Question of the Day, July 9, 2010

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Question of the Day, July 9, 2010


EA, publisher of the upcoming MMO, APB, is starting a mini-reality series called "The Human Avatar." In this show, one real person will be chosen to be transformed - and your votes will determine exactly what they will be transformed to. Users will be able to vote on the person's tattoos, piercing, hairstyles and outfits. Would you ever let someone take complete control of your style?


Never, ever. With the stupid looks people come up with nowadays, not to mention the denizens of 4chan lurking everywhere. There is no doubt in my mind that this will backfire.

well ive never been the kind of person with a crazy style. Im the kind of person who wears either a graphic tee, or a polo, with either jeans or shorts(depeneding on weather) and a pair of converse high-tops.

so i don't know if i would care what the world would say, but i also don't know what they could say about my average look.

The Escapist Staff:
Would you let the world vote on your look?

Not a chance, it'd be just horrible.

Sure. If I don't like it, I'll change it back.

Is there money in it?

Sure, if they paid me enough. I feel like a couple million wouldn't be too much to ask to donate my body to the media.

No. They must be either paying some poor sap a lot of money he may find wasn't worth it, or an attention seeker.

If you said "yes," pray that the guy doesn't get people like me calling in. >:D

Hell no. I like looking plain with just a t-shirt and jeans.

No way.

When I see the stupid piercings, hairstyles and tattoos people chose to inflict on themselves, I really wouldn't want similar tastes inflicted on me.

Also, 9/10 times when I've watched a video of someone playing Saint's Row 2 or when I've joined them in multiplayer, I've though their character looks ridiculously garish and over the top, mainly because most people feel that they have to use something just because the game has provided it, no matter how inappropriate it is.

I'd sooner let my appearance be decided by a random number generator than actually chosen by people and their misguided sense of what's cool, 'badass' or fashionable... at least chaos has no agenda.

My mother would LOVE if I did this since she's constantly threatening to put me on What Not to Wear. But nah, I like my t-shirts and jeans and being able to look pretty if I have to.

Never. I feel so sorry for the person who will be the 'Human Avatar' :(

Well, the universe currently has 4chan existing in it. So on that basis alone, by the existence of /b/, it's a no from me...

Yeahh... No.

I'm just waiting for this person to walk out of the "makeover booth" or whatever with Frankenstein bolts out of his/her neck, boobs growing off of it's forehead, a penis for a nose and profanity tattoo'd all over it's body.

The Internet is far too frightening to give it THIS kind of control.

Probably not. I'm sure the general public wouldn't approve of my tattoos and my cut off denim jacket. Dude, I'm so totally punk rock

Nope. I am, who I am, and no one, no matter how hard they can will change this

Steven Colbert got goaded enough people into "voting" Elephants off the endangered species list? Mobs that do things for the Lulz are one thing, but I don't think I'm gonna let my body be thier canvas.

No. I don't have self-esteem issues. Thats why i picked option nr 3. I know im the cutest, sexiest, awesome being on this and every other of worlds. I don't need a whole bunch of clearly inferior mortals telling me what i am already aware of.
Did i mention modesty as one of my virtues as well?

I'm happy with my waistcoat wearing self. I do not wish to have a crap(ier)hair cut or those damn skinny jeans!



Eff the world and it's shitty taste in....almost everything.

What is the point of having the choice to be yourself if you aren't going to use it? I definitely wouldn't let other people vote to change what I currently am. Given how voting is generally anonymous as well and how certain 4chan antics have shown what a group of people can do with voting, it could potentially mess somebody up.

Depends, how much would it pay?

After being an insurance salesman, degrading my appearance for the enjoyment of others is actually a step up on the moral scale.

Piercings and tattoos I wouldn't allow, at least not permanent ones. As for hair, clothing, accessories and that lot, as long as they pay me well I'd be ok with that (although I'd be sad if they voted for me to loose my goatee). Apart from anything else, it would only really last a few months at best until everyone looses interest, and I can go back to being normal again with a big pile of cash.

Me and the world tend to have very different views on things. In my opinion, the world is clueluess as to what would look good on me.

So no, I would never allow the world to vote on how I should look.

HOLY SHIT! A daily poll with an answer that isnt a straight Yes or No. The cycle is broken.

OT: No! I would never get tattoos or weird hair cuts and I certainly wont do it for some twat voting online.

Hell no. I think we're all well-aware of the fact that a certain image board would be all over that like white on rice. Besides, have you seen the current trends? I'm personally not looking to get browbeat by a bunch of scenesters into dressing up like a roadkilled goth.

I'd go for it. Because it's not really me, just the sort of clothes that I wear.

No. Your look repersents what type of person you are.(tastes, personallity etc)
And if lots of random strangers decide your look your taking their opinions as your own.

But if it was just for fun and one could alter it at ones wish then Id say it might be a good laugh to see what people can conquer up.

The only game where my look would be voted by people would be a sequel to Redneck Rampage.

Not even I can decide what's good for me, so no one else can. It's really that simple... :)

i'm at least a solid 6, 8 if you like nerds

Hell. Yes NO!

Let's face it. The world as a collective is breathe-takingly thick.

If I at least had some sort of veto power, I might give it a shot.

Hell no. If they don't like my style, they can suck it.

Yes, but I'd likely veto a lot of the advice.

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