one for like... 5 days now : /
Keep it up and for gods sake, Sympathy suicide is fer tha sissies.
See what i did there?

A bag of living flies... Sounds like the lucky dip at my 10 birthday party.

Great episode. My sympathies go to Satine - it must suck when a character dies after putting so much time and effort into developing them.

I'd like to get a better look at the custom miniatures the party is using. It's hard to see them clearly in the videos.

"If justine dies, we'll all roll up new characters."

If I was Satine, calling them assholes would only have been the start :P

I must say, when Frankie loots corpses it's always fun. "Fucking mother fuckers!"
Plus I totally approve of Zak's interaction with the camera, I bet it feels like a tease when the girls watch it.
And Justine's face when the healing potion was mentioned was priceless!

HIP HIP HUZZAH!! All but Satine are miraculously alive! What an adventure, such intensity and excitement. Can't wait to see Satine get resurrected and then maybe go kill the Medusa Queen for going through them gray hair giving situations on that bridge.

That interaction with the audience was awesome!
"These are the ones she wants to get" -Absolutely loved that, way to show who's boss!

Series has been progressing very well a weekly must-watch for me :)

Never trust a vial with white liquid in it........especially if the liquid is white :)

"trees fondeling each other"
and here I thought Frankie was kidding. There actually is tree porn!


Haha.. this episode was amazing! I had a few laughs with:

"I'm LARPing!"

"And John is the only beetle left... ironic."

Oh.. and the faces on the girls when he showed the camera his loot list... that was awesome. So many open mouths. :D

Can you rez a character without a heart? Like a kind of bad ass zombie thing? That'd be cool! Then maybe she'd be immune to certain attacks?

I don't know, I just think that'd be soooo cool!

15 years... That means Satine is 30? Huh... I would have thought most of the girls were in their early twenties, as they don't look that old.

That. was. great.
So much fun clearly had, so many LOL moments. A grand episode.

Oh and Satine has been playing since she WAS 15, not for 15 years total, it's only around 7 IIRC.

But at my advanced age, things like memory are apt to be spotty and shoddy anyway.

yet another epic episode. though TBH im not sure why you didint just try heal checks. unless your game dosent have those / they are too low to do any good

The show gets better every episode. Looking forward to next week's episode!

"I'M ALIVE!!!"

"... I drank some of your beer."


"I'M ALIVE!!!"

"... I drank some of your beer."


Well, you know, if you just got brought back from near death, you might want to know why some of your beer is gone. Priorities are important.

That is a sweet concept sketch of Mirror. I can't wait to start playing 2ed D&D this weekend.

Hillarious episode, great work everyone! Mandy is certainly showing leadship skils.
Also Justine, you're gorgeous, never change.

Ahh, I start GMing again this weekend, and this has given me absolutely tons of ideas, cheers Zak, you're awesome :D

Also, that picture of Mirror is gorgeous! Any chance you guys do commissions for other character artwork to save me doing some shitty photoshop? :P

We of the Cleric community would like to ask Mandy to put some points into healing skills.
Does your homebrew version include orisons?

Everything will be fine as long as the cleric lives.

A small horse? Oh, man! Imagine if you loot a small horse! "Did the goblin witch have any magic weapons?" "No, but she did have this small horse." "Awesome!"
You could cast Awaken on it and have adventures with it. I would call him Frederick the Miracle Horse. He would take levels in paladin.
I should give my players more weird shit, like those magic wallnuts, if you crack them up, a tiny magical creature comes out and sings and dances and then just hides away.
But anyway, Zak making the group tense and all, together with the explaination? Loved it.

This has been a really fun episode to watch. I was laughing all the way through. Really good contrast from the last weeks episode which I thought would be a tough act to follow. Zak is the puppet master....and you must dance for him!...YES!.....DANCE!!! Justine and Connies reactions were priceles. seems like you guys were really enjoying this session. Satine I hope your next character is a cyborg wizard ninja superdecepticonattacker with invisability and awsome skills in haberdashery. Excuse the spelling please, am upside down drunk. looking forward to next weeks instalment.

Never thought it would be this fun to watch other people play D&D! Makes me want to find a group and play again. The situational irony you (Zak) used in this episode by letting us know what you were thinking made the girls' reactions priceless! You should try to do that every episode =).

Yeah, that picture Satine drew of her character is awesome - Zak's not the only talented artist, it seems! Glad they're going to at least make an attempt to res her, although it may be difficult without her heart... it'd be cool if they hired an alchemist to make some crazy magic artificial heart or something.

I would love to make an illustration of some scene out of the group's adventure myself. I just need to go watch some old episodes to pick a good scene and get their characters all straight and everything. And also get off my lazy ass to do it :P

Great episode. The only thing that I can think of to make this better is to change Justine from a guest star to a featured player.

Wow. I've never thought of drawing out the looking-up of rules to increase dramatic tension. I'll have to consider that during my next game.

I do love how creative players will get when slow, inevitable death is on the line. Hehe.

Another great episode! Woo!

Good luck rezzing a body with a severed head and no heart. Although I guess physical barriers are of no consequence in a game full of magic and whatnot.

My personal nastiness is to require spot, listen, and will checks for nothing.

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