How I Stopped Worrying And Realized I Was In Customer Service

My morning perusings brought me to an unfortunately brief article (language warning for those with touchy bosses) covering how and why a game goes bad. He uses the example of an architect:

As you leave the meeting you are maybe a little flustered and trying to work out what just happened. How could any reasonable person on the planet want to live in a giant round house? How could any reasonable person expect to have a showable home in two weeks at the same time as they request things be radically changed? How the hell are you going to invent something to hang flat pictures on curved walls?

But what choice do you have with 20 people counting on you and bills of your own to pay? It's a very interesting article and something to chew on next time you start ranting about terrible games.

Original Comment by: Mory Buckman
This is repulsive. It's just... repulsive. Here is a man who has given up all the dreams he had of making good games, and he's proud of himself for it?! What a waste of a life.


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